THE HOLIEST Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth (KOHOE)


Tablet Ten

2- Minimum standard of living should be guaranteed for those who participate in the activities of society and its prosperity.

<1>Those who work and participate in society should receive a minimum standard of living recognized for all in any given time. <2>Those who participate more and create more prosperity should receive more. <3> But in the ever-progressive process of human advancement, the minimum standard of living should increase indefinitely.

3- Mental ability (intellect) is superior to physical ability (laborer), and spiritual understanding is superior to mental. Therefore, the humans should be utilized according to their dominating characteristic with having this hierarchy of characteristics in mind.

<5>If a person is physically strong, and at the same time has a very good intellect, his intellect should be considered more than his physical strength. Or a person with spiritual insight and good mental ability should be considered more a spiritual being rather than an intellectual. <6>However, as everything depends on time, place, and person, in times that physical endeavor is the more important factor, even a spiritual person might be used as a laborer.

4- The utilization of these abilities should be ever-progressive toward higher ones.

<7>By the advancement of tools and science, the higher abilities should be encouraged and developed further. <8>Any advancement in technology should provide more time for humans to develop physically, mentally, and spiritually. Also these advances will help man develop even further in these aspects, especially mentally and spiritually.

5- Accumulation of individual wealth should be directed toward human advancement. When this accumulation starts to become a burden on others and is used for exploitation, the collective body (of Paravipras) has complete power over that wealth to use it in a proper way for further human advancement.

<9>In the era of Ksattriyas, when the decay of their period appears, Paravipras will discourage their domination by supporting intellectual characteristics. <10>In the time of the decay of the intellectual era, they will provide enough wealth and opportunities so that the Vaeshyas are able to use them in combination with Vipran discoveries, laborers, and land to advance material development.

<11>However, when the decay of the Vaeshyas era starts, it is time to take the wealth away from them and bring a relatively more equal distribution of resources between all. <12>In this function Paravipras might have to use Ksattriyas to help them bring about this change. <13>However, if they have complete control over the wealth of society, this can be done smoothly with indirect actions and a little use of the Ksattriyas.

6- All things depend on time, place, and people involved (the situation). According to the situation, the decisions can be from ignorance (tama), passion (raja), or knowledge (satva).

<14>Any rigid belief that one way is the only way is bound to be wrong and will finish in failure. Therefore, all things should be looked upon according to time, place, and person. <15>In any situation according to time, place and the people involved, the decisions can be made from complete ignorance, from passion (for selfish desires), or from knowledge (for the good of all and according to His Laws). <16>This Law also is true about the decisions of Paravipras in guiding humanity toward the Goal.

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