THE HOLIEST Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth (KOHOE)


Tablet Three

<1>However, the class domination will not end with the Vaeshyan control over the other three. The Vipras and Ksattriyas who have been reduced to the Shudra level will not tolerate this situation for long. <2>Through Vipran struggle for freedom, they create Ksattriyan (leadership) qualities, and with the help of other Ksattriyas and Shudras, the Shudra revolution will take place.

<3>It will be the Ksattriyas who will assume power a short time after the revolution as the revolutionary consuls or body. <4>The Shudras dominate only for a brief period when chaos and looting occurs right at the time of the revolution. After that, it is the Ksattriyas who gain control over the army or create an armed force for this purpose.

<5>Again later on when order is restored, the era of the Ksattriyas will continue until it becomes tyrannical and opposes any new idea or individual freedom. Also Ksattriyas will become more and more dependent upon Vipras. <6>It is in this time that the spirit of intellectuals will arise. <7>So a struggle will start between these two classes and eventually the Vipras will again become the dominating class.

<8>With their love for individual freedom and democracy, Vipras will direct the society from the collective consciousness of the Ksattriyan era toward democratic freedom for the individual. <9>This again will lead to Vaeshyan domination and eventually a second Shudra revolution. <10>So this cycle will continue.

<11>If individual ownership is not allowed in the Vipran eras, however, a progressive part of the class duration (one cycle of three dominating classes) will be eliminated and an even greater struggle will occur between Ksattriyas and Vipras for power. <12> The elimination of the Vaeshyan class will hinder the progress of human civilization, because it is the Vaeshyas who utilize the discoveries of Vipras for human advancement. They determine how to economically use those discoveries. <13>It is most probable that eventually Vaeshyas will emerge as the dominating class.

<14>This cycle of domination from Ksattriyas to Vipras, to Vaeshyas, and then a Shudra revolution, followed by the start of a new round, can go on forever. <15>After the end of each cycle, however, humans will advance one step further physically, mentally, and spiritually.

<16>However, because of the Law of revolution (or evolution), progress, stable progress, and decline of the life span of each class domination, and because of the requirement of great changes in the period of transformation from one era to the next (sometimes with violence), this process, if it is not checked and guided, will bring much suffering, because God would force the change on humanity. Therefore, a system should be devised, or in better words, the True Plan of the Lord for human society, civilization, and its progress, should be understood to prevent the suffering from these changes.


Letter to humanity and their leaders

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