THE HOLIEST Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth (KOHOE)


Tablet Five

Contribution of Each
Class in Society

<1>Each of the active classes in human society (Shudras, Ksattriyas, Vipras, Vaeshyas, and Brahmins) have contributed to many facets of human society. All of them are necessary in the human march to perfection.

Shudras: (Laborers): <2>All the basic physical tasks are done by this class.

a-Good trends: <3>They do the basic tasks in society. They play an important part in the economy. They do the tasks so the other classes are able to concentrate on other things.

b-Bad trends: <4>They have limited ability to channel their frustrations to a collective, beneficial endeavor, so in the time of social change they create chaos in society or show their discontentment in an unnatural individual way, such as revenge.

<5>Sometimes they unreasonably demand higher wages through collective bargaining, so they artificially can increase the cost of commodities.

Ksattriyas: <6>Those who lead the society toward new changes; those with leadership abilities.

a-Good trends: <7>They lead the revolutions and bring new conditions to society. They discipline the society in a way to achieve higher levels in its progress. They protect society from intruders and criminals.

b-Bad trends: <8>They are authoritative. They fear changes when they are in power, and have a military mentality, believing that everything can be solved by force.

Vipras: <9>The brains of the society, the head.

a-Good trends: <10>They are the inventors, scientists, administrators, advisors of the leaders, researchers, members of the committees, etc. They help in the advancement of the human standard of living. The more intuitive ones are artists, writers, painters, etc.

b-Bad trends: <11>They tend toward excessive love for sensual enjoyment, creation of binding ideas, and development of religious doctrines and superstitions (intellectual spiritualists). They have excessive love for individual freedom and democracy (self-centeredness).

Vaeshyas: <12>The controllers and directors of the economic resources.

a-Good trends: <13>They have abilities to combine and use physical resources and intellectual ideas for useful and economical commodities. They are able to distribute these commodities from the manufacturing sites to where they will be used. Also, they help in increasing the standard of living in society.

b-Bad trends: <14>They tend toward excessive love for hoarding physical wealth, so this creates suffering for others (greed). They try to substitute business values for all other human values.

Brahmins: <15>The spiritualists, those who are more interested in the Laws of the Lord than the laws of men (they are different than intellectual spiritualists), so they are familiar with those Laws.

a-Good trends: <16>They seek God rather than attachment to the material world (Maya). They pursue a simple life and therefore are not burdensome on nature. They are comforters for many as a symbol of the champion of God. They are the Holy men.

b-Bad Trends: <17>They might become escapists and believe the world is an illusion, and use the excuse of being Holy men for escaping the realities of the external world.

<18>Each class, through their good trends, helps in human progress, and through their bad ones, interferes with its progress. So anytime the bad trends start to appear, Paravipras would know that it is time to change the course of society for further progress.


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