THE HOLIEST Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth (KOHOE)


Tablet Six


<1>The best state of society is one in which each of the five active social classes is in a balanced position with respect to the other classes. In such a civilization each class will be complementary to the others, and the progress of the human and society will occur at its highest speed.

<2>However, because of the tendency of each class to dominate, maintaining that balance is very difficult, if not impossible. <3>Because of the existence of these forces in society, five different social movements occur:

1-Natural movements: <4>Those usual movements which do not affect the main course of social evolution and do not bring permanent or long-lasting changes. They are temporary, such as short-lived fashions.

2-Evolutionary movements: <5>Those main changes which occur gradually in society with little or no violence, such as the change of the Ksattriyan era to Vipran. <6>These usually evolve from the top of the society. That is why Paravipras should assume the top positions of leadership to bring the successive evolutionary phases, with little suffering, into society.

3-Revolution: <7>Abrupt forceful changes usually with violence, such as Shudra revolutions. These usually start from the bottom of the society.

4-Counter-evolution: <8>A gradual return to a previous phase in the social cycle.

5-Counter-revolution: <9>An abrupt forceful return to a previous phase in the social cycle.

<10>Because of the progressive character of social movements, the periods of existence of counter-evolutions are very short. Shorter than these are counter-revolutions.

<11>If the progressive change of social cycles is not naturally permitted, the change will be imposed on society through forceful and violent revolutions. <12>The longer the movement is suppressed, the more explosive will be the eruption.

<13>Before a new phase of the progressive social cycle is created and replaces the previous phase, many attempts will be necessary. <14>As each attempt fails, new leaders will be created and more awareness will be awakened. So, again, because of the progressive nature of society, the progressive phase will eventually succeed. <15>Nothing can stop the progress of the universe toward its goal. It can be delayed, but never stopped. <16>A smooth evolutionary change from one phase to another and from one cycle to the next is possible, and is most preferable, only if true leaders (Paravipras) in society are in the positions of leadership.

<17>Each phase of social movements, like the life span of any other relative thing in this manifested world, goes through five steps before the next phase starts. <18>They are: 1- period of the start of the new phase, 2- progress, 3- peak or a steady period of prosperity, 4- decline, and eventually, 5- stagnation. This is shown in the diagram below.

prog15c2.gif (4350 bytes)

<19>It is in the period of stagnation when the new progressive ideas develop and the new leaders for the next phase emerge to guide people toward further progress.


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