THE HOLIEST Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth (KOHOE)


Tablet Seven

<1>In the case of a counter-evolution or counter-revolution, for a short period of time, the old era will dominate, but it will soon be replaced with a more progressive ideal.

<2>Paravipras will accelerate the progressive phases of the cycle by helping the next era to occur before the previous era reaches its lowest level of decline or stagnation. This will be done by understanding the phase the society is in, and by detecting signs of decline in that stage. <3>The signs of stagnation can easily be detected, as it is when the dominating class starts to use its position to exploit other classes because of its bad trends.

<4>The exploitative attitudes are different for each class (Ksattriyas, Vipras, and Vaeshyas). <5>The Ksattriyas will use and direct all resources toward the warfare and arms struggle to gain power over the masses. <6>Vipras will emphasize excessive individuality over reasonable collectivity. They will try to destroy Godly values with intellectual explanations and try to make their ideas appear good. <7>Vaeshyas will undermine the higher human side and will replace it with economic values, and the importance of men will be related to their material wealth instead of their higher character.

<8>Whenever each of these decaying signs becomes prominent, Paravipras, with their great intuitive ability, should de-emphasize the help for the dominating class and ease the way for the next one. <9>As the human society progresses and advances toward the higher level, the time period of social cycles will be shortened. <10>Also, because of humanity being in a higher consciousness and more experienced, these cycles will infinitely approach the balanced position, and the progress of society and the human will accelerate with ever-increasing speed.

<11>New phases occur before the previous phase reaches the point of stagnation. <12>Also the period of duration shortens and class domination approaches a balanced position between classes.

<13>This cyclical progressive social movement, as explained, started after the flood of Noah and has continued during the last six thousand years. <14>One complete cyclical duration has been completed (in many places in the world) and also in some societies the second duration has started.

<15>By understanding this self-sustaining, progressive, cyclical movement of society, and also through understanding that God has been directing the system during the last twelve thousand years and will continue to do so, then we can see again that He is the true King of humanity and His Laws and systems are faultless and absolute. <16>He will guide all toward its goal whether the humans participate or not!

<17>If humans understand and accept this truth and His System, and if a social order is established which allows only true leaders to be chosen as the heads of society (Paravipras, those who are in tune with the Will of the Lord and the state of society), then such a society will be guided toward the highest progress in a smooth evolutionary manner.

<18>But if such a society (the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth) is not created, and the human continues with his own course and laws, as has happened in the last six thousand years, the result will be nothing else but suffering which will occur with resisting the progress toward the goal of the universe (to become Divine).

<19>The cyclical progressive social movements are one of the Laws of the Lord. As any other Law (Daharma) of the Lord, it cannot be broken. Whoever tries to break His Laws will break himself against them. <20>Therefore, it is the duty of all of humanity to strive to bring about the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth by establishing a true social system which allows the progressive social movements to smoothly continue and by following the nature of all things in life (Daharma). Otherwise the suffering and useless struggle of the human to slow down the progress of the universe will continue. <21>But the ever-continuing progress of the universe toward higher consciousness will not be stopped. Any narrow idea or doctrine will be crushed to nothingness if it stays in the way of the everlasting progress of the universe.

<22>Just as those animals who did not adapt themselves to the new earthly conditions in the evolutionary process were destroyed, also those who oppose the progress of humanity by their narrow views cannot continue to exist for long.


Letter to humanity and their leaders

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