THE HOLIEST Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth (KOHOE)


Tablet Nine

Guiding Light For the Leaders

<1>This whole universe was created for a great purpose, <2>which is to help all to reach Pure Consciousness. <3>Therefore, the goal of progress of human society also should be based on this universal goal.

<4>Therefore, the goal of human progress individually or collectively is to progress physically (materially) and mentally (intellectually), and to use this progress toward his (their) and others' spiritual (intuitional) progress.

<5>The problems in society start when people lose the view of this most important principle. They try to progress in material and mental aspects and forget that these progressions should be directed toward their spiritual development. Then they start to use these gains for self-gratification, games, and indulgence. <6>That is when the decay of that society starts and the signs of decline appear.

<7>This trend of struggle, progress, steady prosperity, appearance of the signs of decline, and decline of society, can be traced in all great civilizations in past history.

<8>The only reason for this trend is because the third part is forgotten: that the purpose of progressing materially and mentally is to help the spiritual progress. <9>This lack of directing these material and mental advances toward spiritual progress is the reason for decay and destruction.

<10>Therefore, any time a class in society starts to use its power against the spiritual progress, that is when Paravipras know it is time for that dominating class to be replaced with the next class.

<11>Any other principle devised for progress of society will be secondary and/or subordinate to this first and most important basic principle. <12>Six important sub-principles can be recognized as below:

1- Minimum necessity of food, shelter, and clothing should be provided for all, while education and medical care should be adequately available.

<13>Regardless of the participation of an individual in the activities of a society, the minimum necessities should be provided for all. <14>This minimum should in a true sense be minimum, so it discourages people from becoming lazy. <15>These resources should go only to those who really, for any reason, are unable to participate in social activity, and its advancement and prosperity. <16>This minimum will not change or will change very little with the material advancement of society. It will stay almost constant regardless of society's level of development. This minimum can be increased only when this will help the stimulation of the economy. <17>Education and medical care are exceptions.

<18>These people, however, especially on the physiological and safety levels, are best served through direct help from others more prosperous. <19>Indeed those in need are an opportunity for others to serve as a manifestation of God and as serving God, and so allow the development of their charitable qualities.

<20>So with this, the responsibility of government toward the needy becomes minimal. However, the education and health needs, at least for these people, should be provided by the government.

<21>The charity is best done when given to those closest to the person and his environment, then to others further out. <22>Charity can be physical (material), mental, emotional, or spiritual.


Letter to humanity and their leaders

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