THE HOLIEST Readings (The Koran)



The book, Readings (The Koran),contains many essays on many verses of the Koran. Koran means "readings." These essays clarify many points in the Koran.



Next after The Revelation, the word of God came to Prophet Muhammad. As it is described in The Revelation, both the seven churches and seven seals are descriptions of the seven truths which will be revealed to humanity through Prophets (Angels of the churches).

Therefore, the next Scripture after the Bible was revealed to Moslems. In fact, the complete Scripture for humanity is one that covers the description of all the seven symbols in The Greatest Sign. The fourth sign (islms15c.jpg (912 bytes)) and its Scripture will be considered in this small book of commentary.

Historically after Christianity covered a great part of the world for some centuries, the teaching of Christ became lost. Instead of following the example of Christ, people started to follow dogmas about the religion. Therefore, expectations of the coming of another great Prophet increased in this later period.

Prophet Muhammad was the one all were expecting. His mission was to bring the highest spiritual realization (submission) and to establish the Kingdom Of Heaven in a small part of the world for a short period of time. We must remember that the Arab civilization then was so primitive that the people used to kill their female children or sell them in childhood. However, after Islam was established, in a short period of time that same society became the center of the world civilization. That shows how the proper environment makes a difference for the progress of man.

The explanation of the advent of Islam given above is historical, but the spiritual explanation is that the coming of this new teaching for furthering the course of human evolution had been predicted in The Revelation when the fourth seal is opened (pale horseman). By adding this teaching to the Bible, the Scripture for humanity will become more complete.

Also, as it has been described in the book Children of Abram (Abraham), All Prophecies Are Fulfilled, the promise of a Messiah coming from the seed of Ishmael (the son of Abram, the father of the Arabs) was also given to Abram (Abraham). So with the coming of Prophet Muhammad, this promise was also fulfilled.

Before starting the commentary on the Koran there are two points which should be mentioned:

1- Allah was the name of God which was known by most of the religions of the world where Islam was revealed. As "God" is a very universal name for the Lord, and is used for God in all religions, "Allah" was the name used at that time. However, after Prophet Muhammad used this name in his religion, other religions stopped using it in order to differentiate Islam from themselves.

In fact the name Allah is closely related to many original sacred names found in the original Bible.1 Some of these sacred names for God show their closeness to the name "Allah."

The name "Eloah" means "God" in the singular form. It comes from "Ahlah," which means "to worship, to adore, (and) presents God as the one supreme object of worship, the Adorable One."2 In fact, that is exactly the meaning of God in Islam. He is the only object of worship, the Adorable One.

"Eloah" which is a Hebrew word, corresponds with the "Elah" or "Elahah" in the Chaldean language.3 These names are very similar to the Arabic words "Ellah" and "Allaho," which mean the same as Allah. Also "Elohim" is the plural form of "Eloam."4

So Allah is related to the sacred names of the Lord as used in the Bible. In fact, they are sacred names because they are vibrational sounds (mantras) and are empowered to affect and awaken different spiritual forces in the human.

2- Also Prophet Muhammad himself declared that he did not consider the name of God to be Allah, but that all the beautiful names belong to Him.

"Say: Call Him Allah [Adorable One] or call Him Rahman [Compassionate], by whichsoever name you call Him (is the same). His are the most beautiful attributes [related to Him through all His beautiful names]" (Surah5 The Children of Israel [Bani-Israel] verse 110).

Therefore, in this book the name Allah in the Koran is substituted for the name "God," a derivative of "Generator, Operator, and Destroyer," which are His attributes. This makes the Koran more universal and the reader can relate to the truth underlying the verses more easily.

These commentaries cover a variety of topics and are a revelation to enforce the truth behind the teachings and realities of The Greatest Sign. They include a very small portion of the Koran, but because this Scripture is a repetition of the same truths again and again, and a large part of it consists of different stories of past events, understanding these verses as described will greatly help in understanding the rest of the Koran.

However, the aspirant should remember clearly the truth behind the fourth symbol in The Greatest Sign which is being submissive (the highest spiritual realization) to The Plan (Will) of the Lord (to establish the Kingdom Of Heaven within and without).

Therefore, in studying the Koran and Islam we should always have in mind where its symbol is located in The Greatest Sign, and how Prophet Muhammad established the Kingdom Of Heaven in the Arab nations for a short period of time. Only then will these commentaries, the Koran itself, and Islam (Is Lamb), make more sense in relation to the other signs and history.

This book is also a source of different essays about various aspects of life. It is set up in the following manner:

Under each topic heading, there is a short essay about its meaning and how it relates to the Koran. Then the name of the Surah (both in English and Arabic) is given. Often a subtitle follows for the individual verses. Then the verse (or the relevant part of the verse) and its number is printed. Those words in parenthesis are part of the translation; the parts in brackets were added in this commentary to aid in the understanding of the verses, or to give the symbolic meaning of the words. Occasionally bolding was also added to bring attention to certain phrases in the verses. After the verse, there might also be another short explanation of that individual quote.

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