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Tablet One


<1>By controlling the power of the three gunas, God is guiding this universe to its ultimate goal, which is to reach Pure Consciousness. <2>As it was explained in the book The Base, He has changed the human form and condition many times until twelve thousand years ago when He created the human in the present condition. <3>Also later on, He confused men by taking away their telepathic ability. By their languages being different (Gen. 11:7), He prevented them from self-destruction. He tried to direct them toward the higher self by discouraging the pursuance of selfish and egoistical life (making fame and name instead of utilizing this universe to reach higher consciousness).

<4>Still, with all these evolutionary processes, humans did not listen to God, and we can see it was necessary for Him to send many Prophets for guiding humanity. Starting six thousand years ago, this present human has been left by himself with some guidance from Prophets. <5>But now it is time for the human to wake up and understand The Plan of the Father, to establish the Kingdom Of Heaven within and without, to utilize all this universe and life for reaching higher consciousness and Pure Consciousness, and to let the great spiritual people with leadership abilities take charge of guiding all of humanity to the goal.

<6>Otherwise, if humans do not understand these realities, the tribulation will become worse and many will suffer to complete destruction. Therefore, if the humans in this condition fail to understand the purpose of being here and do not establish the Kingdom Of Heaven as soon as possible, the Lord will save those who have reached higher consciousness and the others will be left in ignorance (hell). <7> He is able to create a new kind of man and a new condition to continue the process. But if we understand The Greatest Sign and establish the Kingdom Of Heaven as soon as possible, then the process of helping the whole universe to reach Pure Consciousness will be accelerated and all will continue to progress.

Surah Women (An-Nisa)

Ability of God to change the human condition as He wills:

O People, if God so desires, He is able to remove you and replace you by others. He has complete power to do this. (133)

Surah The Angels (Al-Mala'ikah)

Ability of God to change unit consciousnesses to a new evolutionary stage if it seems necessary:

If He so desires, He can remove you and create a new creation instead. (16)


<8>In physics there is a well-known law which states: "There is a reaction to each action equal with the action but negative in direction." This law is also true in the world of spirit (Universal Laws). <9>For each action of man there is a reaction that remains in the universe as a record. These records of the actions are called Akashic Records and in the Bible, "a book of remembrance" (Malachi 3:16).

<10>Akashic Records can be seen as the memory which remains in the Universal Mind. <11>Whoever places his mind in tune with the Universal Mind can receive the truth of all things which happened in the past, "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:" (Matthew 7:7).

Surah Ornaments of Gold (Az-Zukhruf)

Akashic Records are the records of remembrance:

Yes, It [the Koran] is an essential part of the Eternal Tablet (the source of all Scriptures), which we possess. (4)

Surah Defrauding (At-Tatfif)

"Sijjin" are bad records in the Akashic Records:

The records of the transgressor are kept in Sijjin.  

How would you know what Sijjin is?

It is a book of records. (7-9)


"Iliyin " are good records in the Akashic Records:

The records of the righteous are kept in Iliyin.

How would you know what Iliyin is?

It is a book of records. (18-20)

<12> When Prophet Muhammad was demanded by Gabriel to "Read!", it did not mean to read from a paper or regular writings, but it meant to read from the Akashic Records. <13>Also there was a Prophet born in America by the name of Edgar Cayce who would go to sleep (in a kind of trance) and would reveal valuable information from these Akashic Records. His works also are known as "Readings." Koran means "Readings."

<14>Prophet Muhammad could not read or write even after He was chosen as a Prophet. What he read were the revelations given to him from the Akashic Records.

<15>Also it should be noticed that in the Surah "Ornaments of Gold (Az-Zukhruf)" it is clearly mentioned that "It" (the Koran) is an "essential part of the" Akashic Records ("Eternal Tablet") <16>but not all of it.


<17>God has created all things. So everything belongs to Him. We are all only guests here in this manifested world. We are not here to become attached to this material universe, but to utilize it for our spiritual progress until we each become a son of God. Then, of course, whatever belongs to the Father also belongs to the son.

<18>Forgetting this fact causes man to think he is the owner of things in this world and to become attached to this idea. This then brings attachment to the material world and also greed, which creates unhappiness for the self and others.

<19>Therefore, this very fact should be understood by all: that all things belong to God. This universe should be utilized and shared in such a way that all have equal opportunities to progress physically, mentally, and spiritually toward the goal (Pure Consciousness).

Surah The Cow (Al-Baqarah)

All things belong to Him:

To God belongs the East and the West, and whithersoever you turn, your face is toward Him. Surely He is All-Embracing, All-Knowing [He is everything]. (115)

Surah The Family of 'Imran (Ali 'Imran)

To God belongs whatsoever is in the earth; and unto him all shall return. (109)


<20>All humans are His children, because He brought them from the unaware part of the universe (state of "Be"-ness) and created everything to help them to reach Pure Consciousness.

<21>The word "children" is used because He separated them into men and women, so they are both sons and daughters of God. <22>When each of these children reach Pure Consciousness, he or she becomes a son of God (in His image). A son of God is neither male nor female, <23>but is both and is neither!

Surah The Family of 'Imran (Ali 'Imran)

Accepting the other religions because all are for His children:

Say (O Muhammad): We believe in God and that which has been revealed unto us, and that which was revealed to Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac and Jacob and the tribes, and which was given to Moses and Esa and other Prophets from their Lord. There is no distinction between them for us, and unto Him we submit. (84)

<24>He said, "The God of all these people who received the Scriptures is one. We believe in Him and whomever He sends." <25>However, the Scriptures were changed after they were revealed and many things were distorted. Prophet Muhammad said, "We should understand these things and know that there is only One God for all of us and we should worship only Him."

Surah The Spider (Al-Ankabut)

Warning Moslems not to fight with Jews and Christians:

Argue not with the people of the book except with a good manner which is best, save their unjust ones. Tell them: We believe in that which is revealed to you; our God and yours are One, and unto Him we submit. (46)

<26>We see here that Prophet Muhammad was discouraging his followers from fighting, and even arguing, with the Jews and Christians. <27>Later on, however, there was a great fight between them (the Crusades). So it is the people who create these fights and inflict suffering on humanity by following dogmatic beliefs and bringing the superstitions between groups.

<29>It is not the religions that have brought much suffering to humanity, but it is the people (intellectual spiritualists) who misinterpret the religions and present them to the people. Because of their ignorance and because they do not search for the truth themselves, the regular people believe whatever is told them. They become narrow-minded and this brings suffering to humanity. <30>In short, suffering comes from ignorance.

Surah The Troops (Az-Zumar)

All are God's children:

If God so willed to choose a son, He would have chosen whosoever He pleased out of His creation... (4)



<31>All those beings or forces that God uses in order to guide His universe are called Angels. That is why the tama guna, raja guna, and satva guna are each called an Angel (Lucifer, Michael, and Gabriel). <32>Also each unit consciousness which reaches Pure Consciousness will be used to help the universe. These unit consciousnesses also become Angels (Avatars).

<33>When a unit consciousness reaches Pure Consciousness and comes back as a Prophet or spiritual teacher, he will be called an Avatar (god-man). However, when a unit consciousness reaches Pure Consciousness but does not leave his body and stays in the world to help others, he will be called a Satguru (man-god)

Surah Cattle (Al-An'am)

Avatars are mentioned in the Koran:

Had we appointed an Angel as Messenger, We would assuredly have him in the form of a man (that men could relate to him). (9)


<34>Therefore, Angels, who are in Pure Consciousness or the spiritual world, can assume human bodies and become Prophets.

Surah The Pilgrimage (Al-Hajj)


God chooses His Messengers from among the Angels and men. God certainly is All-Hearing, All-Seeing. (75)

<35>35>Those Prophets which come from the Angels are Avatars (god-men, Great Paravipras), and those who come from humans are Satgurus (men-gods).


Surah The Angels (Al-Mala'ikah)

Sending Angels as Prophets (Avatars):

...who appoints the Angels as His Messengers, having two, three or four wings [wings are symbols of the scope of their abilities]... (1)



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