THE HOLIEST Readings (The Koran)


Tablet Thirteen


<1> Scriptures are written from the revelations by God to those who are in tune with Him. They are Satsangs which cleanse the Soul.

<2>>Some say there is a jungle in all the Scriptures and you will be lost and more confused about the truth because of them.

<3>>If we constantly have The Greatest Sign in front of our eyes and remember the time, place, and people the Scriptures were revealed to, if we keep in mind that some of the Scriptures have been changed by some carnal minds, and if we remember the truth behind The Greatest Sign, then we will not be lost.

<4>>However, the real truth is common sense which evolves after much study and when we go beyond books and develop a direct relationship with The Holy Ghost. But before that connection occurs, Scriptures are very good guides, with having The Greatest Sign in mind.

Surah The Family of Imran (Ali 'Imran)

...Be ye faithful devotees of God, by constant preaching and attentive studying of the Scriptures, (79)

<5>Study of the Scriptures is one of the duties of the human. Those who believe they can find all the truth by only meditating are wrong. Study is a great part of spiritual progress.


<6>Like many other words in spirituality, "surrendering" has been misunderstood. Many people say they are surrendered to the Will of God, so they do not have to be worried about anything, as long as they are surrendered everything will be all right. This interpretation of surrendering will lead to escapism, and is no better than believing that this world is illusion or in an all powerful Messiah who will do it all for us, instead of God!

<7>God created intelligence, the brain, hands, feet, body, eyes and all the necessary faculties for man so that he is independent and able to manage his own life. <8>Man should use this perfect body to progress in all aspects of life and fight vigorously to overcome all opposing forces. So God does not love those who escape from life.

<9>However, God created this universe for a great purpose, to bring all to perfection. <10>In doing so, each individual should purify the self and overcome his lower nature (establishment of the Kingdom Of Heaven within). <11>Also he should help others to understand the goal of life and guide them toward it, and participate in establishing an environment that enables all to progress and reach the goal (establishing the Kingdom Of Heaven without).

<12>To be submissive to this Plan and to the Laws necessary in order to carry on The Plan is surrendering, not escapism. <13>Also surrendering means to do our best to do His Will (establishing the Kingdom Of Heaven within and without) and then give the result of our actions to Him (not to be attached to the result). <14>Greater than surrendering is submission, which is to let Him do the work through us, and we become a channel for His Divine actions. In this case, no "I" will be left so no reaction of our actions remains, because all is He, even the Doer. All is done by His Grace!

Surah The Cow (Al-Baqarah)

The essential meaning of Islam (being surrendered or submissive to the Lord):

No, but whosoever submits himself to the Will of God and does good, for him is reward from his Lord; they shall have no fear nor shall they grieve. (112)

<15>The highest spiritual achievement is to be surrendered or submissive ("...submits himself...") to The Plan (creates a good environment, "...does good,...") of the Lord. With this, the whole universe will be able to progress and achieve Pure Consciousness.

<16>By this achievement "they shall have no fear" because fear comes to those who are materialistic-minded and are attached to this external world. <17>Also, "nor shall they grieve," because grief is for those who do not know God and the spiritual world (the ignorant) -- they are bound to this manifested world.

Surah The Family of Imran (Ali 'Imran)

O those who believe, be aware of your duty to God and be mindful of it, so you would not die but as one completely submissive to Him. (102)

<18>Islam comes from the word "tasleim." Tasleim means to be surrendered. Islam means "those who have surrendered or are submissive to God." Therefore, believers are those who have surrendered themselves to God. <19>So it is only necessary to be submissive to be called a Moslem.

<20>Also the moment of death is very important to man. In that moment, if he has been a true devotee of God, he will remember Him and this will be a sign of his mindfulness about God. <21>Therefore, he will go to a higher level of consciousness (heaven) or will be born in such a state. <22>That is why man should engage himself in activities directed to God, so at the moment of death he dies as one submitted to God.

Surah Women (An-Nisa)

Whose religion is better than he who submits his will to God, while doing good, and follows the tradition of Abraham, the upright? God took Abraham as a friend. (125)

<23>The best religion is one in which you are surrendered and submissive to the purpose of the Lord while at the same time are helping others to reach their goal. <24>What was the tradition of Abraham? He was submitted to the Will of the Lord. So being submitted is the greatest achievement for a spiritualist. <25>However, submission does not mean escapism. That is submission from ignorance. Be submissive to the Lord's purpose, do the action but know that it is He who is using you as a channel and He is the true Doer, not you. Direct these actions toward establishing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth and within.

Surah Luqman

The greatest achievement in the spiritual path is being submissive (surrendered to the Father's Plan) while doing good:

Whosoever submits to God completely and does good, he has truly grasped a firm hand hold... (22)


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