THE HOLIEST Readings (The Koran)


Tablet Five


<1>God can do whatever He wants to the powerless human, because He has complete control over the three gunas and all the unit consciousnesses. He can bring so much fear to men that they submit to Him. But God does not want humans to do that. <2>He wants humans to understand His love, wisdom, compassion, and mercy. He wants humans to understand the realities of this universe, and respect and love Him for all He has done for them. <3>Also He wants to see man progress toward the greatest achievement for each unit consciousness, which is to reach Pure Consciousness (to become a son of God). <4>He wants them to choose the path to Him by their own free wills, not from fear but of love.

Surah The Poets (Ash-Shu'ara)

God wants humans to understand His Compassion and Mercy by realizing what He has done for man. He can force man to submit to Him, but He does not need respect and love from fear:

If We so willed, we can send down a portent to them from the heaven which would force them to submit. But we exercise not the force. (4)


<5>In the Koran, heaven is the place where man meets the Creator (God). According to the Law of the universe "same sees same," it means that only those who reach the same consciousness as the Lord can see Him. God is in Pure Consciousness and pure, so when man also reaches Pure Consciousness or is pure in heart, he will meet his God (Divine Father) face-to-face. <6>So heaven and Pure Consciousness are the same.

<7>Also heaven is described as a place of rest. When a unit consciousness reaches Pure Consciousness, he masters all the powers of the universe so he does not have to struggle in using them. He is their master (by His Permission).

<8>Therefore, we can see that in the Koran, heaven was described in symbolic language suited to the level of consciousness of the people at that time. <9>Actually it is describing the same thing as what we call Pure Consciousness. Indeed, all the Scriptures should be read with a consideration of the time, place, and people involved. This allows for maximum benefit and an understanding of the symbolic language and also the consequence of the revelations.

Surah Cattle (Al-An'am)

Life as a symbol for spiritual understanding (resurrection or heaven):

Is he who was dead [in ignorance], and we raised him into life and gave him light [spiritual understanding] that he might walk among men, the same as he whose similitude is in utter darkness [ignorance, hell] whence he can by no means emerge (from it)? (123)

Surah The Spider (Al-'Ankabut)

Meeting the Lord is the same as reaching Pure Consciousness:

Those who hope to meet God should know his reckoning time is surely coming. He is the Hearer, the Knower. (5)

Surah Iron (Al-Hadid)

Heaven is infinite, Pure Consciousness:

...a garden [heaven] which spreads over the heavens and the earth [infinite], which has been kept for those who believe in God and His Messengers... (21)

Surah The Overthrowing (At-Takwir)

Heaven (Pure Consciousness) will be neared for those who are ready (Elected Ones):

And when the garden will be brought nigh... (13)


<10>Hell is a place of torment and suffering. This world and life are also filled with torment and suffering for those who do not understand its realities and do not learn from the lessons given by the experiences or signs in their lives. Those who do not learn from their mistakes, repeat the same errors over and over again, and buy blame, shame, and unhappiness, are those whose Souls are under the influence of the crudifying force in the universe (tama guna). <11>They are the ones who follow their lower natures (the devil) and are lost in the attraction of the illusion of the promises of the external world (Maya). They are the ones who listen to their false egos. All these things are nothing else but being in hell.

<12>The only reason for following the things which take the person to that condition of hell is IGNORANCE: Ignorance of the realities behind this universe; ignorance of the fact that the human is a Soul, he is not only a body; ignorance of the reality that we should utilize this universe and our lives to progress to higher consciousness, not to become attached to the material world and its possessions which only bring greed, attachment, and unhappiness; ignorance about our importance because God loves us and we are humans, not because of our intellect, possessions, or family, but because we have self-actualized ourselves, and are happy and respectful as we are; ignorance of not knowing we are immortal, etc.

<13>This ignorance, this illusion of the world (separation from God) is what can be called "hell."

Surah Cattle (Al-An'am)

Death as ignorance or the unaware part of the universe:

Is he who was dead [in ignorance] and we raised him into life and gave him light [spiritual understanding] that he might walk among men, the same as he whose similitude is in utter darkness [ignorance, hell] when he can by no means emerge (from it)? (123)

Surah The Spider (Al-'Ankabut)

Hell is in each of our lifetimes if we do not see the light:

They ask thee hasten on the punishment of the day of the doom, but surely hell is already compassing the disbelievers. (54)

<14>Hell surrounds the disbelievers (ignorant) right now in this lifetime. They do not have to die to go to hell. They are in the hell of the attraction of Maya, which is attachment, desire, fear, shame, insecurity, and many other sufferings related with this attraction (or in other words, ignorance).

Surah Smoke (Ad-Dukhan)

The "first death" refers to ignorance:

They will not taste death therein after the first death [ignorance], and God will save them from the hell [ignorance] by His Grace. (56)

Surah The Event (Al-Waqi'ah)

Punishment for ignorance (they bring this punishment upon themselves):

But if he be one of the rejecters and stays in erring,

Then he will be welcomed by boiling water [anxiety],

And an abode in roasting fire [ignorance]. (92-94)


<15>Is one who enters heaven (Pure Consciousness) by merely being a good person equal with someone who is ready to sacrifice all in order to carry on The Plan which is set up in the universe (to bring all to heaven or Pure Consciousness)? Surely he is not. <16>There is a Hierarchy in heaven, as there is also a Hierarchy on earth (which can be the same).

Surah The Children of Israel (Bani Israil)

See how we have exalted one over the other in this life; verily the life of the hereafter [heaven] will be greater in degrees of ranks and excellence. (21)


<17>Many times God blessed a nation, a people, or a person, but they forgot they had a duty for what they had received. So they started misusing that blessing and their powers for selfish desires. In fact, for the last six thousand years, the history of the human race was created only to give this lesson. <18>If we study history, we will find that each nation that gained power flourished rapidly in the beginning, either because of its humanistic approach to others, or because it was a part of a great Plan to be used to accomplish some purpose (like the English and French colonization of other parts of the world to bring the East and West closer).

<19>Those who had gained power and control over others because of their humanistic approaches, after a short period of time, forgot that they had to use that power to establish the qualities they cherished themselves: freedom, brotherhood, and equity between nations (Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth). So they started to misuse others for narrow concepts such as nationalism and self-interest.

<20>That is when we see the blessing and Grace of God was withdrawn because of the Law of collective karma, and in a short period of time that great nation or power became weak and was destroyed.

<21>>Now is the time for all to understand these lessons from the past and The Plan which has been set up. All of history occurred for humans to reach this point of understanding that selfishness is destructive to the self and others. Humans have no choice -- either they should understand the lessons of history and surrender themselves to The Plan of God -- which is to establish the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth and to help all to purify themselves (Kingdom Of Heaven within) -- or go toward self-destruction.

Surah The Family of Imran (Ali 'Imran)

The hand of the Lord God in history:

There have been many dispensations passed before you. Just travel on the earth and see how evil is the end of those who rejected (the Messengers [truth]). (137)

<23>The Jews denied the Prophets and rejected the Lord God. They forgot why they had been chosen so the Lord punished them. He destroyed Jerusalem and scattered them all over the world [read The House of Judah (Jews)]. <24>We want God to punish everyone right away, but He takes His time. He does it by His own time schedule. It might take lifetimes.

Surah The Poets (Ash-Shu'ara)

History of humanity and individual life as lessons:

So the punishment came to them. In that surely is a portent, but most of them would not believe [they do not learn the lessons]. (158)

Surah The Prostration (As-Sajdah)

Would it not be a guidance for them, how many a people We have destroyed before them amidst their dwellings they now walk? There are surely portents in that. Would then they not listen? (26)

Surah Ornaments of Gold (Az-Zukhruf)

And We made them a tale of the past and a lesson for the future comers. (56)

<25>The Holy Spirit (Holy Ghost) is the sentient part (activated by the mutative force) of the Universal Mind (satva guna, symbolized in the Bible as the Angel Gabriel). The Universal Mind is made up of (or contains) three parts (the creative force of the universe): satva guna -- the part of decision-making, intelligence; raja guna -- the mutative force, or the part which carries on the tasks (energy, activator); and tama guna -- the static force, or the screen of the universe which is the part that reflects the things which are existing, or happening or happened (memory) in the universe.

<26>However, unless a person has conquered the tama force over his lower nature, by His Grace, he will not be able to come in tune with the Universal Mind and the logic of God. He will be unable to understand the realities of this universe which are in the consciousness. But being in tune with the sentient force will enable him to understand the manifested world and the nature of the universe. <27>Also this allows a Prophet to receive the revelations sent by God to him through The Holy Ghost.

<28>By being completely in tune with the Universal Mind, a person can comprehend the logic behind the activities in this universe. <29>However, he should overcome the lower nature first before he can reach that point, with His Grace (Holy Mother, which is The Holy Ghost).

Surah The Bee (An-Nahl)

The revelation comes from The Holy Spirit to Prophets:

Say that the Holy Spirit [Gabriel] has revealed it from the Lord with truth and wisdom, that it may strengthen the believers [Elected Ones], and be a guidance and good news for those who are submissive. (102)

Surah The Poets (Ash-Shu'ara)

Revelations are revealed by The Holy Ghost and the revelation is a Soul-to-Soul relationship between a Prophet and the Lord (by The Holy Ghost):

It [the Koran] is surely a revelation from the Lord of the worlds

By which the true spirit [Spirit of God] has been descended

To your heart [sacred heart], that you be (one) of the warners, (192-194)

Surah Counsel (Ash-Shura)

The Spirit of God is The Holy Ghost:

Thus have We revealed to you a spirit of our command [by Gabriel]. You did not know the Scriptures, nor the faith. But We have made your revelations as light, whereby We guide of our servants whom We will. (52)


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