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Tablet Seven


<1>Karma means action. For any action there is a reaction in this universe. This Law is true in the spiritual world also. Any action will create a record (reaction) on the Soul and universe. The record or reaction (experience) which will remain on the Soul is called samskara. These samskaras are what Prophets call the letter of each person's deeds. <2>Through meditation, repentance, prayer, fasting, purification, progress, etc., and by His Grace, a person lightens and burns these samskaras and becomes more Divine.

<3>However, when these records of reactions of actions remain on the universal level, they are called the Akashic Records. When a person becomes pure enough and tunes himself with the Universal Mind, he can receive these records as revelations and also understand the Universal Laws (Daharmas).

<4>Although karma is used as a general term, we can recognize five categories of actions (karmas):

1- Those actions that man should do, such as honoring the parents, progressing physically, mentally, and spiritually, etc.

2- Those actions man should do but are not mandatory, such as, it is better to clean the place you leave behind, say "good-morning" to the people in the morning, etc.

3- Those actions which it does not matter if they are done or not. They do not create good vibrations or feelings, or bad ones.

4- Those actions which are better not to be done. These are usually the opposite actions of the second category. For example, it is better not to leave the place you have been unclean, etc.

5- Those actions which should not be done, such as, you should not commit adultery, should not kill for selfishness (murder), etc.

<5>Karma (action) has a direct relationship with Daharma (Laws of the universe). The action (karma) should be according to the Laws of the universe (Daharma). Otherwise, it will create bad reactions (samskaras) and bind the Soul (tama guna crudifies the consciousness, "sin").

Surah The Cow (Al-Baqarah)

Each person is responsible for his own actions:

Those are the people that have passed away; theirs is what they earned (by their actions) and yours is what you earn (by yours). You are not responsible for what they did. (134)

Surah The Children of Israel (Bani Israil)

Everyone's action We have fastened firmly to his neck, and We shall bring before him, on the Day of Judgment, a book wide open and he will be told: Read your record, you are sufficient to judge yourself. (13)

<6>That book is the reaction of your actions over your Soul, which is the same as samskaras. Karma is the action, and samskara is the effect of the reaction (experience) of your action over your Soul. These reactions are like a necklace over the Soul.

<7>In the Day of Judgment or spiritual birth, a person will know what these reactions are. Like an open book, he will know how he is being rewarded or made to suffer for what he has done (he gains the lessons).

<8>However, some suffering or reward might not be because of the Law of Samskaras, but has been inflicted on the person in order to guide him to the right path or to give him a new experience for his later use (especially those who are in higher consciousness or Pure Consciousness).

<9>So, the human alone is enough to read his deeds (actions and reactions of these actions over his Soul) and to judge himself. <10>That is what a spiritual person does in his meditation. By meditating you start to bring these deeds to light. If they are kept in the Light, they will be no more, until you are completely free of all your sins (samskaras). That is why most of the time the individual tribulation starts when a person begins to meditate (to receive initiation).

<11>It is only through following the instructions of the Guru (spirit within and without) that the Grace can be won and a person can withstand these reactions. <12>However, with a zealous repent of sins (samskaras) and by not repeating the same mistakes, the reactions will be taken off the Soul by His Grace, because the purpose of all these things is to guide the human to the path. When a person comes to the path (learns the lesson), then none of them are needed.

<13>The path is to be surrendered to the Will of God and try to be(come) Divine and help others to be(come) the same (establishing the Kingdom Of Heaven within and without).

Surah The Ant (An-Naml)

He who does a good deed will have a more worthwhile reward, and the fear will not overcome him that Day (of Judgment).

And he who does evil, such will fall down into the fire on their faces, and will be asked: Are you rewarded not but for what you did? (89-90)

Surah The Romans (Ar-Rum)

Those who disbelieve will bear the consequences, and those who act righteously make provision for themselves. (44)

Surah O Man (Ya-Sin)

On that Day, no Soul will be wronged; but each will be recompensed according to what they used to do. (53)

Surah The Troops (Az-Zumar)

But the consequences of their evil actions smote them; those who do wrong will be overtaken; they cannot escape. (51)

Surah They Are Expounded (Fusilat)

He who does good, it is for the good of his own Soul, and he who does evil, bears the burden. Your Lord is not at all unjust to His slaves. (46)

Surah Noah (Nuh)

Because of the reaction of their evil deeds, they received disasters (Law of Karma):

Because of their sins they were drowned... (25)

Surah The Cloaked One (Al-Mudath-thir)

Every Soul is a pledge to that which he does;... (38)

Surah The Rising of the Dead (Al-Qiyamah)

The reaction of the action of each person will be recorded (samskaras):

On that day, man is informed of what he had committed and of what he had neglected. (13)

Surah The Overthrowing (At-Takwir)

Awareness of people of the reason for their sufferings by becoming familiar with the Law of Karma:

Then every Soul would know what he has reaped. (14)

Surah Defrauding (At-Tatfif)

Are not the disbelievers punished for what they used to do? (36)


<14>Everyone wants to see God to be certain of His Existence. But few can see Him everywhere. Even those who see Him (His Hands in creation) or are sure of His Presence or have some relationship with Him cannot describe Him for others.

<15>So how can a person realize God and be sure He does really exist? One way to do this is by thinking about the universe, the perfection of this world, the perfection of the human body, and all the beautiful things everywhere. <16>Only by this realization of how perfectly all things have been created can a man see the hand of God all around. Then he will never be alone or helpless, because he knows <17>the force that guides the universe guides him also.

<18>So contemplating the universe, studying scientific truths about it, and seeing its incredible perfection, is a must for any aspirant. Even thinking about the perfection of the human body is like thinking about the whole universe, because each man is a universe himself. <19>Also realizing the hand of God in past history and present events will greatly increase the faith, especially the prophecies foretold in the Bible, which were revealed thousands of years ago to show what has happened in the past and what He will do in the future, and how He has fulfilled them.

Surah The Family Of Imran (Ali'Imran)

Remember God, standing, sitting, lying on the sides and contemplating the creation of the heavens and the earth, which makes them to humbly utter: O Lord, you have not created this in vain [without purpose], Holy You are; preserve us from the torment of the Fire. (191)

<20>Contemplate the universe. Think about the perfection of this creation. Then you will know that it could not be by chance. Only those who have narrow knowledge and a crude mind would think that this universe has no Creator.

Surah Cattle (Al-An'am)

We are One who send down water from the heaven; We bring forth all kinds of growth there from out of vegetables. We make thick-clustered grain, and from the date palm, from its pollen, we bring forth suspended bunches. We make gardens of grapes, and the olive and pomegranate, some alike and some unlike. Watch the fruit of all kinds of trees, when they bear fruits and how it ripens, for those who believe there are signs in this. (100)

Surah The Romans (Ar-Rum)

Observe, therefore, the signs of God's mercy (everywhere) how he quickens the earth after its death... (50)

<21>>He created the whole universe to help unit consciousnesses come from the unaware state to aware consciousness, and He is helping them to eventually reach Pure Consciousness. So that is one way to understand God's mercy and compassion in His Actions and creation, by His Prints in the universe. <22>In fact, these prints are the results of His Actions. That is exactly the same for people. You know them by their actions. You know God by His creation.


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