Kingdom Mt. Zion and Zion, and Explanation of the System


Tablet Ten

Decision-Making Process:

<1>As it was explained above, there will be four bodies or pillars in the governmental structure: administrative, judiciary, legislative, and the Elders.

<2>The legislative body, which is the Senate or the House of Representatives, will have many committees. These committees will receive requests and complaints from people or governmental bodies, or they themselves will find problems. Then they will search for solutions, which will be recommended to the Senate. <3>After the Senate studies a proposal from the point of view of practicality and justness, they will vote on accepting or rejecting it. If passed by the majority, then the proposed bill will be sent to both the administrative board and the Board of Brahmins.

<4>The administrative board will study the bill from the point of view of practicality and feasibility. <5>The Board of Brahmins will study it from the point of view of spirituality and justness to all or the majority.

<6>If the bill was accepted by both boards, it will become a law. If both bodies reject it, it will be dead. <7> But if one passes it and the other rejects it, then the bill will be returned to the Senate with the reasoning from each side for their acceptance or rejection. Then the Senate will make a decision again. <8>If it was passed or with some change it was passed, it will be sent to the two mentioned boards for further study.

<9>Again if one accepts and the other rejects the proposal, the matter will be referred to the Senate one more time. If it gains the majority vote in the Senate but the same decision is reached by the boards again, this time the matter will be referred to the Elders. <10>After it is discussed by them, then the three guardians will review it and each head of the two bodies of Elders (heads of the Elders from the administrative and judiciary bodies) will give their opinion and reasoning behind it to the Eldest. <11>It is the Eldest who will make the final decision.

<12>The presence of the Elders can be especially helpful in these times. They might point out the pros and cons of the proposed law and guide the boards toward a wise decision.


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