Kingdom Mt. Zion and Zion, and Explanation of the System


Tablet Eleven


(World Government)

<1>The governmental body of each region was explained in the previous pages. This system, with the necessary alterations, can be applied to the smaller parts of a region (sub-region, sub-sub-region, city, etc.) or to a larger area, such as the entire earth. <2>That is the goal of the system -- to create a worldwide government.

<3>In order to achieve this goal, a World Collective Body (administrative), World Judiciary Board (Board of Brahmins), World House of Representatives, and World Body of Elders, are necessary also.

<4>To create the world administrative and judiciary bodies, one person from the corresponding boards of each region will be selected as the representative to the world body.

<5>From those who are elected by vote, only ones who have been selected three times to the regional levels can be considered for election to the world bodies. <6>Also for each body in the world level (administrative and judiciary), there will be seven people elected through voting. <7>So the number of each of these two bodies will be nineteen (twelve from the twelve regions and seven by vote).

<8>One leader will be selected in each body as their head, and two people will be the direct reporters to the leader. There will be two reporters to each direct reporter. Each reporter to the direct reporter will be in charge of three regional leaders and the coordinator of the activities for one region with other regions. <9>If a disagreement develops between the world representative and the regional leaders, the matter will be solved by the World Eldest (or Elder body). The decision of the World Eldest is final.

<10.Those who serve two terms as the leaders of these bodies will become Elders in their respective levels, and those who serve as direct reporters or report to the direct reporters after three terms, and representatives of a region for four terms, will become Elders in their levels.

<11>The rest of the functions and relationships of these bodies would be similar to the regional but in the higher level -- worldwide.

<12>At the time of election, the people for the head of these bodies should be elected first. Then those who have not been elected will return to their regions and the election process would continue as described before. <13>Of course, seven people elected by vote should be elected first so that if they were elected for a second or third time, they could be considered as potential candidates for direct reporters, reporters to the direct reporters, or the leader of the body.

<14>The world legislative body will be elected through voting. Two representatives will be elected from each sub-region (there are twelve sub-regions in each twelve regions). Therefore, the World Senate will contain 12 x 12 x 2 = 288 members from all over the world (or other arrangements can be devised, such as representatives from states until sub-regions are completely formed). <15>A House of Representatives can also be formed. The elected people in this house can be based on a special number of the population in each region. So not only would each sub-region have a representative in the Senate, but those regions which have a greater population would be represented by a greater number of representatives. A House of Representatives also can be formed in each region. <16>The presence of two houses brings a greater screening power into the system, and also more complication (bureaucracy).

<17>Each representative will work for the sub-region and region from which he was elected. He and the other representatives from his region will coordinate the functioning of that region with the other regions and sub-regions through other representatives. <18>Also this body will bring about laws, bills and legislative works in the world level for the good of all.

<19>The decision-making process in the world government will work similarly to that described in the regional level. <20.However, if the House of Representatives exists, it will first pass the bills. Then if the Senate also passed the bill, it would be sent to both the World Administrative Board and the World Judiciary Board. <21>The rest is the same as in the regional level. When a bill becomes a law, it will be for the whole world and enforceable.

<22>The primary function of the world government would be to execute all the governmental matters which affect the worldwide concerns and to be a coordinating force for the twelve regions. <23>The regional government should not overburden the world government by their regional problems. So this body should be able to concentrate on higher things concerning all.

<24>The only logical and true ideal is to create this earth as one country and share all resources, abilities, and knowledge to create the ideal environment for all. Therefore each individual can progress to his highest potential, physically, mentally, and spiritually. <25>Also it is the only way if the human wants peace, prosperity, and to be able to continue to exist!

<26>Otherwise, no one will benefit by separating one from another and all might even perish at the end.

<27>It is the desire of the Lord that the KOHOE (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)) is established and He be recognized as the true and only King of the King of the kings (3eye150c.gif (915 bytes)) of this system and government. Only then will His Will be done on earth as it is in heaven.



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