Kingdom Mt. Zion and Zion, and Explanation of the System


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The Hierarchy

Tablet Twelve

The Place Of Each Class In Society:

<1>As it was described in the book The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, there are five active human types in society. <2>They are: Shudras (laborers), Ksattriyas (warriors), Vipras (intellectuals), Vaeshyas (businessmen) and Brahmins (true spiritual people). <3>Also there are four other classes which cannot be categorized in the regular five human types. <4>They are: Prophets, Gurus (true spiritual teachers), Artists, and Paravipras.

<5>Ideally, the people who will be chosen in the legislative body (collective body) will be selected from the Paravipras, and the judiciary body (Board of Brahmins) from the Brahmin class (true seers or spiritualists).

<6>Intellectuals will be utilized on different committees, research facilities, scientific pursuance, and other places where they can manifest their abilities. <7>Business people also will be used to develop the discoveries of intellectuals and to create economical products for human necessities, with the combination of labor, capital, and land.

<8.The warrior class will make up the police force in order to keep the discipline of the society. <9>However, this force should not be used for the benefit of a few. <10>Shudras are the ones who will carry on the basic tasks in the society to help its production and provide service.

<11>Prophets come whenever morality goes down or a new message is necessary to be brought to humanity. <12>Gurus are those who will gather their disciples together and are able to manifest God's qualities to them. <13>Artists are those who will bring finer thoughts to humanity.

<14>When a society where each class falls in its place is created and it is understood that even with the apparent differences between them, they are all equal in His Eyes, <15> they all are working toward the goal of creation, and each is necessary for the well-being and progress of the others, and with acceptance of Him as the King, <16>then His Kingdom will be realized on earth.



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