Kingdom Mt. Zion and Zion, and Explanation of the System


Tablet Thirteen



Justice (Zion) In The System:

<1>As it was explained, the triangle downward (3dss150c.gif (898 bytes)) in the seal or star of David (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)), which is the symbol for the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, means justice.

<2>It was described what the Hierarchy for the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth (3upss15c.gif (899 bytes)) is. <3>Only creating this Hierarchy, however, is not enough. Application of justice (3dss150c.gif (898 bytes)) in the system should be considered and without it there will be no Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. <4>In fact, neglect of this part in the system is equal with neglecting God as the Eye Witness and King. <5>That again means, His Kingdom is not truly recognized on earth as it is in heaven.

<6>If any system, religion, ideal, or government is established but does not bring justice to humanity, it cannot be accepted as from God. <7>It is a human-made hypocritical idea, no matter what name has been given to it or cloth used to cover it.

When The System Becomes Corrupt:

<8>The Hierarchy, the justice which is necessary to perfect it, and the other truths which are presented here, make up an ideal situation to create a world government which is the desire of the Lord to be established. <9>Therefore, it is the duty of men to struggle to bring this ideal. <10>Life is a struggle!

<11>However, it is the goal that His Kingdom eventually be realized on earth. <12>Therefore with the human in the next era who is in higher consciousness, and with the lessons which they should have learned from the last twelve thousand years and history, soon all will realize they have no choice but to accept His Will and follow His Laws.

<13>If the system becomes corrupt after it is established, again Great Souls will come and man will struggle and His Kingdom will be established.

<14>In any case He is the King and Director of the events in the universe. <15>But if man does not realize this, as it is described in the book The Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, it is he who will suffer by resisting God's progressive guidance.

<16>In the case of corruption, people will not participate in the twelve-people process as the base to form the system. So the system will be weakened and if it continues to be corrupt, eventually it will fall and a new truthful people will replace it.



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