Kingdom Mt.      Zion and Zion, and Explanation of the System


Tablet Fifteen

A Recommended House For Twelve People:

<1>A recommended housing for those twelve people who truly want to be close physically, mentally and spiritually is a housing complex which is built around a circular or a six-sided (hexagon) center:

house-c.gif (3832 bytes)

<2>So there will be six houses around the center. <3>In each house one couple with their children will reside and the hexagon center will be their place of worshipping. and gathering.

<4>With this set-up, although each family has relative privacy, they still will be close together and can use the center as a place of love, sharing, worshipping and becoming one.

<5>Such a house also can be used to invite others to their private temple and share their oneness with them. <6>These twelve people will also be a unit of decision-making and a base to create the system, and there are many other advantages.

<7>Each of these six houses should become a center of love and as a healthy unit (family) to build the society. <8> Then after each individual learns how to create a great family, the next step is to become a good citizen of his small community and to be able to share with the rest of the twelve people, and then reach the rest of the community.

<9>All of these will help a person's growth physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. <10>Of course, such an arrangement can only continue to exist if it is based on God and His Laws. Otherwise the self-centeredness and selfishness will destroy it. <11>However, one of the functions of the family (marriage) and this twelve people arrangement is to dissolve the ego-centeredness and make a person reach out of himself, follow the Eternal Divine Path in his environment, and create the KOHOE.

<12>Then after this training ground, he can reach out to the other communities which surround him and eventually toward the whole universe. <13>So in truth this is a training place to create true leaders who are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually balanced with having developed the ability to live with others. <14>So they can grow to lead others to the path of righteousness (Divinity).

<15>This arrangement can even be expanded, and twelve such housing complexes can be built closely to create a second level of decision-making, and twelve of such twelve houses will be the third level. So there will be at least 12 x 12 x 12 = 1,728 (or more) which can be called a community. <16>Then a community center can be built to serve them on a broader scale.

<17>The greater number of such communities created, the better. That is because then more people will participate in the decision-making process and also in the selection of the administrative, judiciary and eventually the Elder members. <18> So the possibility of true leaders with true characteristics emerging increases.



Subjective Approach With Objective Adjustment:

<19>"Subjective approach" means a constant approach toward our goal or ideal or perfection. "Objective adjustment" is to adjust ourselves and our ideal to the situation we are in now. <20>Therefore, the two phrases together, "subjective approach with objective adjustment" means to ceaselessly strive toward our goal, ideal, and perfection, but to be flexible enough to adjust ourselves with the situation we are in. However, we should never stop progressing. <21>In implementing the system of government which was explained previously, this approach is very important. The explanations are the ideal system and the eventual goal. But there can be some adjustments before we reach the ultimate. <22>This law is applicable in all approaches and goal achievements.

Progressive Nature Of The Universe:

<23>The very nature of the universe is progressive and all things are marching toward perfection. <24>It is true about everything, even our system. So if in the future this system can be perfected, or by progress of humanity to a higher level of consciousness, altered, this can be viewed as an evolution in the system toward its perfection.

<25>However, it should be progressive, not counter-evolutionary. It can be improved or adjusted. But its base, which is to bring justice, peace, and progress into the universe, should not be sacrificed.

Exceptions To The Rule:

<26>The system described above, or any other approach to human existence, should not become a rigid set-up. As the chart of normal distribution in statistics shows, there are always exceptions which exist in any kind of distribution.

<27>In fact it is the few positive exceptions to the rule which usually bring greater change and progress. <28>Therefore no system or set-up should become so rigid as to destroy or slow down these exceptional talents to bloom and manifest themselves. <29> The very nature of the universe, in its highest state, is free, happy, and progressive. Anything that opposes this basic right is not natural, will create suffering and will eventually be destroyed.

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