Kingdom Mt. Zion and Zion, and Explanation of the System


Tablet Eight

Legislative Body (House of Elects):

<1>The House of Representatives and/or Senate (or both) will be chosen by vote of the people from different states. <2>They will consist of those who are known for their virtues and willingness to solve the problems of their communities, regions, and world in general.

<3>The duty of the Senate is to carefully study the problems in society and to consider appropriating laws for dealing with them. <4>Spiritual values should also be regarded in these decisions.

<5>The Senate has the power of impeachment of the officials in the governmental and judiciary systems. <6>If a leader is found to be guilty, the highest and most severe punishment should be imposed on him. As is a part of our teachings, the injustice which is done to you, forgive, but that which is done to society should not be forgiven or pardoned, but should be punished severely to uproot the corruption. This type of crime is the worst because it brings the fall of morality and affects everyone, down to the lowest level of the society. <7>Leaders ("the heads") have the greatest effect on society. If they are godly, the society also will become righteous. If they are corrupt, their subjects will follow them. That is one of the most important lessons of the Old Testament and history.



Letter to humanity and their leaders

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