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Channeling vs. Being a
Light Worker

There are many who claim that they are channels for one or more beings from the ethereal plane. They bring messages from these beings and many believe in them. These are ones who do "channeling."

There are others who do the Work and Will of God the Most High. They are not a channel for any ethereal being but are kind, compassionate, have great love for all, and work toward the creation of the unity of men. These are called "The Light Workers."

Although there are great channels who bring great revelations to humanity, these truths come from the ethereal sphere which is the fifth level of consciousness.

As it is explained in THOTH, the pitfall in this state is again to be(come) an "escapist," because in this level a person can see the perfection of God's work and universe, and he feels no need to interfere in the processes. He forgets that it takes a great struggle to pass from the lower nature to the higher self, "Remember therefore how thou hast received..." (Rev. 3:3). Also not all voices can be trusted!

It is only when they pass this pitfall of just being observant and engage themselves in helping others in the path that they become "Light Workers" (Paravipras). As it has been said, "You know them [the Elects] by their fruits [Actions]."


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