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Collective Meditation vs.
Transmission Meditation

There is a difference between Collective Meditation and Transmission Meditation:

Collective meditation is to strengthen the community. That is why we meditate together (in fact it should be done every day together in the morning and evening). Transmission meditation is what we do on Saturdays (6:00 AM to 6:30 AM and again 6:00 PM to 6:30 PM, MST). Transmission Meditation is individual meditation for good (God) Will to man and Peace on earth, etc.

In other words: Collective Meditation is to reach (strengthen) the COLs; Transmission Meditation is to reach out to the rest of humanity and the universe!

Collective Meditation is to strengthen the community and accelerate the progress of the members in the community. As mentioned above, it is recommended to be practiced twice a day collectively. The more people participate in this wonderful practice, the greater the acceleration in individual and collective consciousness. That is why we practice over the Internet to increase our numbers.

In Collective Meditation, each individual will become integrated to the collective body, and a collective consciousness is created by them. This Collective Consciousness represents God in a Greater degree. God is the Total collective Consciousness in the Universe and beyond! The more people participate in this practice, the Greater Manifestation of God will be Present!

Transmission meditation, however, is an individual endeavor to bring Good (God) thoughts and Peace to man. Although Collective Meditation will also help in this process, Transmission Meditation brings a greater awareness that we are responsible for the well-being of all unit consciousnesses in the universe. We are not an isolated island in the universe.

The well-being of the rest of the universe will accelerate our well-being as well. If even one person is suffering in the universe, all are responsible for this suffering and should be concerned and try to help to alleviate all sufferings. Transmission Meditation is the beginning of this awareness and help.

When the members of the Communities Of Light become One, when their Intentions are to bring Peace and Good Will to all members in the COLs, then they will/can extend these wonderful qualities to the rest of humanity and eventually to the whole Universe (God) as well.

Note: There has been a question on what is the difference in performing (the process) between Collective/Transmission Meditations and individual meditation. Here is the answer:

In both of these meditations (Collective and Transmission) go to the Calm place in your meditation (if you can without going through the meditation process)

In Collective Meditation, concentrate on your Community Of Light and seek answers to the question of how you can become more One with the Community and create a COL. Realize the problems in it, come up with solutions (for your problems first, then others and eventually the whole Community). Solve your individual problems (including the ones you have with other people). Any solution you come up for others and/or the Community in whole, give it to them in the form of a suggestion. Let others also learn how to come up with solutions themselves instead of making decisions for them all the time.

In Transmission Meditation, reach out to humanity and the universe. Again go to the Calm Place within (without going through the process) and then imagine the Love and Light of God touches everyone. See what the problems on earth (or the universe) are. Seek solutions to them and see how the Mission will Solve all of them, etc. Pray for humanity (universe) and visualize Peace will come after the Mission is established, etc. Then visualize how you can join the COLs and help this process, etc.


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