It seems the problem of many people becoming pedophiles has reached an epidemic proportion.  You can contribute this, and many others ills in our society, to going against God’s setup.  The setup is to have communities where the children are watched and responsible adults are always present.  You can explain this phenomenon in one sentence:  Availability of vulnerable children and uncontrollable/unfulfilled sexual desires of men.

If a child is properly supervised with adults whom society and parents (mostly parents, grandparents, and very close and trusted people to the family) such men will not have the chance to harm the child.  No matter how many laws we pass, no matter how much we spend on police and security, the children will not be as safe and secure as with the supervision of a trusted adult, mainly the mother and/or another close female!

The setup of God and His Way has already been Revealed to man.  It is the family with clear division of labor.  Man is the provider, and woman is the nurturer and supervisor of the children (besides other duties for both).  This creation is created for a special purpose.  All the Laws and setups are for that end (purpose).  Break the Ways of God and you break yourself against them.

Another point that should be understood can be called:  Sexual fixation!  That is:  The first sexual experience, for man and woman, fixes that person to those kinds of sexual desires/behavior!

A teenager, with his hormones raging, with access to a child who is not supervised and/or is vulnerable, might act on impulse and have his first sexual experience this way.  He most probably will become a pedophile.  A first time painful sexual experience might lead to avoiding it for one’s life (lives)!  A man who has his first experience with a prostitute might create a fixation for this kind of relationship for the rest of his life.  A person who has been abused as a child might very well become a child abuser himself.  People who have sexual relationships with many partners create fixations that will prevent them from staying with one person and being faithful to that person, etc.

So the availability of vulnerable children, teenagers with raging hormones (and immature men) will take advantage of these situations, and we will have many pedophiles.

Another possibility for how a pedophile is created is that the misused child becomes a misuser himself.  Again with a little supervision children will not be misused and so they will not become a misuser themselves!

Therefore creation of families based on God’s Way, even better, families in the Communities Of Light, cannot be over-emphasized.  Furthermore, since the first sexual experience is so important, God has set the way for men and women to marry early, mostly probably after puberty!  If they have their first experience with their wife or husband, and they stay together in God (with the help of family and community), such a union is indeed Blessed by God.

So the solution to stop the epidemic phenomenon of many pedophiles in the society, like all human ills, is God and His Ways.  Any other ways will not work!

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