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Does God Talks To
Everyone Directly?

We hear many people claim that God talks to them. Can this be true? If this is true, then why does God Prophesy for a long time before He sends a Major Prophet (Manifestation, Messiah, etc.)? It seems that God talks only to One person, and that happens every few hundred years or a thousand years.

We can see that many have awaited the coming of the Messiah. He has to fulfill the Prophecies, bring a New Revelation, and usually suffers immensely at the hands of man, etc. This Truth that God does not talk to everyone is Revealed in the Scriptures as well. Christ plainly says this in a very elegant way: No One goes to the Father but through Me.And Prophet Muhammad Revealed the same thing in the verse below:

Surah Counsel (Ash-Shura)

It is beyond the capacity of a mortal man to speak to God, save by revelation or from behind a veil or through a Messenger to reveal what He will, by His permission... (51)

You will find similar Revelations from all the Major Prophets.

There are three categories of humans who claim that God talks to them:

First are those who hear voices and act upon these voices, and their actions show that the voice they hear is not from God. An example of this is a murderer who claims that God told him/her to kill someone. God will not tell anyone to do that. God is Good!

Second are people who claim that God talks to them and they create a new organization with their followers, or they splinter an existing religion, etc. We have seen a proliferation of this kind at this time of human history. Indeed there are more teachers than followers, it seems. It is these people who should be questioned if they have fulfilled the Prophecies and have brought to humanity what God has Promised.

The third category are people who say that God talked to them and He told them a Truth that helped them in understanding the Scriptures, meaning of a teaching, received a solution to a problem, etc. These are mostly related to an individual and/or community. These realizations, of course, cannot be categorized as a Major Revelation and the person who receives them is not a Major Manifestation (Prophet, Messiah, etc.).

In the case of the first category, of course, we have to recognize that such a person is deluded and needs mental help. They might even be dangerous to the society and should be kept isolated so they cannot harm others.

In the case of the second category, man should not follow anyone but the Scriptures and the Major Manifestations (Prophets, Messiah) sent by God. These are clearly distinguished and History (His Story) has clearly Revealed who they are. They have brought the Greatest Revelations to man, and they are a part of the Seven Seals, Eternal Divine Path and The Greatest Sign. People in this category should be exposed and their followers educated so they will not follow the false prophets. Only the Major Prophets and the Words they bring to humanity (Scriptures) should be followed.

In the case of people in the third category, these realizations cannot be called Revelations. These are given to a person to strengthen his faith, help him to solve a problem, understand a teaching and/or to help others to understand any of these situations. These realizations should be compared with the Words of God (Scriptures) to see if they are according to the Words of God. If they are, with some diligence, deep thinking, and understanding, they may be accepted as help from heaven. That does not mean that God is directly talking to them. It means that they have received help from the level of consciousness they are in. Some truths are even revealed to humanity, about their lives, in dreams! That is why with analyzing dreams we can resolve some psychological problems. These, however, are not Revelations.

In general the approach to this kind of message is this: Revelations from Prophets (Scriptures) should be looked at as the overall umbrella in our lives. Anything we receive (or anything in our lives) should be under this umbrella. We have to examine anything that comes to our lives to see if it is according to Gods Words (Scriptures). If we find something is not according to Gods Will, we have to avoid it and ignore it.

As Prophet Muhammad Revealed in the verse above, God may talk to man from behind the veil. From behind the veil here shows that although God reveals some truths to some people and Guides them, by them being behind the veil (their ego), however, they do not talk to God directly. It is the same as we are saying, that man filters the Words of God, and their egos do not let them hear Him in the Purest form. That is why Scriptures are needed and man can find the Purest Form of His Words in these Books.

Therefore, the only person who directly talks to God is the Chosen Prophet (Manifestation, Messiah) who fulfills the Prophecies and Gods Promises. Those who claim to be a prophet of God, have not fulfilled the Prophecies, and are not the One who fulfills Gods Promises, are false prophets and should be exposed and ignored. Those who say God told them to do bad things (God Is Good) are not hearing God for sure. Those who receive guidance from the Spirit (their Higher natures) should see if it is really from the Spirit. They should see if it is according to Gods Ways (Words, Scriptures). If it is not, it should not be followed, and with fasting and prayer they may realize that it is not from the Higher Self (Spirit)!

May this be a Guide for humanity to lead them to a Purer Life and the Straighter Path.


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