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Anytime a Great Light (teacher) comes to earth, many are attracted to him. They become the disciples. However, each disciple can filter only a part of this great Light. Those who in the second level hear or see these disciples, judge the Light by their (the disciples') sayings and/or actions. They receive only a much dimmer light. This dimming effect can continue until a very little or no light is left from the original teachings.

That is why in our teachings only the sayings or actions of the original teacher have been considered. It does not matter how great the disciples were, they still have their own personalities and points of view. They can never understand completely the experience that the Source (First Begotten Son) had gone through, "The disciple is not above his master..." (Matthew 10:24). They may, however, reveal great truth, but not all of it.

Therefore, do not judge the Source by the disciples. Listen to what the disciples have to say, but eventually go to the Source. Only a direct experience with the Source can give you the total picture and depth of the Source. Even the Source in the body eventually should take you to the Ultimate; only then can you be a true disciple.



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