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Why God Commanded Us to Eat Kosher Food and Avoid Eating Unclean Food?

Unclean animals, as categorized in the Bible, are usually scavengers. Even if they are not scavengers, they are all somehow helpful to nature. They eat garbage, dead animals, toxic wastes, and things considered to be unclean. These make them unsuitable for human consumption. They are very helpful in cleaning the earth from wastes, weak animals (to promote stronger breeds), and toxins.

The reasons why we should not eat them are: First, they are not good for us. God did not create them for human consumption. They are much more tamasic than kosher foods, even kosher meat. Second, by eating them we take the animals that are created to clean/help the earth away from their duty, and accelerate polluting/destroying the earth. It is like firing the garbage collectors and cleaning crew in a city and expecting a clean city. It will not work. The garbage (toxins, pollution, etc.) will pile up in that city, and disease and death will follow. Destroying these animals will have the same effect.

Therefore, even if you do not eat unclean animals because they are not good for you, you should not eat them because they are good for the earth. Those who want an unpolluted earth should realize this and help the process by following a kosher diet. They should also make others aware of these facts and encourage them to follow this advice. Although kosher animals might eat toxic materials and become toxic, they will never become as toxic as unclean animals that eat mostly garbage/toxins.

We should stop polluting the earth as much as we can. We also should give nature a fighting chance to eradicate any pollutions/waste we make. Polluting the earth and taking the animals that clean it out of circulation is an act of double jeopardy. We surely will destroy the earth and ourselves at an accelerated rate if we continue this course!

The clean animals, on the other hand, are made to be eaten. They help very little in cleaning/healing the earth. Even in this regard we should eat meat much less than other food categories (vegetables, grains, etc.) that God has created for us.

When God Commands humans to do something, it is good for them and the universe. However, now (in the age to come), the human should understand the reason behind these Commandments. It is then that they will follow them because they realize it is good (God) for them and their lives. They will then Praise the Praiseworthy (God) for His Wisdom and Creation.

There is always a good (God) reason behind His requests/Commandments.


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