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Lotustica vs. Swastika

The swastika is an ancient symbol which has been used in different cultures all through the earth. In each culture it has assumed many different meanings. Until World War II, it had mostly a positive meaning. However, since World War II, after it was used by Hitler as the symbol of Nazi Germany, it was depicted as a negative sign.

As we know, nothing is evil or negative by itself. It is the way it is used that makes it good (God) or evil (devil). This is also true about any sign, logo, symbol, etc. A surgical knife can be used to heal or to kill. Can we say the knife is good or evil? It is neither. It becomes good or evil as we use it.

Not only the swastika, but anything which closely resembled this sign, after World War II, created a negative response. This could be true about the sign Lotustica. Although very similar to the swastika, it is not exactly the same. The insides of the arms are curved. Also it is called "Lotustica." These differences should completely change the perception of many who have a negative connotation related to the swastika. It is not a "swastika" but "Lotustica."

As it can be seen, the Lotustica in reality does not exist. It shows the background of The Greatest Sign which is blue. The Lotustica itself is transparent, or non-existent. It exists when man goes against God's Laws. He will be punished, not by God, but by going against the universal set-ups. It also becomes apparent when an old set-up has to be replaced by a new one: the old has to be destroyed.

The only place in The Greatest Sign that the Lotustica is apparent and exists, is in the sixth seal (kohw-s.gif (904 bytes)), the sign of Paravipras. It is in this state that this force can effectively and wisely be used for the progress of the universe. Then it becomes good. Paravipras can use it to replace the old, or guide others toward the Goal. For them it exists.

Again we can see how human ignorance can create obstacles to understand the deeper meanings of things. This becomes the source of unfounded fears, resentments, and misunderstandings. That is when the narrowness of the mind begins and the suffering of many follows. Those who have the power might use it to force their ideas, dogmas, or misunderstandings on others.

Only when we expand our minds to see everything is God, will all our fears vanish. There is nothing bad in God (Good). Human actions make it bad. If His Will (Way) is accepted, All is Good (God).


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