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Male, Female, Man, Woman, Adam, gods, Divine FATHER, Divine Mother, God

1- Male: the Male Principle, The Divine Logic.

2- Female: the Female Principle, The Divine Grace.

3- Man: human male body. It is supposed to manifest the Male Principle; when he does not, he becomes a rational animal, a beast.

4- Woman: human female body. It is supposed to manifest the Female Principle; when she does not, she becomes the very Maya, Eve.

5- Adam: the perfected man, who manifests both Male Principle (The Divine Logic) and Female Principle (The Divine Grace, The Holy Ghost).

6- gods: those who manifest Male and Female principles and are in Pure Consciousness. They are Male and Female, and are neither.

7- Divine Father: Pure Consciousness and the Director of the whole universe.

8- Divine Mother: The Creative Force (The Holy Ghost) of the universe.

9- God: both Male and Female Principles of the whole universe; the Father Mother God, who is Male and Female, and is neither.


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