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Relationship Between The Spinal Cord, Medical Logo (Caduceus), and The Story Of King Arthur

In the middle of the spinal cord there are three energy currents. One of them is a straight energy current which connects the base of the spine directly to the pituitary gland. The other two currents intertwine around this central energy current.

The two intertwining energy currents continue until they end in the two sides of the nostrils. It is through these two energy currents that prana (life-force) is mostly absorbed through breathing, and it is these two energy currents that are strengthened and opened through breathing exercises (Pranayama).

There is a very delicate channel (passageway) in the center of the central nerve. This passageway is where the central current flows. It is through this channel that the spiritual force latent at the base of the spinal cord (kundalini) is raised to its goal or seventh spiritual center (pituitary gland).

Wherever the two intertwining energy currents meet with each other and make a point together with the central energy current, a great power center (chakra) will form. The first point where these three energy currents meet is at the very base of the spinal cord. This point then is the first chakra or psychic center. There are four more points where these currents cross each other. With this, the second, third, fourth, and fifth chakras are formed.

The first chakra is at the anal area, the second at the sexual organ, the third at the navel, the fourth at the middle of the chest, and the fifth at the throat area. Then the two intertwining energy currents are separated and they end up at the sinus area in the two sides of the nostrils. The central energy current continues to the middle of the brain, passing through the pineal gland (third eye) into the pituitary.

The first five chakras are related to the five elements in the manifested world: the first chakra to the solid factor (earth); the second, liquid factor (water); the third, luminous factor (fire); the fourth, aerial factor (air); and the fifth, ethereal factor (ether). Therefore, the two intertwining energy currents and their functions are related to the manifested world. That is why they form the first five chakras.

The central energy current, however, continues to the pineal gland (the third eye), which is the sixth chakra. This current continues to the pituitary gland or Master Gland, which is the seventh chakra. These last two chakras merely work with the spiritual aspects of the human. Therefore we can say that the central current and its channel connect man to the spiritual aspects of the universe.

Not only is the central energy current a passageway for the kundalini to rise and open higher chakras (understandings), but also through this passageway and the seventh chakra, a direct connection to the spiritual world is established. Although this connection is always there, the awareness of this connection will not be realized until the kundalini is raised.

Because these three energy currents are deeply connected together at the very bottom of the spinal cord, and as explained, the two intertwining currents are responsible for the functions of the human related to the manifested world, then the central energy current and its passage by being connected to the two other currents, create a bridge between the physical body and spiritual world (Universal Mind, the world beyond the manifested one, etc.).

By understanding this, a person realizes the connection between the physical body (manifested portion of the human) with its spiritual part (spirit and Soul). He also sees where this connection is established in the body. It is the spinal cord and its functions which bridge this connection. That is the reason it is said: If a person wants to gain complete health and happiness, he or she should keep the spinal cord in the best shape possible. This truth was known to the ancient physicians. This can be realized by understanding the relationship between the medical logo (Caduceus) with the materials described above.

The Caduceus, which is used universally all throughout the earth, consists of a sword with two serpents which intertwine on the two sides of this sword. The sword is the symbol for the central current or spiritual passage (the sword of spirit) in the spinal cord, and the two serpents are the two intertwining energy currents around the central one. They make five points of connection with each other and the central current, symbolizing the five chakras.

The two serpents are also the symbol of duality in the manifested world, the good and the bad, the spirit and the matter, the yin and the yang, etc. The serpent with its head at the right (looking at the picture of Caduceus) is more spiritual. It is Yin. It symbolizes the intertwining energy current with its ending at the left nostril, which is connected with the functions of the left portion of the brain.

The serpent at the left is related more to matter and to the manifested world. It is Yang. It is the same as the nerve ending at the right nostril or the functions of the right side of the brain. Through observing the nostrils, we can create a balance between these two forces (spirit and matter). In fact, health can be obtained by having this balance. When one of the nostrils is blocked, it is a sign that there is either some problem in the matter regarding that side, or the balance between the two forces is disturbed.

It is by this observation of Yin and Yang that some people try to create a balance between them and become healthy. They are familiar with foods which have Yin or Yang in them. With this knowledge, they maintain the balance between these two sides.

This truth, as was mentioned above, was known to the ancient seers. That is why the symbol of a sword and the serpent was chosen as the representation for the goal of medicine. That implies that if a person creates a balance and a calmness between the two serpents, through the sword, a balanced life and radiant health will be gained. That is the secret of a healthy balanced life.

The two serpents could also be considered as the separation between the spiritual world (Yin) and the material world (Yang) in the confused era of the past. This is the reason that only one serpent whose head is at the right, has replaced the two serpents, now that we are close to the dawn of the New Order of the Ages (in fact that is how the Caduceus used to look in ancient times). The message is that all is spirit and the balance will come when everything is healed through spirit.

The sword which is used in the medical logo has the same symbolic meaning as the sword -- Excalibur -- mentioned in the story of King Arthur. The sword of King David is shown to be inserted inside a stone.

The sword (Excalibur) indeed is the sword of spirit. Only the One who will take this sword out of the stone will be worthy to be the King. It is offered to all who would like to take up the challenge. But only the One who can take the sword out of the stone is the Anointed One.

The kundalini, which is the spiritual force in the human, is like a sleeping serpent within the first spiritual center (controls solid factor, stone) in the human body. This first center is the very bottom of the central energy current (passageway) which is connected to the two other currents in the spine. When the kundalini has not been raised, no spiritual realization can be gained, and man is a rational animal. Therefore the sword of the spirit (Excalibur) cannot be used. This process has been symbolized by Excalibur being planted inside the stone (latent spiritual forces). The kundalini should be raised, which is symbolized by taking the Excalibur out of the stone. Then the two-edged sword of spirit can be used for a great purpose or His Will. Such a person becomes an instrument for God or King Arthur.

As the intention (spiritual energy) is directed toward mundane life and the external world, the sword is useless and is engrossed into the stone (first chakra). But when intention or spiritual energies are directed toward things higher than mundanity, then the sword, with His Grace, will be loosened up (raising of the kundalini) and will become a double-edged sword of truth which will cut through the falsity, and its owner will become a Knight (Elect).

As it was said, to take the sword out of the stone and to become the King was offered to all. That is why many mighty men answered the call and took up the challenge. But none of them succeeded. Then Arthur, the Anointed One, a humble man, only through His Grace, was able to take the sword out and proclaim himself the rightful owner of the title of King.

It was through him, the Anointed One, who was a channel for God to radiate His truth and Grace, that the other mighty men became unified and the Round Table became possible.


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