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Non-violence is the path of evolution! It is evolvement to bring about a change when the time is ripe for such a change -- any moment an attempt to bring a change earlier or later creates suffering and violence. To know the right time to take action is the path of wisdom.

All the forces in the universe are evolving toward guiding It to Its destiny -- Perfection and Harmony. There are moments in which each of these evolvements or a combination of them give their fruit. Sometimes the relationship between many elements in a whole evolutionary step is not clear to a mind concentrated on a small portion of the whole. But the march of the whole to its destiny is harmonious and non-violent.

Sometimes an evolutionary step can be accelerated by providing some positive elements, but it cannot be rushed. Also this process can be slowed down by creating obstacles, but never can be stopped! It is this Law which determines the success of an evolutionary or revolutionary step. When such steps are taken in the proper time, they will succeed with minimum violence (suffering). If one is taken prematurely, it can become a counter-evolutionary or counter-revolutionary step. Such steps slow down the process, but can never completely stop It. The universe marches on to Its destiny. Anything which insists to stay in Its path and resists Its progress will be crushed. The greater the resistance, the greater the crush will be!

It is this resistance to change and creating obstacles in the path of progress which creates the antithesis in nature. Then a great struggle is necessary to eradicate the resistance. If the leaders are wise and can see where the next step in the evolution of humanity is, they can guide it to the next step without allowing a great resistance. This is then the path of non-violence, the path of Evolution and Harmony.

Therefore, we can see how important this Law is. It is the path of Balance and Harmony. To create leaders who understand this and are not trapped in one ideology or the other, is of prime importance. Such wise counselors who can guide humanity from one phase to the other should be created. In this regard Communities of Light and our teachings (THOTH) are most helpful.


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