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In order to know the truth, we should look to the past to see a pattern that will confirm any teachings. In the teachings of the Far East, especially Hinduism, a period is described when many Great Souls were living on earth. They were called by many names such as Rishies, Masters, Mahatmas, Munies, etc. Their teachings, however, became a wealth of knowledge for future generations.

In their teachings a state of oneness with God (Atman) is explained. According to these teachings, that is the goal of spiritual endeavors. Whoever reaches this Oneness has reached the Goal.

However, for many thousands of years (12,000), few have realized this Oneness. The reason for this has been the 12,000 year period of human history when man fell further away from God (Truth). We are now at the point of return to the Godhead. That is the reason for such a great confusion in this conjunction between the end of the Old and Dawn of the New. However, the old (history) should not be completely disregarded. There are great lessons to be learned from it. The New indeed should be based on these lessons of the old. We are on the brink of discovering much great knowledge which can either be used for Good (God) or evil.

It is after the establishment of the Kingdom, for one thousand years, that humanity will learn the great lessons which have been revealed throughout this book (THOTH) and the Eternal Divine Path, "But the rest of the dead live not again until the thousand years..." (Rev. 20:5). Eventually through the formation of the Communities of Light and creation of the proper environment, one more time many Great Souls will reach the Great Oneness with their Essence which is God (Good). This is when many will attain salvation. This is the Goal of our teachings. They will reach Pure Consciousness. They will be with the Father as His Sons.

These Great Souls one more time will teach humanity the Goal of their lives, "To Be(come) Divine (One)." Then is the time that the Golden Era will dawn and one more time, "The Sons of God" will be with man (At-Man).


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