Be Successful in This World and the One to Come

I would like to congratulate one of our members for putting a great effort to finish her nurse practitioner (NP) degree and now has been hired with an excellent job in a clinic. I am sure she will do a superb job where she is hired and will make the Mission even Prouder.

If you are able, obtain the highest educational degrees you can. Secure excellent jobs and become the best in your field. This is the ideal for those who are good in academic achievements. If you are not an academician, or not interested in academic achievements, learn a useful skill which is in demand (including farming) and become the best in doing it. Become so good in what you do that everyone wants to hire you or use your products. Have great work ethics and stand out in any office/situation and/or position you have as the best (at least be one of the best).

The Mission would like to see its members are so good in what they do, are way ahead of everyone else in their professions, have Great Work Ethics, etc. Indeed, we would like to see our members are so well-known for these qualities that the moment someone hears that you are a Divine (in the Mission), they would know they are hiring a quality worker and will hire you just based on this alone.

Even better than being hired by others is to start your own business (which will be harder but more rewarding). Again all the qualities above should be perfected in this situation as well. Give others the best service and products with utmost honesty and professionalism. Again we would like to see that the businesses run by our members are so well-known for their professionalism, Honesty, and good products that this alone will become a reason that people will consider to hire you, use you, and buy your products, and all will know your business for these qualities.

Of course the best job is to dedicate yourself to God and serve Him through the Mission, with the Highest Ethics, dedication, and qualities, in any capacity you can, full time. Mothers who dedicate themselves to bring up Great children for the Mission (God) are in this category.

These days, people with even 100% of their income have a hard time to make it in this world. You are asked (God has asked you all) to give 10% (tithes) of your gross income to the Mission (God). The best way to live in this world and also have a quality life is to share. With good jobs, better incomes, and sharing, you indeed can have a quality life and obey God at the same time. Without Sacrifice, nothing is possible; with Sacrifice the Kingdom will come. Many have forgotten how to share and create/live in a Community. They have to relearn this art and come together in Communities Of Light.

Communities Of Light (Sharing) are the base of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth and your Salvation, physically (in this world), mentally (ease of mind, peace), and Spiritually (reaching Heaven - Pure Consciousness)!


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