<7> The most natural position to empty the waste from the body is to sit in a position where the knees are folded and the upper part of the legs are pushing against the stomach and the chest (squatting position).


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<8> It is the position a person has to take when they are having a bowel movement in a desert or a place that the modern toilet (the ones which make you sit on them like a chair) is not available. This position pulls the anal area open and the upper legs that push against the body create a natural push (pressure point) to help the stool and liquid to leave the body.

<9>This position helps the stool and liquid empty out of the body in a greater degree. By putting our arms around our knees (hugging them) this push of these pressure points are enhanced.

<10>The modern toilet that allows one to sit on it like a chair does not let the anal area stretch to open enough to empty the waste easily and the upper legs are not putting pressure on the stomach, digestive system, and pressure points under them, to further help the process of going to the bathroom.

<11>Indeed the modern way of going to the bathroom, over modern toilets, leaves some of the waste in the colon, and since the anal area is not open to its maximum to dump the stool, at the end of the bowel movement, when we wash ourselves, much waste still remains in the anal area. This remaining stool attracts bacteria which results in hemorrhoids and other diseases of the colon and anal area. Colon cancer is encouraged with these bacterial attacks.

<12>After going to the bathroom, water should be used to wash the anal area and water should be poured over the genital area to wash it and cool it off. <13>Use of paper tissue alone to clean the anal area is not enough. It leaves much waste remaining in the anal area that further attracts bacteria and microbes. <14>Water used to clean the anal area, while sitting in the recommended position, will clean this area thoroughly and no waste will remain to attract microbes and other parasitic elements.

<15>There are toilets that are still used in some countries where you have to sit down in the position recommended above, to go to the bathroom for a bowel movement. Usually there is an available source of water (a hose attached to a faucet) to wash oneself (anal area) after the bowel movement. The same source can also be used to pour water over the genital area, to wash and cool it.

<16>Although this position of going to the bathroom and washing with water afterwards (and cooling the genital area) seems more difficult than the use of the modern toilet we use, it is, however, the most natural way to empty the waste from the body. It also completely empties the waste, and the body is washed from anything remaining, after the bowel movement, in a greater degree.

<17>Yoga postures are exercises in which one stretches a muscle and holds the position for a while. Sitting in a squatting position stretches specific muscles and keeps them in that position (stretch) for some time. That is a yoga posture that is helpful in balancing the hormones. All of these will help the body to become healthier and to prevent anal and colon disease.

<18> > In cultures where primarily modern toilets are used, you can place cinder blocks on each side of the toilet bowl to the height of the toilet bowl. Put your feet on the cinder blocks and sit at the top of the cinder blocks as shown in the picture above. Make sure that you are sitting in a way shown in the picture above. You may have to have your heals over the top of the toilet bowl to have your calf and upper leg locked comfortably together as in the picture. If you feel your legs are too much apart, and you feel discomfort in your knees because of that, bring your feet closer for a more comfortable sitting position. You can cover the cinder block with a smooth surface to take the roughness out, if you like.

<19>Even if you just lean forward, while sitting on the modern toilets, so that your stomach is over your upper legs, you can feel the pressure the upper legs put on your stomach and lower area from the stomach (pressure points). You should immediately feel a greater degree of ease in releasing the waste from your body. This position is not as effective as is explained above, but it is better than what our culture is accustomed to (sitting on the toilet like a chair) at the present time.


<20> There is a water source from the water tank that we use to flush the toilet. You can add a faucet and hose to wash and cool the body as explained above. This is a temporary solution, however. The toilet should be converted to the one explained above as soon as possible. Hopefully this kind of toilet will eventually replace the ones we use now!

<21> For the time being a platform could be erected that makes it comfortable to sit in the recommended position (squatting position) over existing toilets.

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