Natural or Civilized Living

There are two modes of living on earth. They are natural living and civilized living (and a range of other societies between these two). Natural living is when people follow the laws of nature and/or their cultures have adopted its norm based on nature. Civilized living is the life of those who live in more advanced civilizations. They have created their own laws which sometimes (or most of the times) is not following the law of nature.

Natural living is what man has been doing for thousands of years. They followed the nature, its seasons, Laws, and rhythm. There were seasons, there was time to be a child and time to be(come) an adult, etc. Adulthood would occur early in life. In these cultures if a man had his first wet dream (between 14 to 16 years of age), he was a man ready to start a family. When a woman had her first period (between nine to fourteen years of age), according to natural rhythm, she was a woman and was ready to marry and have children. So people started families at a very young age.

In civilized societies, however, people live according to the laws they have set themselves. These laws may or may not follow the laws of nature. For example, they only allow men and women to marry when they are a certain age (for example eighteen). If there is a marriage that does not follow this law, it is illegal.

In societies that follow the rhythm of nature, people live simpler lives and are considered not as sophisticated as civilized societies. There are many other societies between these two extremes. As men become more civilized and rely on their own laws, they fall away from the natural rhythms of life. Indeed the natural living becomes so alien to them that it looks strange and is looked down at. This has become a problem between these two modes of living in our time.

Since our teachings and Gods Revelations are closer to a natural mode of life, some people in the more civilized parts of the world are objecting to some of our teachings. Here we will answer some of these objections:

Comment: Your doctrine of temporary wives and twin flames violates the civil laws of our country, and therefore violates the commands of Esa to give that to Caesar that which is Caesars and to God that which is Gods.

Answer: There are many people who are having casual relationships (are adulterous) with no restrictions. This has created many diseases and many children out of wedlock. A family without the presence of a married couple (a man and a woman) will not create good Fruit (children). The society with such a setting will eventually suffer.

Temporary marriage brings some regulations to this matter. It also makes sure that it is clear who is the father and so he will be responsible for the child and at least the child knows he has a father and can create some relationship with him. Of course, the goal of such a marriage is to eventually make it a permanent marriage. When the life of a child is involved, it is best for the couples to consider this alternative for the sake of the child.

Now where has the concept of Twin Flame come from? We can see this is true about the life of Adam, Moses, King David, Christ, Muhammad, Shiva, Krishna, and many other Messiahs. Adam had Eve and later the wife that brought him Seth. Moses was loved by Neffertiti but married . King David married the daughter of Saul but fell in love with Bathsheba. Christ was close to Mary and Martha (some believe they were his wives!). Muhammad married Khadijah but loved Ayesha as well. Shiva had two consorts, Shakti and Kali. Krishna also had two consorts, Radah and Durga. The conclusion is that at least in the case of the First Begotten Son (as he is all these Prophets), this is True.

Now we can conclude since the First Begotten Son is supposed to be perfect, then these two consorts together are his soul mates (each half of him). In other words, since the Son is perfect he does not have (cannot have) a soul mate, as the soul mate is supposed to perfect a person. For this reason we can see that He always comes with two women around Him (not necessarily marries both or has a relationship with them like Mary and Martha). If this is true, then other men should not have this problem, and we hope this is the truth!

Now let us answer the accusation that if this true, then it violates the civil laws of our country, and therefore violates the commands of Esa to give that to Caesar that which is Caesars and to God that which is Gods. We in fact teach that our members should follow the laws of each country that they live in. In the case of temporary marriage, the contract between two people can be verbal. Any prenuptial agreement between a man and a woman is legal.

The concept of twin flame and polygamy, we again discourage anyone to act on these concepts in countries where this is illegal. We, however, see that even in these countries the concept of surrogate mother and having more than one partner exists. So it seems it is a phenomenon that such things do exist.

In fact, in civilized societies many people still follow their natural instincts. This can easily be seen in young people. They still come together, have sex, and the female becomes pregnant, etc. This is accepted as normal. This, of course, is not normal in the eyes of God. He wants people to be married before having sex. In such societies, however, marrying at such a young age is prohibited. So people follow their natural instincts but do not make it spiritual as God wants it to be. This brings a conflict between the Spirit of man (being Godly) and following the laws of man. This is the cause of many psychological and psychological problems on earth

We can see this problem in many aspects in the life of civilized man. We also do not want to go back and become primitive. So what is the solution? We have to follow Gods Laws and create Laws that follow the natural Laws. We, however, have to also create a society that man and woman both progress in all levels. We have to set our society in a way that men and women can marry when nature dictates.

The best relationship is between a man and a woman for life. God has created virginity for a reason! Temporary marriage and polygamy are not the highest in Gods Eyes. In fact society should look down at these kinds of relationships. This (polygamy and temporary message), however, should not become illegal as there are situations that this is necessary (in fact Sara asked Abraham to take Hagar as his wife so she might have a child through her! Or having many wives might help the population of a people, for example, to increase, etc.).

Comment: In your teachings you promote human cannibalism (the eating carcass).

Answer: This is mentioned once in THOTH, in a hypothetical assumption. We do not promote this idea and it was only mentioned when we were talking about how we should be flexible in different situations (in Essays I, Time, Place and Person, Ignorance, Passion and Knowledge) in THOTH. It was clearly explained that if person has no other choices, and they do not mind this act, they may act upon this. So the possibility of such a situation to occur, in any ones life, is slim. Even in this situation, if a person has a great objection in doing this, they do not have to do it.

Furthermore, in cannibalism, people who follow this despicable act, actively seek other people to eat. We oppose anyone who in any situation, no matter how helpless it might look, to resort in killing others to satisfy their craving for food. Indeed if such an act happened and it is proven someone has done this, that person should be severely punished.

So we can see that these Revelations have come to man from a very compassionate God. We have to forgo rigid laws. We have to be flexible and also see what nature had intended. We become unnatural when we follow our laws instead of Gods, and we will create unnatural understandings and we will suffer at the end. The hope is that many people eventually will see this clearly and we will set up a society which is civilized but its Laws will be the Laws of God and follow nature as closely as possible. In such a society there will be Purity and Unity, Peace and Oneness!

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