(Recommended only for men)

Tantava was a very invigorating dance done by Shiva. He (Shiva) used to dance Tantava standing up, arms stretched out from the shoulders (like being on a cross), with a knife in his right hand and a skull in left hand. The knife symbolized life and the skull, death. Man is dancing between life and death from the moment of birth. He ideated that all impurities and his troubles were like dead bodies under his feet.

You do not have to actually have these objects in your hand, or dead bodies under your feet (as depicted in some pictures), to perform this dance, however, ideate on their symbolic meanings.

Start with the Sal-Om position and its Ideation (Salute to Divinity in all beings). Then stretch your arms out as being on a cross (the position of arms stays constant all through the dance). Ideate that you have the struggle of life (knife) in your right hand and the death at the end as the skull. Throw your impurities fears, troubles, etc. under your feet to be destroyed. Then jump as high as you can, and land in a squatting position. From this position, again jump vertically and stand up on your feet.

Now bring the right foot up and left toward your chest while jumping on the left leg. Land on the left foot. Switch legs, and while bringing the left foot to the right toward the chest, jump with the right leg. Land on the right foot, and again change legs, while bringing the right foot toward the right close to the chest, jump on the left leg. Continue this process. You are dancing on your impurities, fears, troubles, etc. Ideate and see in your minds eye that they are destroyed as you dance on them vigorously. Continue this until feeling tired. When you had enough, stop while still standing.

Take a few seconds to catch your breath. Then repeat the action which was done in the beginning of the dance. Jump up and sit in the squatting position. Jump up again and land on your feet standing. Perform the Sal-Om and its hand position. Then, if you would like, sit for a nice invigorating meditation. Or go about your life, but take the vigor of the dance with you!

It is only recommended for men because it increases the testosterone!

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