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Symbolic Meanings of The
Story of King Arthur

When he was born, Arthur was taken by Merlin. He was cut from any family bonds. This symbolizes that in order to pursue the path of spirit, one should cut all worldly attachments. Merlin symbolizes his spiritual guide or teacher. He stayed with his spiritual teacher for a long time after he overcame his attachments.

He eventually overcame the first portion of his lower nature (false ego). This is symbolized by taking the two-edged sword of the truth -- Excalibur -- from the stone of the false ego (raising of the kundalini). By marrying Guinevere, he was unified with his soulmate and through marriage, he purified his sexual relationship.

However, he had not yet overcome completely. That is why when he was challenged by Sir Lancelot, he invoked his spiritual powers, symbolized by calling upon the power of Excalibur, in order to show his supremacy over Sir Lancelot. With this misuse of power, he fell, symbolized by Excalibur being broken.

He repented for his action and understood that by the misuse of his powers, he had broken a great Law of the spirit and he promised he would never do it again. That is why the Lady (Holy Ghost) of the Lake (consciousness) gave back his sword of truth (Excalibur). He did not have to take it out of the stone any longer. He had already awakened his kundalini. The powers were taken from him only as a test and lesson. When these lessons were learned, God gave him back what was his birthright.

It was after this that he started to prosper and eventually formed the Round Table. However, by becoming engaged in worldly activities, he had to compromise in order to manage the kingdom, until eventually the point was reached that things went out of hand and the simple purity of the Soul was lost by all. That is symbolized by the unfaithfulness of Guinevere and Sir Lancelot.

When Guinevere failed, and because King Arthur was attached to her, he lost his Excalibur again. With this, everything fell apart.

It was then that the quest for the highest state of consciousness -- The Holy Grail -- or Pure Consciousness, started. The Knights and King Arthur, who were all aiming for the highest, understood that with all their achievements they still had not found the complete truth. After a great struggle they realized that highest state -- The Holy Grail -- is within themselves. To purify and conquer the impurities within was an even greater struggle than the establishment of the Round Table and his kingdom.

With Guinevere emphasizing her higher self, symbolized by her becoming a nun, Arthur overcame his attachments to her physical body, and so he received the Excalibur back. It was Guinevere who gave it back to him by emphasizing her higher self. She had the power to lead him to his higher self, so he overcame his second chakra. It was then that the last battle between Arthur and the evil one, who truly was a part of him -- his son -- started.

Then at the last battle he killed his evil son (his third chakra). He (false ego) also would be killed in the battle, but his spirit lives on (to be born again). King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table will arise to establish His Kingdom. They will come again and again until His Kingdom will be firmly established. As Krishna (Christus) said to Arjuna, "When righteousness is weak and faints and unrighteousness exults, then my spirit arises on earth."

This spirit will eventually overcome the evil one, and His Kingdom will be established on earth as it is in heaven.


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