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The New Man

The ultimate Goal or the Result of our teaching is to create the New Man, a man (human) who has broken through all the bondages that life has put on him! The New Man of the Golden Age, with a lucid mind, sees things clearly as God sees them, a person in the Image of God!


Such men have broken through anything that stands in front of them to be a Universalist. They expand their minds and are beyond all falsities. They see the Hand of God in history (His Story) and realize that they have been born so many times in so many cultures, religions, and backgrounds that they have no prejudices against any of them. They Guide humanity toward Gods Nation and Culture.


History is a lesson for them. They learn from it and will not repeat the mistakes of the past. They see that the Communities Of Light (COLs) are the answer to all human problems. They do not hesitate to spread this Message and wait for humanity to be awakened and succumb to Gods Will. They see that the Mission indeed has the answers to all human problems, and it presents Gods Will. They see God with knowing the teachings and they know God Exists.


They realize that none of the man-made political, financial, social, etc. systems have the ultimate answer. It is only God with His flexible and adaptable system that will solve all the problems. The cyclical periods in human lives are real and clear to them as day. They know how to help societies to overcome these periods in a smooth and evolutionary manner. They strive for the Ultimate Balance between all forces. It is then that human life becomes a smooth way of knowing when to implement what part of the transitional actions to the next phase!


Indeed we need this New Man with a Lucid Mind. The Mission and our teachings will create such a Man, a Superman who belongs to the whole humanity (earth), men who are larger than life, men who represent all classes of humanity. They rest not until they have destroyed the last vestiges of impurities and narrowness in themselves and others.


We call the New Men: Paravipras (beyond Intellect). No matter what you call them, these New Men will be created with what God has Revealed to humanity: Our teachings. He is the New Man who is made for a New Era.


Those who know the teachings and still are not Paravipras, either have not seen the Vision clearly or other things in life are preventing them to become One. God is Patient and He has already Chosen those who see this Vision clearly and are One.


So Know the ultimate result of our teachings. See the Vision Clearly. Become larger than Life. Shatter all bondages in your life. Free yourself to God. Become the New Man, a Paravipra!

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