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The Only Issue

The only issue is the formation of the Communities of Light. Other issues are the effect, not the cause. The cause is the unfulfilled basic needs of individuals to be in a community with other like-minded people and the lack of creation of basic relationships in this level.

These communities cannot exist separately from one another. By linking themselves together they also will create the power to influence the events and correct the problems.

The ecological and pollution problems cannot be solved unless we spread the factories evenly all throughout the earth, especially to the deserts and isolated places, and also by developing clean industries by using Science based on Spirit. This will only be revealed to humanity if we learn our lessons and share. Otherwise this knowledge will be misused as has occurred in the past, and the misuse of anything results in suffering.

Intellectuals, who can only exist based on the confusion of the masses, bring many issues into our minds and make us confused about the simple issue of our basic needs and the cause of the issues. Then we become lost in the jungle of these confused issues and do not see the simple solutions.

Therefore, do not let the many issues confuse you. The issue and solution, is the formation of the Communities of Light based on the Eternal Divine Path, and networking between them. Then we can solve the other issues, which are the effects.


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