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To Be(come) a Contact Person For The Mission

Almost anyone can become a contact person for the Mission. As the name implies, you try to connect people in your area to the Mission. Most people would love to have a personal contact in the area they live in. So the duty of a contact person ranges from a clearing house (just connect people to the Mission), to a person who becomes a center of attraction for the Mission.

You will provide an address, phone number, and your email address. People who live close to you can contact you and receive more information about the Mission. You can further your help by starting some meditation classes, transmission sessions, six-week meditation courses, THOTH reading times, opening rooms in PalTalk in the Internet, and eventually create a Community Of Light where you are.

So a contact person can be a simple point of contact and/or a center for the Mission. Hopefully we will have many dedicated teachers in the Mission who will eventually act as the elders in these Centers started by these contacts and will help to create many Communities Of Light in these places. Therefore being a contact person means the beginning of a greater process to manifest the Mission in your area. It is a great service in bringing the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

So we encourage everyone who is interested in the Mission to consider becoming a contact person for the Mission. Attract like-minded people in your area and start a Center for the Mission where you are. Let us find the Elects and Teachers of the Mission (those who have been called to be teachers of the Mission). Start small but be persistent and expand your horizons and involvement as time progresses. Be so dedicated to the Mission that all your spare time can be used for this great work.

If you would like to be a contact person, send us an email ( and express this desire. We will work with you to start the process. A contact person is the beginning of the creation of the Communities Of Light! The Kingdom Of God is based on the Communities Of Light!


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