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Why Tithes

The first time that tithes are mentioned is when Abram (Abraham) gave his tithes to the king of Salem (Genesis 14:20-24). He did that because Salem was considered the high priest in that time, and tithes were given to the priests and high priest.

We then can hear about the tithes all through the Bible (in Leviticus God commanded tithes - Lev. 27:31-34). Tithes are for the priest class (Num.18:24). One tenth (10%) of the tithes gathered will be for the head of the priesthood (Aaron - Eldest in our system) (Num. 28:26-28). Tithes are the minimum you can/should offer; you can offer more (Deut. 12: 6 and 11, tithes are at the top of other sacrifices/giving).

One part of tithes is to help and feed those in need (Deut. 26:12). People should be obedient to this Law and the importance of tithes (2 Chronicles 31). Again the same topic (Nehemiah 10:37-38, 12:44, Nehemiah 13:5, Amos 4:4).

Even in the New Testament (NT), not paying tithes is considered robbing God (Matthew 3:8). In the NT also it is encouraged to pay tithes (Matthew 3:10). Paying tithes does not release you from being humble in the presence of God and following His Laws and Commandments (Luke 18:12).

It iswith Paul that the teaching of God is being challenged. Paul started preaching his understanding instead of God's and His Prophets' (Hebrew 7:5-9). In this chapter (Hebrew 7) Paul teaches what are his ideas, not God's! He argues that since Esa (Christ) was from the tribe of Judah (from his father Joseph) God changed His Mind and the Priests (Messiahs) do not have to come from Abram (Abraham) and since Abram (Abraham) gave tithes to Melchisedec, He (Abraham) was subjugated to Melchisedec and the priesthood has changed and they should come from Melchisedec, etc.

The Truth of the matter is that indeed Christ was from the tribe of the Levites since Mary, his mother, was a Levite. So Paul again is incorrect. Furthermore, God promised that the Messiah (Shiloh) will come from the tribe of Judah (Genesis 49:10). So God again fulfilled both requirements for Christ to be the Messiah, His Prophet, Christ, the Son of God, etc.

This is one of the discrepancies between the Words of God and Paul. There are many, and for these reasons, we do not accept Paul as Christ's representative and/or disciple/apostle. We only accept Christ's words (in red in the Bible) as from God, and Christ said He has not come to destroy the Laws (Matthew 5:17)!

Since Paul has no authority from God and Christ, he cannot abolish tithes, change the way God Prophesied and Chose Christ and the Priesthood (until Christ came) to stay with the Levites. And Christ came as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah (Christ).

Indeed tithes are what made the Hebrews a great nation. Tithes are the reason Mormons created a worldwide outreach. Tithes are the Command by God to see His Kingdom to manifest on earth. So those who want to follow God's Will, will accommodate His Revelation and follow as obedience to His Commands and pay their tithes and more.

Since the Mission is the Last Revelation from God and is the Revealer of the Mystery of God and the Implementer of God's Will and Kingdom, It is the only Religion (organization) that everyone should be giving their tithes to. Giving any money and/or tithes (or anything) to any other organization is disobedience to God and His Revelations (Words) and Will!

The whole idea is to create a culture in which people learn to live on 90% of their gross income without borrowing. This can easily be done by following the Eternal Divine Path in the Communities Of Light (Sharing)! Children will be brought up to learn to do this so it becomes second nature to them (part of their upbringing and culture).

Some people say, "I am too poor to pay tithes." In fact, one of the reasons to pay tithes is to create more effective people who constantly improve their financial situation so they will not only have a better lifestyle but also will be able to tithe easily. So find a better job with better pay. Improve your educational situation (go to school and obtain higher degrees so you would be able to have higher pay). Start a business which has a better future for you (be your own boss and make more money). Share life with someone and/or live in a COL so there is sharing which makes life easier in many levels for everyone involved, etc.

Tithing indeed should encourage the Divines (those in the Mission Of Maitreya, Eternal Divine Path) to become great in what they do and known as good workers whom people Love to hire. Divines also should become high earners and business people in the society and eventually become the cream of the crop in all societies (if they have the ability to do so). This will not only help them to be financially secure, but they also can help theMission to do the same. It will also allow the Mission to help many who need it (mostly to stand on their own two feet so they also can become productive members of the society;

however, if they truly cannot become productive members, then help them as much as the Mission has resources to do so).

Note: For instructions on how to pay your tithes and/or automatic recurring payments for tithes, send an email to the Mission (


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