Tablet One

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<1>God is everlasting, complete, without beginning or end. He is one and indivisible. He is the source of all things. He is infinite consciousness.

<2>The circle above represents the infinity of God.

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<3>The universe consists of consciousness and the three creative forces (three gunas). <4>In the beginning before any expression of consciousness, the universe was in the state of "Be"-ness or "AM"-ness.

<5>The circle in the center above represents the infinity of the universe and God, and the shadow in the background shows the inability of the human mind to comprehend infinity.

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<6> The three creative forces or three gunas (3dss150c.gif (898 bytes)) in the universe are the sentient force (satva guna), mutative force (raja guna), and static or crudifying force (tama guna). <7>The sentient force (satva guna) in the operative state is the intelligence or power of decision-making, <8>and the mutative force (raja guna) in the operative state is the power of movement (energy) in the universe. Without the raja guna there would be no movement in the universe. <9>The static force (tama guna) in the operative state crudifies the consciousness and creates the five elements in the universe. They are: ethereal, aerial, luminous (heat), liquid, and solid factors. Also it is responsible for memory.


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