Tablet Fourteen


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And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black...

(Rev. 6:12)

<1>When a person sees that God is everything and all are within Him, he sees Him everywhere. Then there is a tendency to forget about this external world and only become an observer, so again escape this world of suffering.

<2>However, if he does not forget about those who are suffering, and with the previous realizations in the first five truths or steps, tries to help others also to progress physically, mentally, and spiritually, such a person would become a dynamic spiritual force in the world. He then can be called a Paravipra (kohw-s.gif (904 bytes)).

<3>So the sign (kohw-s.gif (904 bytes)) is the sign of Paravipras -- <4>those great beings who have awakened their spiritual forces (ichng-s.gif (891 bytes)), have realized the effect of the environment on their spiritual progress, long to establish a spiritual environment (kohoe-s.gif (879 bytes)), are ready to sacrifice (cross-s.gif (869 bytes)) for this ideal, surrender and submit their endeavors to Him (islms15c.jpg (912 bytes)), and know that God is ONE and inseparable or is All, and they would help the whole universe (baha-s.gif (97 bytes)). <5>With all of these steps and their powers, they become dynamic spiritual forces or Paravipras (kohw-s.gif (904 bytes)). <6>Then they would receive the Grace of God and the Kingdom Of Heaven within themselves (kohw-s.gif (904 bytes)) would be established.

<7>This seal was revealed to humanity in the twentieth century in the year 1945 after the second world war (1944). After the revelation of this seal, great changes started to occur and tribulation began to form on earth, "...there was a great earthquake."


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