Tablet Fifteen


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But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel,...the mystery of God should be finished,...

(Rev. 10:7)

<1>As the mysteries behind this universe and existence finish when a person reaches the seventh chakra, so the mystery of the Scriptures and truth which have come through the last six Prophets (Angels) will be finished by the seventh Angel. This has been promised in the book of The Revelation (read Revelation of The Revelation).

<2>The teachings behind The Greatest Sign, as described briefly in this book and other books in THOTH, reveal the mysteries of creation and history. <3>They also explain the meaning of each seal, which is related to one religion. When the meanings of all these seals are put together and combined, they will show the Eternal Divine Path. This is the path to salvation to be(come) in His image, a son of God.

<4>Also before the seventh Angel comes, there is a mystery which has not been revealed to humanity. "Mystery" means something unknown, or not discovered. So mystery brings confusion. <5> But when this mystery will be revealed, the confusion between the previous truths and their relationships together will be no more ("will finish").

<6>That is exactly what The Greatest Sign does: It clarifies the confusion between all.

<7>So the seventh truth is the one which covers all the previous ones and clarifies the confusion (mystery) between them all.


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