THE HOLIEST Universe and Man


Tablet Five

Relationship Between Chakras and Koshas (Sheaths)

<1>As the first kosha (sheath) in an individual is his physical body, which is under the influence of the tama guna and is manifested because of this force, so also the first chakra is completely dominated by this force and is related to this first sheath or kosha.

<2>The second sheath, which is prana in the body, is under the influence of the raja guna. <3>It is true that the raja guna is the life-force (prana) and is good in general, but when it is under the influence of the tama guna, it becomes worldly passion and thus unspiritual desires arise. <4>This second sheath is related to the second chakra in which the raja guna is active. But it is under the influence of the tama guna and is directed toward the external world, resulting in heedless activities done in the manifested universe. It is where the temptation arises and is symbolized as woman in the third chapter in Genesis.

<5>The third chakra is related to the third kosha. In this level both raja guna (mutative force) and satva guna (sentient force, intelligence) are active, but they are still under the influence of the tama guna. As the third kosha was the lower mental world, or the place where the mind was directed toward fulfillment of desires for things in the external world, so also in this chakra the intelligence and activities are under the influence of the tama guna (external world). <6>That is why this layer or kosha is called "mind." The worldly intelligence is in this level!

<7>This third kosha is the most important layer to be understood, because it is in this state that individuals use their intelligence to manipulate the external world for satisfaction of their gross desires. <8>That is also why this is the center where longing for wealth, possession, and power to satisfy one's selfish desires (two first chakras) is located. <9>Therefore, control of this chakra or layer of the mind (kosha) is very important by individuals and society in general.

<10>A person in the first layer of the mind (kosha) is earth-bound. Then because of his fears, attachments, striving for survival, etc., he becomes bound to anything that fulfills his mundane needs. <11>A person in the second layer does not have that much intelligence to inflict great suffering on others. <12>But it is those in the third layer with intelligence who cause exploitation of the two others in lower levels. <13>This brings great suffering to humanity. <14>So understanding this layer in depth is very necessary in order to control the suffering inflicted on the individual and society.

<15>The fourth layer is related to the fourth chakra, in which prana (raja guna) dominates. However, its direction is not toward the external world (downward) but toward higher thoughts and the spiritual world (upward). It is the beginning of spiritual feelings and joy. <16>It is the place of unconditional Love.

<17>The fifth layer is related to the fifth chakra in which the satva guna (pure intelligence) dominates. Here a great joy (Ananda) is experienced and the person comes in contact with the ethereal world. All the activities and their purposes in the external world (spiritual logic) become clear to him.

<18>In the sixth chakra, the last bondage is also overcome and the person becomes the master of the three gunas. That is why no kosha (sheath, layer of the mind) is left and the person experiences infinity, great powers, and knowledge. But he still maintains a small "i" to keep him in the body. Such a person is called a Satguru or perfect master (man-god).


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