Collective Salvation

We Work Toward Creation
Of The Communities of Light, To Create An Environment Where Many People Reach Pure Consciousness.  It Is A Collective March Together.  You Cannot Go There By Yourself.  I Cannot Go There By Myself.  He Cannot Go by Himself.  We Go Together.

           Creating a community is not an easy work.  The human is very self-centered, and the Community of Light says, “Thou shall not be self-centered.”  So you are trying to create something that the human has a hard time to deal with, to give up of himself, or herself, and become more flowing, more open, more loving, more sharing, more caring.  Most people do not want to do that.


            Some find it is not easy to start a community.  That is why it is so important to start this community here really going, so we have an example, a model, and the people can come here and see how it works.

            Putting two people together is hard.  Putting three together is harder.  Putting four, and five, and twelve together is going to be much harder.  You see, that is why it is so important, again, to meditate on the community, so later you can meditate in the community!

            Communities of Light are for mature people, very mature people, who have reached a point where they want to sacrifice a little bit for something greater.  They are not individuals who say, “Me, me, me only.”  If they are “me, me only,” they are not going to last very long in the Communities of Light, because in the communities they have to at least give equal to what they take.  Otherwise, that community is not going to last long.  If there is this much water, and I keep drinking it, what happens to this water?  It is going to be gone.  But if I drink a sip and put two sips back, what happens?  After awhile it is going to overflow, because we are adding to the water.

            So it almost seems that the creation of the Communities of Light is against human nature.  Humans do not like sacrifice.  Humans say, “What is in it for me?  I want to get something out of this.  Am I going to get more out of this, or am I going to give more?”  And as long as you have that “me” attitude, you are not ready for the Community of Light.  But if you reach a point to know, “I want to be a part of this community, and I want to give more than I receive,” then such people can live together, help one another, and be willing to take on some responsibility that makes other people more free, comfortable, and secure.  Then everyone has more time to pursue higher things.  It is very hard to find such people.  They are very rare, a rare breed (peculiar).  But they are there.



            The ideal community is one where the people live together, close by.  Actually, it consists of 12x12x12 people – around 2,000 people in each community.  Inside the communities, every twelve people – or ideally six couples – gather together and create a unit in the community.  Each couple will have one unit of living space, like a house.  The end of these houses will shape a six angular place, which will be covered as a meeting place, or a temple, or a meditation room, or something like that. 


house-c.gif (3832 bytes) 

            So, this unit will not only have privacy by separate houses but the people are united behind their houses as one unit.  They have a place of meeting.  They have a place of worship, or meditation, or for discussion, etc.  So they create a very strong bond with one another.  At the same time, they are not in each other's way.  They have their own separate homes.  So, they have privacy, and they can meditate by themselves also.

            Then twelve such units create the second level of the community, which becomes 144 adult people in the community.  Then twelve of such twelve people create a community.  Whoever emerges from this as the person selected from the community, represents that community to other communities that also are formed.

            When there are 12x12x12 people, then they can have a Community Center where they can go and meditate and also have a place for discussing the problems of the greater community or to coordinate between the communities.

            Also we can build the Temple that is proposed and is in the shape of The Greatest Sign, and we can build universities around it.  These universities will not only teach the conventional wisdom and teaching, they also will teach Spirit and science based on Spirit which is the Spiritual Science, healing powers, and everything that makes sense and humanity can use for its betterment.

            So eventually we will have science that does not have any by-products that we now have, like pollution.  We are going to create an earth, pollution-free.  Right now we have a lot of science that we can use, like electromagnetism, or fission, or the sun, or all those things that can be used for the betterment of humanity, without having the side effects of conventional science.  So it is a great Plan.


            With the Communities of Light, the Temple, the universities, etc., a well-rounded and well-prepared humanity will be created.  So nothing is left out.  Humanity is not only the physical but also is the mental and the spiritual.

            So people can develop themselves in all levels.  They will not be developed in only one level.  See, anything that develops in only one level is going to be a very unbalanced development.  Even if you only develop spiritually, it is unbalanced.  You go too far.  You sit there in an ecstatic level.  If God wanted you to go into an ecstatic level, He would have created this universe in that state.   He wants you to see the play.  He wants you to search Him, to find Him, and to realize Him on all levels, the physical, mental, and spiritual levels.

            Around the Temple and universities, there will be the Communities of Light, where people who meditate are living.  They have their own communities, their own system.  They have their own chosen people as leaders or representatives.  Each community has their own set-up of how they run their communities.  At the same time, they have access to all this knowledge.

            So you can just imagine, if you can, the New Jerusalem:  Communities of Light, the Temple, the meditation rooms in every community or the Community Centers.  In the Community Centers there will also be lectures, study, and all those things for the people who want to go to a deeper level, to have the ability to give Satsang.

            There are no lectures in the Temple.  In the Communities of Light there are all kinds of lectures and endeavors to make the people realize higher consciousness.

            All of these are interrelated, and the Temple is a very great part of the whole thing.  It is the external manifestation of our teaching.


In the Communities of Light we have to create as much positive energy as possible.  We have to become as positive as possible, and be positive with each other also.  With this positive energy we can create a positive environment, not a negative one.


            We are trying to create efficient communities.  In an efficient community, each person who participates should contribute more than what he takes.  That does not mean money.  It means mental contribution, spiritual contribution, or any kind of contribution.

            As long as a person truly is dedicated to the Mission and feels one with the rest of the community, he will also understand the principle of putting into the community and taking from it.   If a lot of people come to the community, take much and give little, then that community is going to be drained.  That is the Law of the universe. If you take more from something than you give, you are draining the resources.

            So as long as that is understood, then you have to evaluate to see if you can participate or bring more than you can take.  Then you become a responsible person in the community and that is all that is needed.

            I want your talent and your intellect and your intelligence, but I do not want your ego.


            The Communities of Light are based on the Eternal Divine Path.  The rest of the lifestyle really is chosen by the people involved in the community.  For example, one community will not have anything to do with animals.  They are probably intellectuals and they just do not want to work with anything other than books, etc.  They just want the part of the universe which works with the mind.   Then some other people would love to have their hands dirty and work with the farm, etc.  Maybe some communities consist of just artists, or a combination of all, etc.  It depends upon each Community of Light.


            In the Communities of Light we will be more efficient.  We will let machines chop our wood, and we will meditate more.

            Again, not every community is a Community of Light.   The community based on the Eternal Divine Path, which unifies all the religions of the world, concentrates on the spirit of the person, believes that it is the answer to human suffering and the end of it, is a Community of Light.


            Each person finds his place in the Community of Light.  No one has to be like anyone else.  If you have a big heart, and you give beautiful talks about the Heart of God but you intellectually do not understand what the teaching is, you are still beautiful.  You give experience to other people instead of intellectually stimulating them.  Or as I said, you can just clean the floor and everyone says, “Wonderful, look at what a beautiful floor we have in this community,” or whatever the person’s Daharma is.


            You ask, how are the people in these Communities of Light going to get along together?  The whole trick is to concentrate on God, not on one another.  See, the problem with a lot of marriages and couples is that they concentrate on each other.  They are each trying to find something from the other person.  And you can never find true satisfaction from another person.  You can find the real satisfaction only from God.

            People marry to find love from each other.  The man wants to find love from the woman, and the woman wants to find love from the man.  It means neither of them has it, because if they had it they would not look for it.  So if I do not have love and you do not have love, how can we give it to each other?

            However, if we each are connected to God, God has a lot of Love.  He can just give it to you over and over again.  Then you can give it to the other person(s), and the problems are solved. 


            Everything is going to be quickened, because in the Communities of Light everyone meditates, everyone is quickened.

            It is easier for one person to live by himself.  It is very easy to have your own apartment, or house, and do whatever you want to and not care for the rest of the world.  You do not progress either.  You see?  Because you think you are wonderful, you never see your problems.  You never encounter those problems; you do whatever you want to.  And everything looks good to you.

            Now, two people marry and want to live in one place.  There are some problems [all laughing].  “I am not as wonderful as I thought.  This other person starts criticizing and finding some fault in me.  And that amazes me. Oh, I have faults?  I thought I did not have any faults.”

            Now couples come together to form a unit in a community until there are at least six couples, twelve people, living pretty close.  Ohhh, we really have to watch out, don’t we?  If we can get along with eleven other people, create an environment where everyone is comfortable and loving, reach a point where we can tolerate each other, learn from one another and create an environment that is flowing, we are in pretty good shape, aren’t we?



            It is in the Communities of Light that the true growth occurs, because it is only in such an environment that you have to compromise, adjust, feel, understand, heal, be healed, and grow.  This most people are not equipped to handle, and that is the lesson which has to be learned.


            As I said, this is the community.  If the door closed, the community is always there for the support of the members.  And that is why we know we are following God’s Will, by being One, loving one another and supporting each other.


            How can you start a Community of Light right away?  You can start by reading THOTH.  You can start gazing at The Greatest Sign, talking about it, reading and explaining THOTH.  You can keep the Sabbath – as more people keep the Sabbath, more people will feel the effect, and the greater Spirit will be on earth, greater sharing, greater unity, better Communities of Light and the Kingdom on Earth.

            If you have questions, send them to me so I can send you the answers.  And try to understand what the Eternal Path is, how it relates to other religions, and how it unifies everything together.  Also, start implementing the Eternal Divine Path in your day-to-day life.


            If you believe the Communities of Light are the answer, then it is your obligation to help, join, and do what you can.  Maybe you have been studying about this and it has been revealed to you that this is the answer and now what you were looking for has been told and fulfilled.  It does not matter if it is going to benefit you or not.

            I might not even see the Temple myself, yet is it going to prevent me from putting my effort toward it?  It might take 1,000 years before people start realizing what I am saying.  Should that prevent me from going ahead and doing my work, from doing the thing that Spirit told me to do?  No, it does not, because we are not attached to the results of our action.  We do the task in the moment.

            You see, you do it because you want to do it, because you follow God.  God’s timetable is different than yours and mine.  It took more than 5,000 years for what God had promised to Abraham to be fulfilled for his children.  Abraham did not say, “Oh, it is not going to be for me.  I am not going to see this promise. So I am not going to do Your Bidding.  I am just going to stay in a small little place somewhere in the big city and do my little thing.”

            Abraham had to do it because he knew God.  He said, “Even if it takes thousands of years, that is what I have to do now.  If it takes two thousand years, fine, I will do what needs to be done now.”

            It sometimes seems slow but that is how God works.  If you want to do things fast, you make a lot of mistakes.  You fall to the trips that push you to the edge, of pushing yourself for something that is not God’s Will.

            You may come into recruiting people, trying to really get members to join the Mission, trying to recruit members to the organization.  “I am on the Board of Directors, and I may not be selected as the President for the next term.  So I have to push my people to get members.”  After awhile the Spirit leaves you.  There is no Spirit in that organization.

            Spirit takes Its time and It does not do for the results of Its actions.  Of course, if you receive results, beautiful, wonderful.  It opens your heart.  It makes you joyful.  When you see people doing something beautiful around the Mission, it makes your heart sing.  You say, “That is beautiful!  There is such a Unity!”

            If every person brings a little of his beauty to the group, then we are going to be a beautiful group.  But if I lock up my beauty because I am not going to see the results, that is not a good approach.  That means that you are not yet submissive to the Will of God.  Therefore, do the Will day-by-day, the result will eventually manifest itself.


            If the people at this time do not want to come together and live in one place, or do not have the resources, or do not feel they want to be in a community, or cannot form any shape of the community that they feel very comfortable with, just to start with, they can live separately.  However, eventually the goal is to create that kind of community we just explained.

            Also, not everyone will be in these communities even then – the whole earth will not be in communities.  There will still be people who do not want to be in communities.  These people will want to live out of the communities.


            It does not matter what happens on the outside, look within self.  It is our faith and what is in our hearts that is important.  It does not make any difference if the rest of the world says, “No, you are wrong.”  In my heart I know I am right.

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