Healing The Earth

In This Lifetime We are Trying To Heal
The Earth Instead Of Healing Individuals.

The greatest healing is to create an environment where people learn how to heal themselves. That environment is the Communities of Light, is the creation of a place where people can learn by themselves in a process of meditation, being in that environment, and learning from one another.

If you are somewhere that there are a lot of healers, after awhile you have no choice but to learn from them. If there are people who meditate a lot, you have no choice but to learn how to meditate. Otherwise you will not stay around, the energy will be too much for you. It just happens. So the best way for this to occur is to create an environment where the people can see, feel, understand, and come to that state that they understand the way(s).


Each person has to learn to heal himself or herself. If another person heals a person, it usually will not last long. But if a person heals himself then that will be a healing of the spirit and will be permanent. In the Golden Age to come, each person should become a channel for God. They will eventually reach a point where they do not need to look to others to know God!


Communities of Light will result in spiritual healing because we are creating an environment to let the people reach the highest level possible, or to their Spirit, and so this is the highest level of healing that we are doing here. That is why you have to tell everyone to raise their consciousness, from their physical or mental healing, to realize we need healing for the whole earth. And that is done through the Communities of Light.


Actually we are not going to have any healing centers in the Temple, but there might be some healing centers other places. Probably not everyone is going to learn how to heal himself or herself in the beginning. So it might be a good way to heal them, or to bring them to a point where they can see it is possible to do it, and then guide them in how to do it themselves.


The teaching that we brought to humanity, if they really realize it, is the cure of depression. Depression really means expecting something that is not received. It is by living in the Communities of Light, sharing, and going through the Eternal Divine Path, and at the same time knowing that they are not attached to the results of their actions, the results belong to God, that they will be freed and cured of their depression.


We know about the health problem, and health institutions are probably one of the biggest industries in the western world. Now we will say, OK, let us cure people so they do not have to go to the doctor. But that will not cure the problem.

Communities of Light cure the problem. When the people live together and share, when they do not need to go through that kind of pressure from the external world, and when eventually they learn how to heal themselves and as they learn more to help themselves and create a calmer, nicer, more beautiful, more one and respectful environment for each other and they have better food, better water, a better environment they will not need to go to the doctors as much.

And even in those communities, eventually people who have been born to learn about drugs and healing can help others to heal themselves. This will happen, not in a sense that they completely heal you, that you do not have to do anything else, but that they can give you a good herb, a good mental help, they can just sit and talk with you. That is healing. If you need someone to talk to, there is someone to talk to. They can just sit and talk with that person. Not having someone to talk to is a part of the disease of the West.

It is not a healthy environment to have two people living in one house who hate each other because they know each others shortcomings so well, and also because both their minds have been polluted by working out there, watching junk programs on TV, eating junk food, etc. Both of them have to work out there and when they come home, both need someone to talk to. He needs some attention, something to get rid of his negativities. She needs some attention to get rid of her negativities.

Again we come to the same point where none of them has the love or energy to give to the other. What happens? They are completely separate. And living in such an environment, one house here, one house there, each with only one or two people, that is diseaseful. That creates a lot of energy blockage in you. And that kind of situation is not healthy or humane.

So again we return to the Communities of Light. We return to create environments where people live more naturally, like humans have to live. This again will help everyone heal themselves and/or be healed.

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