The Salvation

The Communities of Light
Are The Salvation Of Humanity, Physically, Mentally, Spiritually, Individually, and Collectively.

           It is in these communities that we can see ourselves face-to-face and work on ourselves to progress to our perfection. This comes not easily and overnight, but in an evolutionary manner.

           Individually in the Communities of Light, in the dynamics of the collectivity, we start seeing ourselves clearly the way we act. Then because we meditate and everyone is in higher consciousness in these communities, we have no choice but to face the Spirit in one another. When we face the Spirit in this way and it is from higher consciousness we suddenly realize, Look there are so many things that I did not know about myself. Now I can look at myself squarely and there is no judgmentality. It is OK. We are not perfect. We will try together.

           As we are trying together, we are compassionate toward one another. We see one anothers faults, yet at the same time we compassionately point out to one another those faults. We grow together toward a greater unity that is in God because we all are focusing on God, not on one another.

           If I am One with God and you are One with God, then we are One. But if I try to become one with you and you try to become one with me, it will not happen because nothing becomes united in the physical creation. It is an illusion that the people want to become unified and united with each other. After awhile they become disillusioned. Then they try many relationships and have no choice but to say, Well, this is not the person. This is not the person. This is not the person.

           Eventually they come through all these relationships and they become very disappointed. They find, No, it cannot be done on earth. Yet with God it can be done. If I am One with God and you are One with God, and we take care of these little personality problems and our wills, eventually we reach a point where we see, "Yes, we are One. It was not that hard. We just needed to work out some little personality problems with each other." Then that Love of God will spring from each of us and that is the rarest commodity in the universe. Very few people really have the commodity of the true Love of God that they can present to each other. Yet that is what humanity needs.

           The more of these Communities of Light we create, the more people will go to this fountain of Love. As Esa told that lady at the well, I will give you of this water that you will thirst no more.

           Then many people can eat of this infinite Love and drink of this fountain, and never thirst again. That is when the Kingdom will come on earth, not by force, not by revolution, but by the infinite Love of God in the Communities of Light.


           Most of the people do not approach the problems from their roots. They work with the effects, not the causes. Maitreyas teachings and approach are directed toward the causes.


           When man cures the causes of this illusive separation of one from the other and becomes one in God, then there will be no terror, but peace.


           Now we have a greater Truth on earth. And this greater Truth covers all of these religions and ideas that have been coming to humanity for the last twelve thousand years.

So to me it does not matter what your calling is, if you go for anything less than spreading the Eternal Divine Path, The Greatest Sign, and unification of the religions and the whole of humanity, you are not following your full potential. And if you had a calling to do Gods Will, the first step is to realize that It is the Highest.

If you have not realized this is the Highest, then you have a problem. You have to go through some other steps if you are not yet ready to answer your calling. You have to take that first step, that this is the Highest.


           It is wonderful. It is incredible to be on this planet right now, because of what we can do here now, what we can accomplish. And we can do it. That is a wonderful feeling that great Prophets, Saints, and teachers were looking for this time to come. And we are here now. Now if we refuse to do it, we are missing big arent we?

           As I said many times, if what I say is Truth, the people who are ready, or whose feelings have been purified enough to know the Will of God, will know my voice. They will catch it right away. All religions of the world are unified. The way to creating the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth is given, based on the Communities of Light. What else do we need? So, if they know my voice, I am done with them. It is their Mission. It is no longer my Mission. It is between them and God. They take it and carry it on.


           See, the Communities of Light actually are a kind of starting point. We do not know the potential it can bring to humanity. We know, but it is really up to the people who participate in it, to eventually see the potential it can bring to them. In these communities maybe we will have people who will eventually come to that point of realization where they bring a complete balance in themselves, and they live a long, long time.

           We even have it in the Scriptures. Adam and his children lived how long? 600 years, 700 years, 900 years, 1,000 years? How did they do that? So there was a reason they could have done that. What is the reason we cannot do it? Is it the Will of God that we cannot do it? Or are we unbalanced? Or eventually in the Communities of Light with meditation and creating a good environment, with healthy good food, healthy relationships, and healthy lives, maybe we can live that long again?


           If you just look, every sign is there that human consciousness is reaching a point for a great leap. And that is why we came. We show them another alternative. We say, Look this is how God sees things. We work on ourselves with meditation, individually and collectively. And with working toward the Communities of Light, we have an alternative." When they reach the point that they say, Well, what we are doing is not working, we can tell them, Here is an alternative which is going to work.

           We are not revolutionaries, we are not here to revolt against the present system. We are not against anyone. However, the present system is not working. We can patch it here and there but it is beyond repair anymore; it needs a real overhauling. That is what we are doing.

           Let us bring the right environment on earth, and let each man find God, by understanding His Hand in creation and history.


           All through history it has been small communities or groups who carried the torch of the civilization to its next phase. Therefore, it will be the Communities of Light that will be protected, through the changes coming to the earth. After the cleansing process, they will be the inheritors of the earth.


           Only the middle path, a balance between the three spheres (physical, mental, and spiritual) brings harmony to our lives and others. Therefore, those who think they can bring peace with mobilizing a collective, one-time worldwide meditation, prayer, etc., only uplift humanity for a short time. These processes should be performed constantly. The end result is to realize that the Communities of Light based on the Eternal Divine Path will bring the balance between inner quest (meditation and prayer) with outer manifestation (action based on the Eternal Divine Path). Faith without action is dead!

           When many realize this truth and Communities of Light start to be created all over the world, and are connected together focused on One God, then the permanent peace is at hand. Only this will bring the peace we all are longing for. Other activities, although they might have a short-lived effect, will not bring the permanent fulfillment of prophesied expectation to earth. Only meditation and prayer based on the Eternal Divine Path will!


           The Communities of Light have nothing to worry about from the disasters coming because we share with one another, we are one. Whatever disaster comes we take it all together. Whatever happiness is there, we take it all together. But we have to be(come) one in the community. We have to be(come) one with what we are doing here, no separation in our Body of Christ. We are here to withstand the shocks. And the stronger we are, the better we withstand the shocks. The more separate egos we are, the more separate we are and the more easily destroyed.


           The Kingdom of Heaven On Earth will alleviate 99% of the problems that are created with human ego. They are not the real problems. We have those problems because we separate ourselves from one another. We have those problems because we do not understand one another. For instance, one of the problems we have right now is that the East does not understand the West, and the West does not understand the East. So they are afraid of one another.


           But should we be afraid of the future? Should we be concerned about what is happening? No, we should not, because if we are in the Light nothing will touch us. Especially the Communities of Light have nothing to fear. If you study the history, usually the small communities survive the big disasters.


           Eventually more people will live in the Communities of Light. We are not there yet. We are here. We are living and we are really dealing with where we are, the energies and the level of consciousness that we are in right now. But think about these things. We do not have to accept them, but think about them. Meditate on these things. Does it make sense? Does it really cure the problems? Eventually we will see the Light.


           We are representing an alternative to this mad world that we are living in right now. I am not saying this, the Father is saying it through me that, This is Me who sent all these religions to the world, and this is how we can see the whole picture. Each of them are a part of the truth, and with each of them you have a part of the whole. Each of you have taken a part of the elephant and said, Oh, I have found it. But the whole elephant is greater than the parts.

           Through a long period of experiences, eventually this truth came through me and I gave it to humanity. We are waiting to see that it is fulfilled. It will be fulfilled! Our work is very simple. It is a Message God has given to us and we give to others. And when we give it to them, it is theirs. It is not just ours any longer.

           I think we have a very viable solution to the problems that we are facing. And it is very simple. It is the creation of the Communities of Light. The Communities of Light are based on the Seven Seals, the Eternal Divine Path. Each seal represents one or more of the religions of the world. So it unifies all of them together, and brings a very subtle but powerful path to unify humanity without even touching the existing systems.


           We are not a revolutionary people; we are an evolutionary people. We are on the brink of an evolution on earth. If we can see the signs we really have to be blind if we do not see the signs because the signs are all over. We can see everywhere on earth there are signs that we need something. Something has to be done.

           Why not? Why are we not the people to do it? Someone has to do it, why not us?


           I am showing you that the Way to the Father is the Eternal Divine Path. The way to bring the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth is the Communities of Light. You say, No? That is fine! I am not going to follow you and be concerned that you do not want to listen to me. I am not even going to try to control you. I would Love to see you realize It and do It inspired from within.


           We believe that we are representing an alternative to humanity. This is the way to do it. This is how the religions of the world are unified. This is how the Communities of Light can create a system that can bring peace on earth based on people, not on any political system, or any economic theory, etc. So that is what we present to them. And when they reach the point where they say, OK, our way is not the way to do it, now we are ready, then we can say, This is the alternative. Then they would say, Yes.

           If we can create Communities of Light, if we can have some system going on, then they will see, Yes, it is working. People are sharing with one another. There is peace there, the peace that we all long for."


           Who is going to really make it? Those in the Communities of Light. How? By being One, by helping one another, by understanding one another, by supporting one another, and by realizing and being productive members of the community. Only these small communities which are completely One in God can survive the shock waves that are coming on earth. If we can create such communities, we do not have to have any fear of what is coming. It will pass us over (Passover).


           So, this is the Vision. This is what we are trying to create on earth. This is actually the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth (KOHOE), to bring the couples together, to create the Communities of Light, to create an environment where everyone focuses their thoughts and their consciousnesses toward God.


           The journey starts and all the signs say that this is the time. It is the time for us to really start building the Communities of Light, spread the Message, spread the Mission, spreading it to every corner of the world, and let everyone know. It is time to welcome all those who want to join us and become a part of the Communities of Light. Hopefully they are one with us in mind and heart and mouth, all three.


           I am just here to reveal to you that it is possible to present that Spirit to humanity. It is possible to let them know God exists. It is not by chance. There is a God. There is a Being there. God is evolution. God is the creation. God is me and you.

           It does not mean that we should not have a discriminating mind and discriminate between levels of consciousness. But God is there. And we are here to show humanity that all these religions of the world have been sent by God, with the same Mind, the same God.

           If we can see that all the religions of the world have come from the same God, then with what do we have to separate one from another? Nothing. This is up to each human. This is up to us, the people.

           The more people in the different places of the world come together and realize that we are One, and create the Communities of Light, what will we have? We will have all the beautiful communities based on God. And this is the realization that there is no Jew, there is no Moslem, there is no Christian, there is no Hindu or Buddhist, there is only one religion and that is the religion of the Spirit and we are all Spirits. We do not have any religion.

           The Eternal Divine Path is not a religion; it is a path. It is a crystallized path. It is the path of the Spirit, and each of these religions have a part in it.


           So, this calls you to an action, and to a commitment. It calls you to commit yourself to a process, to a life. You progress physically, mentally, and spiritually and also give yourself to a work that we have to do together. Then together we can march forward to create His True Kingdom On Earth, through living, sharing, and growing in the Communities of Light.

The End

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