The Only Logical and True Ideal Is To Create This Earth As One Country And Share All Resources, Abilities and Knowledge To Create The Ideal Environment For All.

The Mission of Maitreya is for the whole Earth.


Humanity eventually has to come to this point of realization, that their ways are not going to work. It is Gods Plan that is going to work. What is Gods Plan? Gods Plan calls for the Communities of Light, the creation of the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth: One Earth, One God, One Religion Oneness under One God.


We already see that the older systems are crumbling. There is too much stress on the systems on earth. There has never been such great stress on human systems, cultures, and people. It is no longer them 10,000 miles away from us who we have nothing to do with. It does not work that way any longer. What happens 10,000 miles away, affects us here. And whatever we do here, affects them.

So we come closer and closer, and the earth becomes smaller and smaller, in the sense of our relationships on a global level. We need a new earth, a new system. We need a new heaven. This is a new way of realizing the Spirit of God on earth. We brought the book, The Plan. We have The Map as the new earth and The Light as the new heaven. So we have brought the new earth and the new heaven on earth. Now we have to build this Body together. As we build this Body, we become stronger and stronger, and prepare ourselves for the new, as the old system starts crumbling.

We are not against the old systems. They are no longer functional. We are not revolutionaries. We are not here to make a revolution against the old systems and start trying to topple them. We have to make them realize, we are not against them. Actually their presence here is very necessary right now.


We are now in the final phase of the fulfillment of all the karma that humanity has created the last 12,000. Now is the time of complete clearance clearing these karmas.

Of course, if everyone listened to us tomorrow, we could come together and create the Kingdom. We (God, me, and the Body) brought, according to many people who read THOTH, The greatest revelation that ever came to earth.


It has been prophesied that there will be a great upheaval, which many people believe and know will start from the Middle East. This upheaval will almost divide humanity into two camps.

Of course, those who are in the Light and are working for the betterment of humanity in preparation for the coming of the Kingdom and the Communities of Light, have no fear of this upheaval, because they will be in the Communities of Light and they will help each other through these upheavals unto the end. They will not be touched with any of this.

It has been foretold that this will come. Fortunately or unfortunately, you will see the fulfillment of these prophecies right before your eyes, one right after the other. It is too complicated an issue to just simply look at it as a political game, as one religion, as a denomination or as a spiritual fulfillment.

If you separate any of them from the other, you cannot see the whole picture. God works in the whole picture with different purposes. He uses many tools, peoples and situations, to bring about His Kingdom, the end of the last era, and the beginning of the new.


God already prophesied that in the end of this era the knowledge will increase. See, He has all the knowledge we are learning now and that has been coming to humanity all along. He knows about electricity. He knows about electromagnetism. He knows about atoms. He knows about all these things. But He kept them from humanity because He did not want to give them before. They were not ready for them yet.

Now, suddenly He released them to us. Why? Because it is time for a great leap of human evolution. At the same time, because this new knowledge is creating such closeness among humans, it is also stirring a lot of upheaval. A lot of old concepts humanity wants to hang onto; these old ways are no longer appropriate.

So that is when these upheavals are created. This is the lesson humanity has to learn. This is One Earth. It is not like 10,000 or even 100 years ago, that something happens in Iraq and Iran which would not affect the United States, or something happens in South America that would not affect Russia or Europe.

We are such a small and closely knit earth right now that we have no choice but to come to this conclusion, that we are One Earth and One Family. And, there is One God for all of us. So that is why humanity is going through these birth pains. For instance, a lot of people oppose other countries. Yet, they are using their industrial products.

They have no choice; they have no escape. They say a lot of bad things about those countries but if they can get their hands on their cars, they do not mind at all. You see, they need those things. At the same time, the people who have this industrial power, need other resources from other countries.

Every nation on earth has a part (mission) to bring about the fulfillment of The Plan. For instance, the United States has been chosen for a mission. It has been clearly explained in THOTH what the mission of the United States is. And that is what it should accomplish, what it should manifest for humanity. If it does not, it will be in trouble.


The alternative to this troubled world is to raise the consciousness of humanity, with alternative ways to bring higher standards of living to everyone according to Universal Laws, not just use something for today (like aerosol) without thinking about what is its effect in the future. That is one project the Mission would eventually like to have, a research and development (R&D) wing where we study Spiritual Science.

Spiritual Science is science based on the Universal Laws and the study of the effect of every product on earth and the universe before it is released for use, because the earth keeps this polluted material in itself.


As to the matter of helping: There is no one in this planet or any other planet who cannot help. Every person can help. Every person, even a little child, can help the Mission of God. And when every bit of help is put together, it becomes a huge, incredibly powerful force. Each of us individually might be very little to help the planet or The Plan, but all of us collectively will create such a powerful force that we can do it.


Actually we are hoping we will have thousands of people roaming around the Mission and getting things done to expand ourselves, and have Missionaries all over. One Missionary comes, one Missionary goes. Fifty come, a hundred go. And one day we can just have a stream of wonderful white-wearing Missionaries all over the earth with good teachings, solid teachings, not on one level, but on all levels that all can understand.

We are on all levels. Our teaching covers all levels. Maybe that is the hard part of our teaching. It is not just, Love one another as I love you. That is a part of us, Love one another as I love you, but at the same time create the Communities of Light, create the Kingdom of Heaven On Earth, create unity.


We are asking humanity to break their bondages, to free themselves from the dogmas, from the social consciousness. It is not only social consciousness, it is intellectual consciousness, spiritual consciousness, physical consciousness, etc. There are a lot of pitfalls not only on the physical level, but also on the spiritual level. There are many, many traps even on the ethereal level that have to be broken. That is why it is said, Many are called, but few will be chosen.

Why will few be chosen? Because, breaking all these bondages is something that is not that easy. Humanity hangs onto these crutches. So we are not asking an easy task from humanity. The Eternal Divine Path and our teachings make it easy. There are people who have already gone through it. They are the ones who are the Elders.


The New Order of the Ages refers to the age when each person will be a true priest and will know the true meaning of the Laws of God and follow them, so they will be free, and the Garden of Eden (Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth) will return.

Freedom does not mean chaos and rejection of His Laws, but is to see how these Laws will bring peace, tranquility, Love, etc, and will free man from himself (his ego).

The prophecy of the teaching that will bring unity to all religions of the world is now fulfilled. It has given the system to bring the Kingdom on Earth.

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