The Fulfillment

Every Prophet Comes To Continue To Fulfill His Will. They Come Not To Destroy Other Teachings, Or Other Prophets, Or Other Messiahs, But To Continually Push The Will Of God To Be Fulfilled On Earth. The Ultimate Manifestation of this Process is the Coming of the Seventh Angel.

We know that there have been seven Prophets, seven Messiahs, and seven teachers who came one after another to purify, fulfill and advance Gods Will further to Its ultimate fulfillment, which is to realize all the seven seals on earth, all the prophecies and wonders that God sent us, and bring His Kingdom on Earth.

We are doing the same thing. We are not here to destroy anything but to fulfill, to advance, to bring Gods Will to earth more and more, and to bring His Kingdom to humanity. The Messiah never comes to destroy. He comes to destroy what is not the Will of God.


That is what every Prophet comes to do, to fulfill the Will of God. The Will of God has already been prophesied. How He is going to do it can be read all through the Bible. He told Abraham how he had to leave his parents, his house, and the land he was living in, and go somewhere else. With that He promised he would bless him and bless his children.

You know the story about Abrahams two sons. God promised that there would be a Messiah, a Prophet, a Messenger come from each of them, and each of them were going to have a kingdom, a status in the spiritual world. He fulfilled all of His promises.


The people were asking for signs instead of listening to Esas teachings and truth. Many signs were given before by many Prophets and still people did not believe in them, listen to their words, or follow the truths they revealed. Esa came, performed many miracles, and taught them the truth, but still they were asking for signs. The false ego seeks all kinds of excuses to not see the truth.

However, the only sign he gave them was the sign of prophet Jonas.

This was the only sign he gave them to witness as the sign of his authority. But even this sign has been distorted by the paganizers of Christianity in the Roman Empire, after Christianity was accepted as the state religion.

It is believed that he was crucified on Friday and rose on Sunday. However, study of the gospels shows that Christ was put in the cave (heart of the earth) in the evening. According to the belief of the majority, he was in the cave Friday night, Saturday during the day and Saturday night, and rose on Sunday morning. This would mean that he was in the heart of the earth only two nights and one day. So if we believe this (that he died on Friday night and rose Sunday morning), then Esa failed to fulfill the only sign he gave for his legitimacy.

However, if he had been crucified on Friday and stayed in the cave for three days and three nights, then he should have risen on Monday afternoon about the same time of day that he had been put into the earth.

The truth is that Mary and her companions went to the cave where Esa was laid on that Sunday morning, and found it empty. That is because he had left it the evening before on Saturday afternoon around the same time when he was put inside the cave on the day he was crucified (later than the ninth hour of the day or three oclock in the afternoon by our time standard). Therefore, he was taken to the cave on Wednesday before that Saturday and he was in the heart of the earth for three days and three nights. That is why those women who went to the cave the next Sunday morning, did not find him there.

So, he fulfilled his promise of staying in the heart of the earth for three nights and three days by being in the cave from Wednesday until Saturday afternoon, the Sabbath.

This truth, like many other truths about Christ and his teaching, was changed after Christianity became the state religion of the Romans, with acceptance by the masses in great multitudes. They accepted the basic concepts of Christianity with Christ as the Savior, but they transformed it into a new religion with many flavors of their pagan religions, especially Mithraism.

In fact, it was a part of the doctrine of Mithraism that a Savior from a virgin would come and all would be saved through him. So this part of the story of the birth of Christ matched their basic beliefs. Also they injected their own festivals and holidays into the new religion. That is why most of the Christian religious holidays have pagan origins from the Roman religions.

Sunday was the weekly holiday in which the sun god (Mithra) was worshipped, and Friday also was an exalted day. That is why a formula was created so that both Friday and Sunday stayed exalted as before. Indeed the true Christians of the east and far west in England observed Hebrew Holy days (their list is in Leviticus 23 in the Bible) until 700 A.D., and their Sabbath was on Saturday.


After Esa established the supremacy of his teachings and actions over those of the Pharisees, scribes and Sadducees, and silenced them, then he started his direct attack and his last part of the mission to show their hypocrisy. He did not speak in parables any longer but in plain language. This would do the last hurting to the false egos of the priests, elders and spiritual teachers of the people, and would make them more zealous to plot again him. Although he said the truth, they did not want to hear it.

He was trying to show that it is not the teaching of Moses which is bad or should not be followed, but is the actions of their leaders which had corrupted Moses teachings and laws. That is why what they said, which is what Moses taught, was good for a person and his spirit. But they themselves did not follow what Moses taught, for they say, and do not.

Again this shows that Christ did not come to do away with Gods Commandments and Laws. His mission was something else and he fulfilled them all.


Everything happened in Esas life, so that the prophecies would be fulfilled and Esa, as an Avatar (Emmanuel, God with us, god-man) would be born. Again God showed that He never fails to fulfill His promises, that all the prophecies eventually will be fulfilled. Humanity must and will realize that the best way is His way, and the goal and purpose of this creation is that all reach Pure Consciousness.


The Duty Of A Prophet Or Messenger Is To Give The Message; He Is Not Responsible If People Accept It Or Not!

Many believed Esa and it seemed to the priests that he was going to destroy their already established, quiet social structures. That is why they not only rejected him but put him on the cross without a cause. That was a great sin.

However, no man can stop Gods Plan. Even with putting Esa on the cross, the new teaching could not be completely suppressed and Christianity flourished.


Hebrews were selected to establish the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. But they failed in their mission. However, they should have failed because other truths in The Greatest Sign should have been revealed and many prophecies should have been fulfilled before the true Kingdom Of Heaven would come. A part of them became an example for humanity throughout history to show that whenever any person or group fails, they would be punished. After punishment when they become purified, they will be given another chance to prove themselves worthy. After they fail again they create bad karma and will be punished to be purified again. The example of the Jewish race should be a lesson for all of humanity and shows how the Law of Karma works collectively and also individually.


Christ fulfilled his mission even if it appears that the Jews did not accept him. But God keeps His promises in ways that humans cannot understand easily. The reason is very simple, because humans do not look at His universe as He sees it. He has a complete picture of everything and is guiding the whole universe toward its goal.


This truth has been said many, many times and has come to humanity many, many times. So as we reveal this truth more and people see it, accept it and embrace it, the better communities we are going to have, the better people we are going to have, and the better earth we are going to have. Eventually, after a certain percentage of humanity accepts this, the rest will easily come to terms with this truth and we will have the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

So we can see that people who resist a new revelation or teaching should not do that, because when any teaching, any Prophet, or the Messiah comes, it is not to destroy anything. They come to fulfill, they come to bring a greater beauty to humanity. They do not come to oppose.

Humanity actually opposes the revelation, or the teacher, because they want to keep their own ways. They want to resist His Way, Gods Ways. That is when they reach a point where they might even kill the Messiah. Christ was crucified. Muhammad was stoned, Bab was executed, etc. Even the Prophets of the Old Testament went through so much struggle to convey the Will of God.


In the garden of Gethsemane, Esa (Jesus) did not really want to go through the last stage, the crucifixion! He said to God, May you take this cup from me? I do not want to go through with it. That was not submission. Thy Will, not mine, is submission. But he went through it anyway. That is why when he came back the next lifetime, he brought the teaching of submission and surrendering. He learned a little more about Gods Ways.

Of course, his mission was completely different then. Each time the Messiah comes he has a different mission to perform. However, people usually realize his station after he is gone. That is why after they killed Esa, then people started loving him and being so devotional toward him.


You have to surrender yourself to the words revealed through the Prophets and follow them. The Prophet himself is important only because of what he says. So for those who put more importance on the Prophet himself than on his words which are from God, miss the whole point. They will call him Lord, Lord, but forget to follow what he said. Such a people will not enter into heaven or the Kingdom Of God In Heaven, because they have not purified themselves by following his teachings and still have big false egos. Whoever has the slightest false ego cannot enter into heaven.


Any Time A New Revelation Comes To Earth, Many Are Guided And Many Others Will Go Astray.

John taught that Christ would come to separate the good and bad, and judge between them in truth. He is the light and the truth. Those who were ready would be attracted to him and those who were not ready would be blinded by it and go far astray.


Whenever the Messiah comes, he differentiates between the chaff and the wheat. That is the prophecy. If you believe in the prophecies, all through the prophecies it has always been suggested that the chaff will be separated from the wheat when the Messiah comes. The person who has been prophesied to come will do that. So whatever the Messiah, or this Chosen Person, says is the wheat, and whatever is not according to the wheat is the chaff. It is very simple.


Even Christ knew about The Greatest Sign 2,000 years ago. He was saying the same thing: First you start awakening your spiritual forces, then you want to create an environment where they give you your fair share, then you sacrifice, then you become submissive, a universalist, pure in heart, and eventually you become a Paravipra. The Paravipra is the peacemaker, the person who wants to create the Communities of Light and the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth.

That is how peace comes to earth. At the same time there are peacemakers in the Communities of Light too. They want to bring harmony and oneness in the community.

So we can see the relationship between Christs teaching and The Greatest Sign. Going to the sixth chakra you become a peacemaker, you become a Paravipra. You go beyond mourning. You become mature.

When you are mature, you are no longer poor in spirit. You no longer mourn. You are no longer meek. You long for righteousness, but at the same time you are pure in heart. You have compassion for other people. You are pure in heart, you see God in everything. And because of that you can bring peace to others.

Then you are a leader. You are a person who can create Communities of Light, who can see the plight of other people. You do not want to be understood anymore. You understand.

Why do you want to be understood? The only person you really have to be concerned to understand you is yourself. If you understand yourself, you do not need to be understood. If you understand yourself, you understand God. Isnt that it? Know thyself to know God.

Understand yourself. Understand God. When you understand God, you become effective, you become a peacemaker. You no longer need to be understood. If you understand yourself, who cares if anyone else understands you? You understand yourself. So you become a peacemaker.


You start from the I-Ching in the horizontal position. Horizontal means not awakened. By spiritual practices you awaken your spiritual forces. Then you try to create the Communities of Light (). to create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. In order to create the Communities of Light, not being self-centered, or sacrifice, is necessary (cross-s.gif (869 bytes)). Even after sacrificing, you might become attached to your sacrifice. That is when submission (islms15c.jpg (912 bytes)) comes in. You sacrifice, yet it is really God who is doing it through you, you are not the doer.

After being submissive, you become a Universalist (baha-s.gif (97 bytes)), God is the universe. When you go through these five steps, you become an Elect (kohw-s.gif (904 bytes)), a Paravipra. Such are the people who will help the whole universe to reach Pure Consciousness. They themselves also reached Pure Consciousness (center-s.gif (899 bytes)), or are in the image of God, and they know the Will of God.


If your Soul and your Spirit understand that The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(come) Divine, And That Divinity (God) Is Everything, the way to create peace and tranquility on earth is the Communities of Light, and to create the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth, you are a Child of Light, an Elect.


Who has been persecuted? Wasnt Noah persecuted, and Adam, Moses, Muhammad, and Christ? Even King David was persecuted for awhile. He ran away and eventually returned and became King.

Who else was persecuted? Werent the disciples of Christ persecuted? The disciples of Muhammad were persecuted. The disciples of Bab were persecuted. The people who followed Noah were persecuted.

Blessed are they, because they will inherit the Kingdom. They have been chosen to inherit the Kingdom. They are the channels of God. Who would be better to inherit the Kingdom than the people who are the channels for God?

Their efforts were not wasted. Any lifetime they came, they were persecuted. They had a hard time. But each time they came, they gathered a few more people who would listen to them. So their numbers increased and increased and increased.


Why will Christ and his followers be preferred to the disbelievers? Because he and his followers were always preferred to disbelievers. They are the Elected Ones. The people who followed Christ were Elected Ones, as the people who followed Prophet Muhammad were Elected Ones.

These people have been reincarnated again and again, and each time they set the world in the right direction. After they leave, in a short period of time, humanity becomes corrupt again. So they have to come back. Each time they come back, however, some new people will be saved and reach higher consciousness. This process will continue until all understand The Plan of God and establish the Kingdom Of Heaven On Earth. That is why Christ called them the salt of the earth. Without these people, we would not even be here where we are now. That is why they are above disbelievers. They are the Elected Ones, the Divines.


Paravipras can be related to the last three stages of progress in The Greatest Sign: those who reach the sixth stage in The Greatest Sign (kohw-s.gif (904 bytes)),those who reach the seventh stage (center-s.gif (899 bytes)), but do not leave their bodies in order to help others reach Pure Consciousness (men-gods or Satgurus), and those who have reached Pure Consciousness (center-s.gif (899 bytes)) but will return to help others reach Pure Consciousness (god-men or Avatars). However, we can say the last two are Maha-Paravipras (Great Paravipras). With these Great Paravipras, other Paravipras, and His First Begotten Son, God will bring His Kingdom on earth (Daharma).

His Will, will be done on earth as it is in heaven.


In The Beginning Of The Spread Of Christianity, The Followers Of Esa Observed Gods Holy Days, But After The Romans Accepted Christianity, Their Pagan Holidays Were Christianized.

After Christianity started to flourish and was accepted by the Elected Ones, its followers were persecuted because of its depth, truth and being against the worldly interests of many. But, it could not be stopped, because of the vigorous preaching of the true gospel by Christs disciples and their willingness to sacrifice all things for their ideology.

So, many churches were founded, and with the great struggle by Christs disciples and many others, the seed of Christianity was planted.

However, as it is revealed in the books after the four gospels in the Bible (Acts, Romans, etc.) from the very beginning many false teachers wished to influence Christs teachings in one way or another (Acts 8: 1-24, Jude 4). The apostles fought vigorously with these influences and somehow established a pure ideology of Christs teachings.

These true teachings lasted about four hundred years until Christianity was accepted by Romes emperors and then by the majority of the people.

Thousands of people started to accept Christianity as their religion. But they did not want to give up their previous beliefs completely and follow Christianity wholeheartedly. Many of these people had previously followed the worshipping of the sun-god. They had many pagan ideas, festivals, holidays, etc., but their religions lacked the universal outlook. They believed in the sun-god, but Christians believed in the Father, the universal, invisible God who had complete power over the whole universe, even over the sun.

Also the concept of Christ as being born from a virgin mother (which he was) fit into the belief of the followers of Mithra (sun-god of Zoroastrians) that Mithra would be born from a virgin to save the world. Many of the Romans were followers of Mithra.

With all these factors presented, and also because of the freedom-loving and democratic ideals of the Romans, people were left to make anything they wanted out of Christianity.

The sun-god was replaced by the son of God. The Virgin Mary took the place of the Virgin Mother. The Saturday Sabbath was changed to Sunday (their day of worshipping the sun), and Gods festivals (revealed in chapter 23 of Leviticus in the Bible as Holy Days to keep for ever and ever) were replaced with pagan festivals (refer to encyclopedias about the origin of Christian festivals). In fact, Passover, the Feast of the Tabernacles, and other of Gods Holy Days, were observed by the apostles and many of their followers until about 700 A.D. Many other things were changed which cannot be found in the Bible but are now followed by many.

However, those who were to be saved by him were saved in the first four hundred years of Christianity. Those who had not been saved eventually will be after many lifetimes or in future creations.

This is, however, a historical explanation. These happenings were revealed many centuries before they occurred in the prophecies in the book of Daniel (The dream of King Nebuchadnezzar, the vision of the four beasts, and the vision of the ram and the he goat), and in The Revelation (the third church, Rev. 2:12-16).

In the visions of Daniel, the little horn, which is the symbol of the intellectualization of things, is prophesied to change the true religions the same made war with the saints (Daniel 7:21), and to try to replace the truth by believing that the intellect of man is superior to all things (read Commentaries on Prophecies in Daniel, Period of Intellectual Domination in THOTH).

Also, in The Revelation, the last book of the Bible, in the message to the third church (which is the third sign in The Greatest Sign, the cross), it is revealed that in this church there are still some who hold the doctrine of Balaam,(Rev. 2:14). The doctrine of Balaam is the pagan ideas and festivals which entered into this third church.

So God had revealed many centuries before what will happen in the future. Now it is time for the human to see the limits of his intellect and understandings, then surrender himself to God and the words revealed through His Prophets, and overcome the confusion between them by understanding The Greatest Sign. Then the glory of God will be realized and His Kingdom will come on earth as it is in heaven.


Actually the first Christians celebrated the Holy Days of God for 700 years, until Christianity became accepted by the Roman Empire. The Romans were sun worshippers. Even their hairstyle was like the sun. And they had a god for every element in the universe.

So, the return of the sun became the birthday of the Son of God (equinox), which is not the truth, because Esa was not born at this time. As we remember, the shepherds were in the mountains with their sheep then. In the East, people do not keep their sheep out in the desert in such cold weather. They usually put them in special stables to keep them warm during the winter. The weather should have been pretty nice and warm that they had their sheep with them in the mountains. So most probably Esa was born either in spring or late in the summer or fall. There is no way that he was born at this time of year.

And I do not think he ever talked about Santa Claus either. Some of these ideas come from North Europe, like Santa Claus comes from North Europe, because they receive less and less daylight. Actually they reach a point where the nights are very long and the days are very short. So the return of the long days (sun) was celebrated. Most of the ideas of Santa Claus living in the North Pole and these myths came from the Northern part of Europe.

About having a white Christmas well, we are not having a white Christmas here. It is pretty dry here. These ideas all came from northern Europe, which always has snow this time of the year. So if we make the people think about it, then they realize this holiday is not really related to any spiritual significance. It is all man-made.

But because we are so engrossed in our tradition, our country or our religion, our concepts are so narrow that we cannot let go of them. Oh, you mean we are not going to celebrate Christmas? We are not going to give presents? Or we are not going to put ornaments on the trees? It is such an awful thing, we cannot even think about not doing that.

They had the same type celebrations in the culture I came from. They did not celebrate Christmas but they had something similar. However, in order to create unity for humanity, in order to bring God into our midst we have to let our traditions, our concepts, our narrow views go. We have to completely eradicate those kinds of feelings, go beyond them and say, OK, I know where they come from, I have to forego them and I have to follow God, because that is the Will of God.


When the religion becomes dogma, what happens? That Message dies. The dead body is going to be lying there but the followers will just be clinging to the dead body and saying, Oh, no. Our body has been fragmented to many different sects and religions and denominations, and every denomination or sects says, I have the answer.

How many denominations do we have in Christianity? We have 200 and some. How many sects do we have in the Jewish religion? How many do we have in Islam? We have the Shiites. We have the Sunnis, Hanaphies. How many do we have in Hinduism or in the Bahai Faith? Even the Bah's split in the 1970s. And there are still the Babis in the Middle East who follow the Bab instead of Bah'u'llh. They say Bab was the Prophet, not Bah'u'llh.

So we say, Which one is right, which sect is right? Is the Mission of Maitreya also going to split in many sects and different denominations? Again, we have the opportunity to not let it happen. It could, but we have to take the opportunity to stop it.

` ***

Then again either, they have to celebrate the Messiahs birthday as he came again and again, or they have to say, We do not want to celebrate the Prophets birthday, we want to celebrate Gods Holy Days. Then they have to forego birthday celebrations. If they want to follow Gods Will, God says, These are my Holy Days, you keep them Holy forever. Then they will forget about their birthdays, holidays and Prophets birthdays, and they will keep the Holy Days of God.


Collective thought can exist. For instance, everyone who believes that Christ is the only way, creates a concept of his own. This collective belief or thought creates a religion. We have collective thoughts of those who live in a nation, race, philosophy, etc. Each of them create their own collective thought form. These are sub-collective thought forms to the Universal Thought Form.

The greatest thought form of course, is the Universal Thought Form. God is Thought Form, which is the lower creation to His Highest Ideal. Any other subliminal thought forms are still separate from this Universal Thought Form. When you expand yourself to realize His Thought Form, these other small groups or collective forms are dissolved.

It is like the vision Arjuna had of Krishna in His Universal Form. God was unaffected, a witness entity to His creation, which are His Thought Forms, but Arjuna could not bear such a vast drama of creation being created, destroyed, etc.

So do not be trapped in small groups or subliminal thought forms. Realize God in His Fullest.


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