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The Messiah Is the One Who Fulfills The Prophecies Of His Coming.

When the Jews found out that their customs and beliefs were so diluted that they no longer had the original foundation, the people started to long for a Messiah to guide them to the right path. That is when the coming of the Messiah was prophesied by many Prophets.

So the expectation arose, and many prophecies came to the Jews in symbolic language. They created expectations and concepts of how the Messiah should be and in what manner he would come. Even in this aspect there was not a common agreement between different groups.


We see there are a lot of prophecies in the Bible about the coming of the Christ, Esa. Christians always refer to that part of the Bible for the legitimacy of Esa being the Christ, the Expected One, the one for whom they were waiting.

We also see in Genesis that when God talked with Abraham, God said, You are going to have a son by the name of Isaac. Abraham fell in front of God and said Let Ishmael be blessed. He did not believe that he was really going to have another child when he was 99 years old and his wife was 90 years old. He did not really think he was going to have a child. So he was asking God, Let Ishmael be blessed, do not worry about another child. You know I am not going to have another child. Anything you want to give to a new child, just give it to Ishmael.

And God said, He is already blessed. God gave a lot of blessing and a lot of territory to Abram, before his name was changed to Abraham. After He gave these promises, Abram had a son by the name of Ishmael from Hagar. And then He changed the name of Abram to Abraham, and He changed the same of Sarai to Sarah. Then He promised him another son, and promised him new land for his second son Isaac.


God promised Abraham that He would give two gifts to his children. One was a kingly spiritual domination (scepter) and the other material property as the birthright. These two gifts as promised were inherited from Abraham to Isaac, and then to Jacob (Israel). At the time of his death, Jacob separated these inheritances and gave the scepter (kingly spiritual domination and lawgiving) to Judah. The birthright was given to Joseph and his seed.

That is why the great king of the Children of Israel, King David, is from the tribe of Judah, and also Esa, the King of the Jews (House of Judah) is from the same tribe. Abraham is the father of all the Hebrews, so he is the father of Esa also, and David was the king and father of Judah, so he is also the father of Esa. That is why Esa who became Christ is the son of David, the son of Abraham.

However, as Christ himself said to the Pharisees in Matthew Chapter 22, verses 42-45:

Saying, what think ye of Christ? Whose son is he?They Say unto him, The son of David.He saith unto them, How then doth David in spirit call him Lord, saying, The Lord said unto my Lord, Sit thou on myright hand, till I make thine enemies thy footstool? If David then call him Lord, how is he his son?

No one could answer this question. But what is the answer? The answer is that Christ, or the First Begotten Son of God who became Pure Consciousness (Christ Consciousness), was in the world even before the creation of this manifested world. So spiritually he could not be the son of any mortal man, not even David or Abraham. However, in a fleshy sense, he was born from a mother with Jewish ancestry and from the tribe of Judah. Christ also is a consciousness, and a person.

Also Esa was conceived from a virgin, so in truth his birth was a miracle and no worldly man could claim that he was his father. He was in Pure Consciousness even before coming to this world. He came to the earth as an Avatar (god-man). That is why he is called Emmanuel (God with us). But even an Avatar does not know he is a god-man until later on in his life when he realizes himself and understands his mission.

Furthermore, Christ was incarnated as the first Adam who guided other humans to the path of the spirit (path of Pure Consciousness) and later on as Noah, and Abram (Abraham). In fact, as God had promised to Abram (Abraham), and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed, the only way that all families of the earth could be blessed is by Abram (Abraham) being incarnated in so many different nations and situations, and bringing the truth and blessing to them. So whoever any nation or people consider as their father or the one who brought to them the blessings, is none other than Christ. God never fails in His promises.


God also told Abraham that his son Ishmael was blessed. We see the children of Ishmael are whom? They are the Arabs, and they have a great territory, stretching from Arabia all the way to the end of North of Africa, and it goes to the Straight of Gibraltar where the Mediterranean connects to the Atlantic Ocean.

So God promised two things to Abram and Abraham. He promised a territorial promise and a kingship, or scepter. The territory of Isaac went to the Children of Israel. And as we said, their king, who eventually manifested as the highest kingship with spiritual power, was Christ, Esa.

He gave the same promises for Ishmael. That territory is where the Arabs live, and their highest spiritual authority came from Muhammad, their Prophet.

So you see, if you go through the prophecies in the Bible for the coming of the Christ, you see also there are promises and prophecies for the coming of Muhammad. So God promised to two, both sons of Abram(Abraham), that they were going to have a territory, and they were going to have a kingly dominating spiritual force coming from them.

If the Arabs and the Christians and the Jews realize that, we can see we would have more than half of humanity blessed through Abram(Abraham) and his two sons. If they can become one by just realizing these prophesies from God and their fulfillment, then they can realize the rest of The Greatest Sign also is from God. It explains and clarifies those things that humanity has not yet realized.

If they do realize this, what do we have? We have unity. We have converted humanity to that for which they pray. So we have conversion. They will be converted to see the whole Truth of the unification of all the religions together.

Of course, you need some expansion of the mind. You have to be prepared for it. If you are a completely dogmatic Christian, you do not want to hear about this. But that is OK. The human situation, I hope, will become better, but it is first going to become worse. Humans eventually have to reach a point to see that what we are trying to tell them is the truth, and they have no choice but to be(come) unified.


The Name Jesus Is Not The Real Name Of The Man Who Preached The Gospels Two Thousand Years Ago. There Is No J In Hebrew, And He Was A Hebrew.

All those who have studied the name Jesus and its origin agree with one thing: That it is not his original name. The most common explanation is that Jesus is the Greek form (equivalent) of the Hebrew name Yshua. In Latin the Y is pronounced J. How the rest of the name -shua was transformed to -esus, there seems to be no reliable explanation on earth.


So, if his real name was not Jesus, what was his name? He had two names. One was his sacred name, which is the name of the Messiah ( ). The Messiah always knows his sacred name. As it is not pronounceable, we put the Hebrew equivalent for it. The Jewish people never uttered the name of the Lord. If they uttered the name of the Lord, they would be stoned to death because they knew the real name of God cannot be pronounced. So anything you call God on earth, is not His name.

It has been revealed to us that the name Jesus comes from Zeus. The Je (Jay sound) means victory, and the seus means the god Zeus. Have you ever heard about Zeus, the Greek god? After Christianity was accepted in the Roman Empire, the name of Esa, which was the earthly name of Jesus, was changed to Jay (victory to) Zeus. Jay means victory. Zeus means the god Zeus or victory to Zeus. So his name became Jesus.

In the East, people know Jesus as Esa, Esa the Christ. Even in the writings about Christ that they found in a monastery in India, the name has been referred to as Esa.


Similar sounding names also can be found in Hebrew, such as Esau and Isaiah. In Arabic and other close neighbors to them (such as Persia), he is also called Esa. That is why whenever the name Jesus is used in our literature to identify him for the western audience, the name Esa is also included to let them know his true birth name.

Therefore, his earthly name was Esa and his sacred name, which cannot be pronounced, is written in Hebrew with the five letters ( ). That is why we use that as his sacred name and Esa as his earthly name. Jesus never was his name.

So that fulfills another prophecy that, Many will come and tell me that we cast out devils in your name. And I say, I know you not, you are the worker of iniquity, because they are not really using his name () to cast out the devil. They are invoking the name of Zeus to cast out the devils. So that is why he told them, No, I do not accept your work. Your work is not done in my name. You are casting out the devils not in my name, but in the name of others.


The Sacred Name was also known in Islam. In a story about Muhammad, someone asked him, how many names does God have? He answered 3000. Of these, 2,999 are revealed to humanity. The One which is kept secret is His Sacred (Holy) Name.

The creative energy (the movement felt within when repeating The Holy Name or The Word silently inside) created by the words (when the Name of the Father and Son merge as One) is the Mother (The Holy Ghost).


In the prayer, In the Name of the Father, the Son and The Holy Ghost, the Name of the Son is used in the middle between The Father and The Mother to show that he is the mediator to manifest them in the manifested universe.

Without the Son, the qualities of The Father and The Mother would remain un-manifested!


There Has Never In History Been A Messenger, Prophet, Or Son Of God That Was Not Born From An Earthly Mother.

The expectation that He will come from the sky (heaven) is true. But sky or heaven means Pure Consciousness. He comes from Pure Consciousness. He is an Avatar.

Cloud means confusion. Whenever the earth becomes weak and confusion prevails, His Spirit will rise on earth (Bhagavad Gita 4:7).


Look at every Great Prophet. Moses, Abraham, Muhammad, Christ, etc., all were born from a woman. They were raised in the society. They were apparently regular people. Suddenly they realized their mission and then the message became the most important thing in their lives.


After Esas spiritual eye was opened, his true struggle in overcoming the power of the tama guna started. That is why he was led to the wilderness, which is a symbol for the turbulent, uncontrollable mind. In this wilderness of his turbulent consciousness, he started the greatest battle in his life, the battle of overcoming the lower nature which leads man to all kinds of attractions, desires, attachments, greed, or Maya. John opened his eyes but it was Esa himself who should have to overcome.

In the Bible (Matthew Chapter 3), it is after Esa overcame the temptations of evil that he again became Christ. He has to overcome in every lifetime in order for him to recognize his Christhood.


Never has a Savior come who has saved all instantly, and never will there be. It is the wishful thinking of the childish character who believes this. Each person has to grow the Savior can show the way but it is you who has to walk it.

It is like a seven year old child to say, why doesnt his Father, who is the head of the university, just give him a doctorate degree without him going through all the years of training in school, high school, etc.? We are here to learn many lessons. No one can be saved until he or she is ready.


The difference between the man Esa (Jesus) and the Christhood of Esa was that Esa was an Avatar (god-man). He was god because he had come from Pure Consciousness. He was man because he was in the body. That is why he called himself a son of God (god) and also a son of man (man).

In his Divine state he was Christ and in his human body he was the man Esa (Jesus).


Because Esa was born an Avatar (from Pure Consciousness to flesh) he remembered very well that the goal of the life is to be(come) Divine, and one of the ways to reach this goal is to follow and live, by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. By following His Will, then the substance will be provided.

A man who only lives for bread (physiological and safety needs) is found in his first chakra and cannot emerge from being earthbound.


All of the things happened in Esas life, such as the wise men coming, Herod being informed of the child so that he was aroused, and then Mary and Joseph being forced to go to Egypt, so that the prophecies by the prophet were fulfilled.

Also, by Esa and his family moving to Egypt, they came in touch with the Egyptian spiritual knowledge and were influenced by it.


Esa went to Persia, to Pakistan, to India, to Tibet and he studied with all the people there. Actually if you look at the teaching of Esa, it sounds very much like Krishnas teaching in the Bhagavad-Gita: I am the way and whoever comes to me will reach the Father-God. It is very, very similar. When you read the New Testament and the Bhagavad-Gita, you see so much similarity there. It is the same Spirit.


I do not believe that he really studied much. He just picked up from the Spirit. He was their revealer for many lifetimes! The doctors were saying, This twelve year old boy knows a lot. He knew, not of the book. I do not think anyone can learn all these things by reading only, but the Spirit of the Father comes through him, and tells him the truth.


Esa The Christ came as the expected Messiah. He came in a humble way and preached the gospel of the Kingdom Of Heaven to the Jews. But they expected him to come from the cloud and in the way which had been symbolically described by the Prophets. So the Jews, because of their concepts, did not accept him as the Expected One.

He also thought differently than the beliefs of the Pharisees and the scribes of the Jews. This created a barrier for the Jews to follow him. The Jews were waiting for the Messiah to come and purify their religion. When he came and tried to break those misconceptions and purify it, they started to resist him. That is always a great obstacle when any new teaching comes to humanity. The concepts of previous religious leaders become a barrier to accepting the new teachings.

The reasons for the difference in the teachings of the Prophets are twofold, for the same reasons: (1) because the mission of each Prophet is different, and (2) because the consciousness of the human is in a higher level at the time of the new teacher than when the previous Prophet came. That is why Christ said, You do not put new wine into the old skin. Also if the Messiah comes and teaches what the people already know, then what is the need for his coming?


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