The Miracles

Esa Himself Did Not Want To Make People Believe In Him Because Of His Miracles, But Because Of His Teachings.

However, in order to make people believe in him, miracles were used. As history has shown, people become so attached to the miracles of the Prophet that they forget about the teachings. Miracles are for those who do not understand the reason behind how they are manifested. For he who knows the Laws behind all things, there is no miracle, and all things are miracles!


Christ knew that the only way to make people in that era and level of consciousness believe in him was by healing them and performing miracles. But for the people of this time and of the era to come, the teachings of the Prophets should become more important than the Prophets themselves, or their miracles. Each man has to learn to heal himself.

It was not important for Christ that he healed the people. Instead, he desired to see that the people would follow the Laws and glorify the Father. He did great actions but took no pride for them, because it is He who did these through him.


He taught the teachings of The Kingdom to his disciples, not to the people, because the multitudes were only interested in favors and miracles, not the truth.


Instead of meditating on and contemplating the evidence that the coming of the Messiah was imminent, and then listening to Esas teachings and seeing the truth behind them, the people were resisting him and the truth he had brought. Even with all his miracles and truth he taught, they still wanted more evidence. In reality most humans do not want to hear the truth. Many love darkness, because the Light blinds them.


Christ looked and saw how people were lost like sheep with no shephard. But he was alone and few could understand him, and even fewer were able to depart and teach the truth he was trying to spread. That is why he felt such a compassion toward the people who needed to be guided, yet very few could do that, "the laborers are few".

That is why humanity should have waited, so that through many lifetimes of progress there would be more laborers ready to guide others to the truth, "that he will send forth laborers into his harvest". The harvest time is NOW. Many laborers will be ready to guide the sheep to the goal of the life.


History Has Shown That Miracles Do Not Make Better Believers.

The Mission Of Maitreya blends everything into it and dissolves it into ourselves so it becomes one with us instead of opposing it. It just becomes one with the energy.

For example, the Hindu religion is so powerful that if you really understand it, then you understand other Scriptures. If you do not know about the Mystical Paths, when you read the Bible, it is very hard to explain. When Christ said, "Take your bed and go home", everyone wonders what he meant. Or he said, "Your sins are forgiven, now you are healed", and everyone says, "It is very hard to see the relationship between forgiving sin and being healed".

But if you know the Law of Karma and Samskaras, that our diseases and our problems are mostly related to our previous lifetimes, and the sins and karma we created, and because of that this person is blind, or this person cannot walk, then when we read the Bible and it says, "You can walk because your sins are forgiven," you can completely understand what Christ was talking about.

He was talking about your karma is taken away from you. You do not have any karma anymore. So you do not have to have disease any longer. So the man took his bed and went home.

Of course, Christ realized later on that if he healed other people, they do not learn how to heal themselves. That is why later on he said, "When the unclean spirit goes out of the body, he goes and finds seven more and says, Hey, the house is clean, let us go back, and the state of the person is worse than it was before." Still the person was the same person. He did not know how to heal himself. If he knew, Christ would not have to heal him. That is why the state of the person became worse than it was before.

Now, we are trying to teach every person to heal himself. If you learn how to heal yourself, when that spirit goes out, he cannot say, "The house is empty, we can go and find seven more and go back." If you are able to force the first one out, you can force the seven others out too.

That is why we are not preaching very much about the healing that a lot of people are either doing, or are after. A couple of healers came to the Mission and talked about the people they had healed, and later on these people because worse because they did not know how to do it themselves.

As long as you do not know how to do it, that spirit is going to come back. Maybe that spirit is afraid of me, but he is not afraid of you. It is going to come back later on with even greater force. So that does not work.


Also as long as a sick person does not believe he is sick, he does not go to the doctor. But when he realizes he is sick, then he seeks medical care. That is also true about the human. As long as they think they are not sinners (are not ignorant), they do not feel they need a Savior who can take them away from ignorance to the Light (knowledge).

That is why the publicans and sinners went to Christ to hear his words, but the scribes and Pharisees who also were ignorant but unaware of it, did not go to him. They had created a big false ego so they could not see the Light in Christ.

Also, many would do much sacrifice and go through different penances but did not have any mercy toward other humans. That is why Christ said, "I will have mercy, and not sacrifice." That is, the goal of sacrifice and penance, etc., is to become merciful toward the lost souls and try to help them out of ignorance, not to forsake the society and become an escapist.


A lot of people want someone to heal them. They do not want to learn how to heal themselves. They do not want to learn their lessons.

That is why we are here, to learn our lessons. If we do not learn our lessons, what good is it to be healed for a month, or two, or three months, and later we become even worse than we were before? That is why I say, "You have to learn to heal yourself."

That is the healing power of the Golden Age. In the Golden Age, the age coming, we increase our understanding of how our bodies, how our minds, how this energy works. Because we understand, and because we create the ability to deal with this karmic energy, the unclean spirit cannot affect us. So we can free ourselves from this burden, this negativity.


Well, if I can heal, so can you. If Esa could heal a lot of people, so could those people heal themselves. One of the problems with one person healing another person is, the person who heals opens the aura of the other person and forces the impurity out of it. The person who is healed did not learn anything. Also, because their auras are opened, even greater impurities might enter later on ("seven more spirits").

However, if they can learn how to heal themselves, then they can block the negativity from themselves, and we will have much healthier and happier people rather than a few people being burdened to heal many. And that is why in this lifetime we are trying to heal the earth instead of healing individuals.


You want miracles? Look at your hand. Miracles are everywhere a miracle is happening every moment. Just look at the birth of a child. That is a miracle. The entire body of a woman is completely transformed, and she is changed hormonally just to create that child. Who knows what hormone needs to be in what time of period of the birth to make the child come to that certain age? How does the body know that when you are 14 or 15 years old it is the time for puberty?

There is something there that creates all this. You say it is genetic but there is a Spirit behind genes that does that. Genes are just a mathematical equation that is created with the Greater Mind. Genes are a computer program. But there should be a programmer behind the program itself. So look at these miracles. Miracles are the simplest things. And God is in the simplest thing in life.


A true believer sees miracles all around himself or herself. Such a person looks at his hands, eyes, others, nature, the events in his life, universe, etc. and sees all as a miracle from God. These are sufficient for the true believers.

Other miracles, such as healing, which are sought by many, are miracles to them because they do not know the principles behind them. If they become a channel for God, these miracles are the birthright of every individual.


As the consciousness of the human rises, there will be fewer demands for miracles and emphasis will be more on teaching and understanding the realities of the spiritual world. In the past, many miracles were shown in order to awaken the low consciousness of the regular humans and to develop belief in an Unseen Power. However, the human with a higher consciousness in this age does not need to be shown miracles. He can look at his body, universe, and all things and see the hand of the Invisible Power.

Also, people usually put their attention on the miracles performed by the Prophet or on his personality, and they forget the true teaching and depth of his revelations. That is why those who are ready for the realization of the truth behind the realities of the spiritual world do not need miracles, and those who will not believe, will not believe even after they are shown the miracles, as it has happened in the past. Listen to His Voice in your Heart!


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