The Return

As God Has Declared In The Book Of The Revelation (The Last Book In The Bible), His Work Will Remain A Mystery Until The Time Of The Seventh Angel.

"But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel,the mystery of God should be finished,..."

(Rev. 10:7)


Two-thousand years ago, when Christ was on earth, He taught a prayer, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven We now have given the fulfillment of that prayer. As you see in the prayer, it does not say, Your Kingdom come in heaven. It is already established there. And it does not say, Your Kingdom come within us, which He also preached, The Kingdom of Heaven is within you, somewhere else in the scriptures.

The emphasis is also that His Kingdom comes on earth, on earth in the whole earth not to only a portion of the earth.


God wants to be the King. There should be a focus to unify all to His Kingdom. So that is why the question of the Messiah, or the coming of the King, or the coming of the Promised One comes in. If you realize the Kingdom of Heaven within you, and you realize that God is the King of the universe, then you are close to His Will. And if you are close to His Will, then you realize that His Will has come through The Greatest Sign, through THOTH and through the Mission. With this realization you will see who Maitreya is, who the Messiah is, who the Promised One is.


If you look at the Scriptures you will see, in the Bhagavad-Gita, in the Puranas, in the Koran, in the Buddhist teachings, in the Christian teaching, in the Jewish teaching, in the Bahai teaching, in all the religions, they are supported by the revelations from God. And in all those religions the concept of the Messiah, in many different languages, is revealed. They all believe in a being as the Chosen One who will come to separate the chaff from the wheat. He is God manifested. God always manifests Himself on earth.

And when does He come? Look at the Bhagavad-Gita which says, Whenever the morality is low and the people start going astray from God, my Spirit arises on earth in order to establish righteousness.


As Christ said, You look at the day and you see it is fair and the sky is red. You know it is going to be a fair night. They asked him about the signs. They were looking for signs and miracles over and over again. He had already done many miracles but still the people were asking him about the signs.

He said, You do not really need signs. Only the generation of vipers, and the people who are not connected to God, ask for signs, not the people who really want to know the truth. See, the person who is aware of his environment and of the time, by looking at the time, can see that all the signs are there that this earth needs something new. It is in bad shape. Everyone is trying to bring the Golden Age, to reach somewhere different than what has been already tried and failed. So we can see all the signs are there, that humans are ready for another leap in evolution, an evolutionary leap.

All the Scriptures, if you read them, prophesy that there is going to be an end time, not in a sense that everything is going to end, but the old era is going to finish and the Golden Era is going to approach. In every religion and every teaching you look at they are talking about theGolden Age, a time that will come when everyone is going to connect back to God.

That is why we can look at the earth right now and see the signs that are all over. There are wars. There is strife. There are purifications. Cultures are mixing with cultures. People are not satisfied with their own religions any longer. Either they are not satisfied, or they are becoming dogmatic about them and are trying to convert other people, not with love, understanding and bringing greater truth to them, but by buying them, fighting them, or overpowering them. The people of every religion want to convert the whole earth to their own ideology and religion.

So which religion is going to make it? Is everyone going to become Christian? Is everyone going to become Jewish, or Moslem, or Hindu? They have been here for thousands of years.

But there is religion and there is the truth. That truth is what is going to unify humanity, not religion. And all these religions that have come, according to our teaching, have a part in The Greatest Sign.


The Only Sign Christ Gave For His Ultimate Return Was That He Will Come In The Name Of The Lord.

The Holy Name of the Lord ( yaweh.gif (110 bytes)) is in him, and he ( yahshwah.gif (121 bytes)) is in the Holy Name of the Lord. This Sacred Name of the Lord is the only name of the Lord which cannot be pronounced or uttered in the manifested (material) world. It is the Name of the Son ( yahshwah.gif (121 bytes)), who comes in the Name of the Father ( yaweh.gif (110 bytes)) as One, The Word ( yaweh.gif (110 bytes)/( yahshwah.gif (121 bytes)).

He will not be recognized (accepted) by everyone. He will be accepted only by those who recognize him, see that he is Blessed (Blessing), and they will also Bless him and will be Blessed, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.


We are now in the last phase of the fulfillment of all the karma that humanity has created the last 12,000 years. Now is the time of complete clearance clearing these karmas.

Of course, if everyone listened to us tomorrow, we could come together and create the Kingdom. We brought, according to many people who read THOTH, The greatest revelation that ever came to earth.

The prophecy of the teaching that will bring unity to all religions of the world is fulfilled. It has given the system to bring the Kingdom On Earth. Still people will not participate. They will not join because they say, No, I have my own illusion. I have my own idea. I am a channel of this entity or I am a channel of that person. Or I have my children. I have my wife. I have my husband, my wedding, my mortgage to pay

Just like 2,000 years ago, Esa said, Come to the wedding and participate. They said, No, we have our own things to do. They did not want to listen. They even crucified Him. Yet, could they stop His mission? No, they could not stop His mission. He went on and it manifested itself anyway.


Some say, If Esa comes this time, we are going to follow him. We are not going to let him be crucified again. Here we have brought this teaching that has given all the answers and then we receive a letter, No man has all the answers. We are not presenting a man. We are presenting the Father. We present God. God has all the answers. He knows how all this should be.

It is just like in the time of Muhammad. They looked at him as a person he walked, he talked, he sat, he slept, he ate so how could it be? How could he, a person, have all the answers? How could he become a Prophet of God?

Muhammad said, God never sent any Prophet who did not speak, eat, talk or walk. It is the same thing. We have these problems. So humans have their own concepts of all these problems. That is why they have to go through these purifications, so they come to this conclusion, Yes, this is the answer.


It is now the time that the Lamb (the spirit of the truth, or the one who has reached higher consciousness, or the Christ, or the ( yahshwah.gif (121 bytes)) who overcame the lower nature and was slain, and then knew the reality behind this universe) marries with his wife, which is the real way and the truth of higher consciousness. And, Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb. Blessed are those who understand this truth. They will be in higher consciousness and will be called to the supper of the Lamb (which means they will be in Pure Consciousness).

The truth which comes to the earth is the marriage ceremony of the Lamb, because that is what Christ, the spirit of truth, the Soul of the human, wants to see established on earth. When it comes, those who have been invited to it have overcome their lower natures and are in their higher natures. These will be blessed.


The first step is to realize (recognize) the Messiah ( yahshwah.gif (121 bytes)) and the second is to proclaim Him. The third one is one hundred percent commitment to Him and His Mission.

When a person recognizes Him and proclaims Him, such a person accepts the greatest responsibility which is to Be(come) One with the Body of Christ. You first realize Him with the Heart, then proclaim Him with the mouth.

It is then that a period of great testing follows. This is to see how much the Heart and mouth are One. God does not accept lukewarmness, so then because thou are lukewarm,I will spue thee out of my mouth. (Rev. 3:16). The Heart must be 100% One with the mouth! Such a person then is no longer a separate ego but a part of the body of the The Messiah and a channel for Him (Most High). They are One (Not my will, but thine!).


Two thousand years ago, Esa came and chose twelve people. What did they do? They went out and said, We have found the Messiah. And that was enough to build a fire that burned all through the earth. That is all they did, We have found the Messiah. That is what those who are one with their Essence also have to say. They know the Kingdom within and realize this is the answer to human problems and everything that they have been praying for.

We have found the Messiah. They do not have to go to the streets and yell, We have found the Messiah. They would probably be put in the madhouse. They can start from their families. They can start from their friends. They can start from those people who will listen to them. Also, present them the truth, present them the unification and the unifying force behind The Greatest Sign, behind THOTH, behind the teaching.

The Body is also here as a symbol of the manifestation of Gods Will. You want to know His Will? That is what the Messiah is for He comes to earth to say, This is my Fathers Will. Do it. Esa came and said, This is what the Father wants from you. But the Jews rejected him which was in the Plan, that was to happen, as is explained in our teachings.

So that is His Will. Have you come here to do Gods Will? If you have and if you realize that our teaching is His Will, then you have a great responsibility to become a part of the Body and to proclaim Him Yes, the Messiah is here. Of course, you do not have to accept it if you do not want. It is the free will of humanity to accept and accelerate the coming of the Kingdom, or reject and decelerate Its coming. There is no other way. That is the way to proclaim that we love the Lord.


Become a fisher of men. Let all know that you have found the Messiah, the Mehdi (Muhammad), the expected Buddha (Maitreya), the Christ (yahshwah.gif (121 bytes)), the Prince of Peace (Kumar=prince), etc. Then we might unify All under One Banner of Salvation (The Greatest Sign). That is how you can serve Maitreya and become an instrument to spread this teaching.

As you spread the Word, you might find good soil to plant the seed of Maitreyas teachings. Then gradually each seed will grow into a mighty tree to give plenty of fruit, some thirty, some seventy, some a hundredfold. This will lead to the fulfillment of The Plan. Those who have been prepared like you are just waiting for the call. They also will see answers to their questions, as you did, in Maitreya and His teachings.


A lot of people hear about our teachings in this lifetime and are touched. Probably that was enough for them for the time being. The next lifetime they come back, they are cleansed in the period when they have not been on earth. When they come back they have already been touched by the Message, and they will come and become the champions of the cause and the Message.

But for us, those who really want to do the Will of God now, we have to be more discerning, more able to look at things and evaluate them. We cannot just accept anything offered to us but we must clearly look at it and say, Is this really a part of Gods Plan, is it really His Will, is it a part of what He has demanded us to do? Or is this just my ego, or my tradition, or my own way that I want it to be done? As more and more we accept what He said, we will see the benefit of it.


So, as Esa said, do not be worried about what you say. When the time comes my Father will put the words in your mouth, and you will say things that you know it is not you who is saying them. It is the Father. That is how the Spirit of the Father works right now with us, with the Mission.

When missionaries go out and open their mouths, the more pure a channel they become, the more submissive they become to the Message and let their egos go more and more, they will manifest greater works, and the Word from The Father will come through them. That is going to have a greater effect on others because they will see that The Father is coming through them. That is how that flame is going to kindle a lot of other candles. And each candle lit can kindle many others.

So we really need the people who have been kindled first. If there is no kindling, there is no fire. No matter how good or beautiful our teaching is, or how many prophecies we tell them are fulfilled, the only thing they are going to say is Why him?

You tell them, But who then?


The End

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