Paravipras Are Developed Physically, Mentally and Spiritually

Paravipras take care of their physical bodies, not that they just look good or anything like that, but they are strong, they are healthy, and they can do the Will of God. Mentally they progress, with intellectual understanding, reading, thinking, and being in touch with the current events of the earth and the universe. And spiritually they meditate, they discern, they understand God, and they try to understand the reality behind the spiritual aspect of the universe.

For example, they can look at the mountains and they see how wonderfully God created a way of irrigation. The mountains and the snow are not only something to be appreciated as, Oh, they are wonderful, beautiful, the big snow-capped mountains. What a wonderful sight! They also realize that God froze the water and put it at the top of the mountains, and then it melts little by little and sends the water to the valley to irrigate the land. They say, Wow, what an Engineer! What a wonderful Mind behind this universe!

See, even God is an intellectual Being. He has such a nice Intellect. He sat there and intelligently analyzed, How can we irrigate this earth in a better way? He created the mountains and put the snow at the top.

They look at the birth of a child and see a miracle, the hand of God. They look at another person and see their eyes, their hands, their feet, their bodies those things cannot be by chance. There is a wonderful Engineer sitting behind all this.

They meditate in themselves and see the Spirit in themselves moving. What is a person without the Spirit? It is an inanimate thing, it falls, it can do nothing by itself. It just stays there, we call it dead.

The moment it is dead, what happens? God has created bacteria to make it spoil and decompose to finer elements. Then He used the earth and made those elements to create something more complex, and on and on.

They can see again, that there is some Great Mind behind it all, and even the germs and destructive elements in the universe are not bad. They break the more complex elements into the more simple elements so He can use them again and again in the universe.

They can see that everything in the universe is good because God created them so that these things happen and the universe would be self-sustaining.

So Paravipras can spiritually and intellectually understand the hand of God in the universe, and they can say, Yes, God exists. God is there. The Spirit is there.


Such people can even give intellectual reasons for the existence of God! Independent thinking does not mean to create chaos, or to be weird. It is the ability to search and come up with the truth behind any situation based on the facts and evidence that support them. But, of course, The Grace of God is the highest teacher.


We need a good strong physical body in order to manifest God. Manifesting God in a higher level takes a lot of energy. It is easier not to be in touch with the Spirit and the higher level of the Spirit. Probably the people who get in touch with God do not live as long as the people who are not connected to God, because the people who are connected to God are letting a higher energy go through the same wire.

Our bodies are just like a wire. If the wire is supposed to take 100 volts, and you let it take 220 volts, what is going to happen? That wire is going to be used faster than if it is supposed to have 100 volts and we let it only take 60 volts. 60 volts does not bother that wire too much.

Spiritual people who are connected to God have to take care of their physical bodies in even a greater level. And they are more sensitive too. If the food is not good, it bothers them more than the people who do not know their bodies. That is why we meditate, we rest on Saturdays (the Sabbath), we fast, we eat good food from the vegetable garden that we have, and we do yoga and meditation.

All these things are to keep the body strong to bring a greater wire for God so we can let His Spirit come through us.


So, Paravipras have strong bodies, physically they are strong, mentally they keep themselves alert, and spiritually they are in touch, because physically, mentally, and spiritually all have to progress together.

There should be a balance between the three. If there is not, again you become an unbalanced person. It is possible to be physically strong, but mentally weak, like the people who go and pump in the gyms all the time because they want to get big muscles, large bodies, etc. But spiritually they may be very weak.

If you just do sports, sports, sports, you become physically strong, but your mind and your spirit become completely forgotten. You become a very aggressive person. You forget to be centered, to be calm, to be strong in the spirit too. In that level of society, aggression and having mental power, or physical power, becomes more important. So people become very aggressive toward one another. They become rude.

The people who go to the library all the time and never take care of their bodies, never go in the sun, or never go to the mountains to receive fresh air, become bookworms. They physically and spiritually become weak.

A person who meditates all the time and does not take care of his body, and physically and mentally is not strong, still is unbalanced.

So a Paravipra is balanced physically, mentally, and spiritually and also has other qualities. They are the people who look at everything in a balanced way.


This is the time to remember that The Goal Of The Life Is To Be(come) Divine. You are not here to be anything else but Divine. Who is Divine? A Divine human is the person who meditates, directs his energy toward creation of the Communities of Light, sacrifices for them, becomes submissive, becomes a universalist, and becomes a Paravipra.

That is the goal. Anything else is secondary. If you are a Paravipra gymnast, great! If you are a Paravipra skier, great! If you are a Paravipra volleyball player, or lawyer, or doctor, or whatever you are, that is great. Then you really do not compete with anyone. Your goal is to know God and reach God, and you bring God even to gymnastics. You bring Heart to gymnastics.

You are a competitor, but you do not create hate toward one another. After a competition you might even hug each other, pat one another on the back and say, Good job. How did you do it? You work with one another, help one another out, and become excellent in what you do.

So we can see, the first step is to become Divine. After you reach that point, you can do whatever. Nothing is bad. Gymnastics is not bad. Volleyball is not bad. Being intellectual is not bad. Being physically strong is not bad. Being spiritually strong is not bad.

But the greatest, of course, are the people who are well-rounded. They are physically strong, mentally alert, and spiritually aware. Then they become Paravipras.

That is a very hard path, isnt it? Not really, if it becomes your second nature.


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